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‘Son of Sam’ Berkowitz Was Not a Lone-Wolf Killer

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In a 1993 interview conducted by Maury Terry with “Son of Sam” serial killer David Berkowitz, the truth was finally revealed about the 1977 murder spree. Berkowitz confessed that he committed his crimes with a “handful” of chaos discordian satanists. The group’s belief system centered around the same kind of ultra-rebellionism seen in Israel Keyes.

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The group killed six people and wounded seven with a 44-caliber revolver. Berkowitz claims he left a letter in his apartment warning that he was part of a satanic cult that sought to terrorize New York by committing 100 murders. He says police never revealed the letter.

In latter interviews, he specifically mentions the Process Church of the Final Judgment. Researchers such as Terry, who wrote the book “Ultimate Evil,” suspect the Process Church’s involvement in other extreme discordian events such as the Atlanta Child Murders.

Police who searched Berkowitz’s apartment found it in shambles, with “occult” graffiti on the walls and a notebook wherein Berkowitz described many of his arson attacks throughout the city. According to notes that police recovered after his arrest, he claimed to have set over 1,400 fires around New York City as an adult.

A letter received prior to Berkowitz’s arrest told of being “commanded” to “go out and kill” by someone called “Father Sam.” After his arrest, he concocted a decoy, saying that his neighbor Sam Carr’s black Labrador, Harvey, told him to go on the rampage. In more recent interviews, Berkowitz said he had worshiped and received instructions from Samhain, the Druid devil, not Sam the dog.

However, there is a sick twist even here, as Berkowitz neighbor Sam Carr had two sons, Michael and John Carr, who Berkowitz fingered as co-culprits in the “Son of Sam” spree. Berkowitz also claimed that Sam Carr was “the high official of the Devil’s Legion.”

Prison sources who knew Berkowitz told Terry that he had been introduced to the cult by John Carr’s brother, Michael, in the ’70s. According to Terry:

“Michael Carr ended up inviting Berkowitz to attend what he called ‘a floating coven party’. And Berkowitz came in and attended the party and symbolically, not literally, but symbolically, the .44 was put into his hand that night. That’s how he got into the cult scene.”

Ex-Lieutenant Terry Gardner of the Ward County, North Dakota, Sheriff’s Department, in the jurisdiction where Carr was killed, said he was aware of Carr:

John Carr, many, many months before Berkowitz was ever arrested, had talked about his friend Berky to his friends out in Minot, North Dakota. John Carr was a friend of, a confidant of, and an associate of David Berkowitz.”

The following eyewitness police sketches resemble Micheal and John Carr, not Berkowitz. Berkowitz fingered John Carr for two shootings, Michael Carr for one, himself for two, and a woman for one or two more. He said he was “around doing look out” for all the shootings, but not in immediate proximity for many.

Michael Carr on right
John Carr bottom

In the second video below, which shows a 1993 “Inside Edition” interview with Berkowitz, he states that the taunting letters were definitely a group effort. The Carr brothers invented the term “Son of Sam.” This letter was likely written by Carr.

Dear Captain Joseph Borelli:

I am deeply hurt by your calling me a weman-hater. I am not. But I am a monster. I am the ‘son of Sam’. I am a little brat. When father Sam gets drunk he gets mean. He beats our family. Sometimes he ties me up to the back of the house. Other times he locks me in the garage. Sam loves to drink blood…Sam loves to drink blood. “Go out and kill” commands father Sam. Behind our house some rest. Mostly young—raped and slaughtered—their blood drained—just bones now. Papa Sam keeps me locked in the attic, too. Yours in murder, Mr. Monster.

One of the taunting letters identifies John Wheaties, which is John Carr’s nickname.

Suggesting how deep this goes and affirming our suspicions about police involvement in other discordian-like crimes, on Aug. 9, 1977, NYPD detective James Justis telephoned Yonkers police to ask them to schedule an interview with Berkowitz. The Yonkers police dispatcher who first took Justis’ call was Wheat Carr, the daughter of Sam Carr and sister of Berkowitz’s alleged cult confederates, John and Michael Carr. She was married to a police officer.

In the second video at minute 00:10:14, Terry asks Berkowitz if a Yonkers police officer was involved in the murders, and he answered in the affirmative. In fact separately Berkowitz said three Yonkers police were in the cult. In another letter Berkowitz claimed he was chosen from birth for his activities.

source: Mind Control, World Control, Jim Keith

Fall Guy: After police zeroed in on Berkowitz as a suspect, incredibly they spotted the following items inside his parked car on the street outside his Pine Street apartment in Yonkers: a Commando Mark III rifle in the backseat, a duffel bag filled with ammunition, maps of the crime scenes and a letter to Sgt. Dowd of the Omega task force that threatened more murders. Really? How convenient. He was arrested when he emerged from his apartment building.

