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Charles Moscowitz, Russ Winter Discuss the Topic Du Jour: Election Shitstorms

The duo tries to get to the causa proxima of how these nation-destruction shitstorms work and are implemented.

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  1. Mr. Winter, I come here because you, Torchy and Mr. Mueller seem to be rooted in the truth, as any good investigators / reporters (worth their salt) should be. Please stay on this path and I am sure WW will continue to grow in leaps and bounds. Any monkey can simply pick a side and beat on the other guy, that is easy. The hard path is to walk the middle ground and see both the beauty and ugly on both sides of the forest. All of you have my admiration, thus far, for taking the road less traveled.

    Back to the show…

    All roads regarding Dominion lead to Langley. All roads leading to insider information on elections (both sides) typically leads to the Mossad. Blaming the British is easy and yes they are in the mix as well, but not nearly as much as their partners.

    Lest we forget their military might has been dwindling sine the 1970s, and although I have no doubt that they were involved in the Steele dossier, nearly 100% of cellular communications pass through an Israeli contractor / subcontractor service (often supported by the Mossad, and more specifically female Mossad agents – they are highly skilled at electronic surveillance) in the United States and in many other parts of the world.

    Respectfully Congresswoman Warren is a cutout. Mr. Winter, if you have ever seen the documentary Maxed Out (I think that is the name, have a copy on DVD somewhere), Professor Warren (her title at the time) was a very interesting opponent to the tricks of banks and credit card companies with regard to their incomprehensible contracts. That Elizabeth Warren I liked quite a bit, and yet she turned around and still took money from the very entities that she was attempting to educate people about in the documentary for her campaign efforts. Personally, I could care less if she lied on her CV, heck the casinos that utilize Federal codes regarding special exemptions granted to Native Americans seem to follow a very similar patter; however, the sell out on the banking practices really irked me, since I know that world very well.

    Moving on…

    Attorney Powell is interesting, but as Mr. Winter had WHERE THE HE-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS IS AG BARR????

    Technically, part of President Trump’s biographies are in the Art of the Deal Parts 1 and 2. Mr. Winter, if you were so inclined, you could get some information from these texts (I think the first one has more, but I have not glanced at them in years).

    No red wave if PDJT loses, the swamp will heal and then go back to Barry’s administration. He goes off into media. Ivanka’s run is DOA. The sons run for Congress (one House / one Senate), eventually (after working for dad in media company).

    New tickets (President / Vice President):


    Noem / Paul

    Nice idea, but will not win (all other suckers lose, including that fat boy in Maryland who voted for Reagan – sh*thead whose daddy was also a sh*thead)


    Harris / possibly Booker (thinking how this ticket will be pitched, do not wish to comment further) and / or AOC

    Goes no where (east coast / west coast – heck maybe they will have Snoop and LL Cool J at the convention to send a subliminal message; would not be the first time that LL Cool J performed for a Presidential audience)


    Haley / Gabbard (do not wish to reveal what I call this ticket at home, as it is ungentlemanly)

    Potential winner, but could get pushed back is Pence is made President this time around and the Dems get 2024

    (probably Harris and ? — Booker and AOC only really work if she is either the VP, since Biden will not run for a second term no matter what [if he makes it that far] or the incumbent; if she is not and running anew, then I would suggest looking at the Governors – Newsom comes to mind, but I do not think a full California ticket would take to well — we shall see — if she takes majority in the Senate or goes to SCOTUS [which I think she really wants] then Newsom will be in the race as a front runner)

    According to Dr. Steve P. the National Guard is already deployed for the overturn and to put down a color revolution. He is normally about 50/50 with what he puts out, but is 100% read in; therefore, it is hard to say.

    What is this text GOD IS GOD, sounds interesting? Personally, I would say ditch the mirror if you are gong online with video, but that is just me and I am quirky like that.

    Biden did not have as much of a serious turnout as was indicated, as most people were simply voting against Orange Man and middle aged white women and not going to burn down the White House. They may wear pink “p—y” hats, but they will not hit the streets.

    Maybe, but I think Trump will sit on his ass and move on no one. He will claim victory and leave “winning”. Then is is Gerald Ford part II, accept not nearly as funny (Mumbles does not seem to understand humor — I think he is Mark Zuckerberg’s father).

    Ingredients is a very good use of a term to describe the working of the mechanisms that fell, perfectly, into place for this entire year and the corresponding psyop.

    Jimmy Carter – Trilateral Commission and James Baker – CFR – – they are cover to say, “see we told you so, we warned you”…still a BS cover at best.

    Project Veritas did a respectful job on the voter harvesting. WHERE IS BARR???

    On the color revolution and the snipers, this was interesting:

    Also Barry supposedly was talking on using the Navy Seals to remove PDJT, but that article above is interesting.

    CIA whistleblower? Please see Secret Agenda by this gentleman; he had all of what is happening, mapped out in the early 1980s (yes, he was an insider, but if you want to understand what is happening, then please seek out his texts):

    Foreigners will be the new voters and will receive aid, but the jobs will be replaced through automation (robots) — please consider McDonalds in Europe where very few employees exist and most of the operation is robotic.

    Social media is BS. Simply ignore it and work around it. Leaving the main companies to got to the new ones is like choosing the Republicans over the Democrats — they are all a unified party. Just ignore them all. Simply move on.

    Yes, I use Apple TV too, but I don’t like it; however, now it is time for me to go. Already spoke on Senator Warren…she is toothless.

    Gotta run…


    • Sorry, I had to run and could not give my usual: Thank you for the thread and podcast!

      This podcast was good, and I encourage WW friends to listen in (especially at the end, there is a definite difference from Mr. Ryan’s show in content). Now the pacing is different than the weekly podcast, which at this point has a real flow; none-the-less, it is still very good in its variation and Mr. Winter offers a balance (new perspective) to the DINO show.

      With all of these points stated, I still do have a very different perspective on Senator Warren than Mr. Winter. This is not a problem, as I do respect Mr. Winter in his opinion, and have no ill will whatsoever (I think we can all agree that grown-ups need not fight over a difference of subjective opinion). What I would encourage WW friends to look at is the documentary, Maxed Out, about predatory lending (with a Professor Elizabeth Warren):

      My contention is that the Professor is nothing like the Senator, but I think everyone should form their own conclusion.

      Also, I would add that Just like Louis Winthorpe III, Professor Warren was very well linked to Haarrrvard (yes, Mr. Winter, I do actually cry in my popcorn with the death of open outcry; it was like a symphony of sorts = ):

      The future of America:

      …and Gstaad!

      Ah the good old days:

      (take away: ” …the best way to hurt rich people is by turning them into poor people…”)

      Best to all.

        • Mr. Seymour,

          Sorry sir, I did get carried away, but I was the only person here at the time. I will try and scale it back in the future and to drone on so long. Also (yes another excuse) it was a busy week for me in my profession, and contributing at WW was a way to shift gears for the weekend. Again, sorry about that.

          Always good to see you here. Hope all is well on your end.

          Simple Citizen

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