Terry suggests they were members of a satanic cult and were responsible for every one of the “Son of Sam” shootings. According to Maury:

David Berkowitz was selected to be the fall guy on the Son of Sam killings. He was not a willing fall guy, he wanted it to be another way. But Berkowitz knew that he had been involved in all of the shootings. He has pulled the trigger definitely two times, responsible for three murders. He’s not an innocent man and was on the scene of all the others, as a lookout, a wheel man, whatever.”

Within two years of Berkowitz’s arrest, Sam Carr’s two sons died. John Carr was likely murdered in North Dakota, and “666” was allegedly scrawled in his own blood on his hand. He died of a rifle shot to the face that was deemed suicide. Carr had told friends and his therapist that he was hiding out in North Dakota to avoid Son of Sam questioning.

Berkowitz told Terry the cult likely killed John Carr, a user of illicit drugs and diagnosed schizophrenic, because of his bizarre behavior and the fact he was untrustworthy.

In 1979, 27-year-old Michael Carr died in drunk driving accident on Manhattan’s West Side Highway. Even more odd is that there’s documentation that he had a clinical aversion to alcohol and did not drink.

According to NYPD officer Richard Johnson, who was involved in the original “Son of Sam” task force:

Why are there three [suspect] cars, five different [suspect] descriptions, different heights, different shapes, different sizes of the perpetrator? Somebody else was there.

Shooting eyewitness survivor Carl Denaro theorizes, “From 1993 on, I’ve been investigating and talking to law enforcement, anyone I could really to help me shed light on what happened. I was 100 percent, as I still am to this day, 100 percent sure other people were involved, and David Berkowitz didn’t shoot me.”

Berkowitz himself seems to support the theory. In a letter to the New York Post dated Sept. 19, 1977, Berkowitz warned, “There are other Sons out there, God help the world.” He alleges the cult had roughly two dozen core members in New York, the “22 disciples of hell” mentioned in the Breslin letter. He said there were several thousand elsewhere.

The 1993 ‘Inside Edition’ Interview

Berkowitz made a false confession to take the fall. He had been warned by the group that if he talked, there would be reprisals against him and his family. After one year in prison, his throat was slashed. He never revealed the assailant but suggested that the act was directed by the cult to which he once belonged.

On camera, a nodding, penitent Berkowitz explains, “The killings were another sacrifice to our gods, bunch of scumbags that they were.”

Later, he says, “We made a pact, maybe with the devil, but also with each other … We were going to go all the way with this thing. We’re soldiers of Satan now. I was just too far in, too loyal, too much playing the role of the soldier and trying to please these people.”

He is asked in the interview, case by case, if he was the trigger man.

“I did not pull the trigger on every single one of them,” David said. He didn’t pull the trigger on Stacy Moskowitz, he told Terry. He killed two people, though he was always at the scene.

He confirms other accounts of dark, ritual, low-life gatherings in Untermyer Park.

At minute 00:16:35, he explains the discordian plan with a goal of terror, chaos and sacrifices to dark Gods.

At minute 00:33:30, he offers his view about the weakness of “normal people” — specifically, in their ostrich-like disbelief in the forces of evil.

In the first video below, Tommy Zaino, at minute 00:03:15, says he was an eyewitness to the killing of Stacy Moskowitz:

“I was looking in the mirror of the car and I noticed somebody standing in the park. What I saw was that he had long hair and it’s hard to really see the face, but he was thin. He looked like he was in pretty good shape. He walked up to the car as if he was going to get in the car, and then he went into a stance and he shot. And that was it. He turned around and ran. I can’t picture Berkowitz running like that. That’s the thing that confused me after they caught him. In a week, he can’t get that fat. And that’s all I can say. He didn’t look like the type of guy to run and do that.”

Later, at minute 00:49:00, Berkowitz confirms that Moskowitz’s shooter drove a yellow VW bug, not his car.

At 00:48:50, Berkowitz says someone came in from California for one of the crimes.

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Dedicated Born-Again Christian Offering Clues About the Dark Side

Berkowitz became a born-again Christian in 1997 and now goes by the name “Son of Hope.” He has become a “minister behind bars” who’s “involved in spiritual warfare.” For him, the Bible is a detailed, precise, almost journalistic account of the struggle between fierce combatants, God and the Devil.

Regarding Spike Lee’s 1999 movie “Summer of Sam,” which spotlighted Berkowitz’s past, he said, “I feel that the movie is purposely being designed to damage my Christian testimony.”

He said:

There is no doubt in my mind that a demon has been living in me since birth. As a child, I was fascinated with suicide. I thought about throwing myself in front of cars. I was out of control.

I was obsessed with “Rosemary’s Baby.” I felt like it was speaking directly to me. I stayed in my closet. I ran from the light into darkness, as the Bible says. If people don’t have a clue about spiritual things, they’ll say, ‘Well, this guy is nuts.’

The Devil can manifest psychologically. The demons are real. I saw them, felt their presence, and I heard them. You get into a state that is so far gone, your own personality is dissolved,” he’d once earnestly explained, “and you take on these demonic entities … It was like another person was in me … doing a lot of directing. I struggled, but things became overwhelming. I lost my sense of myself. I was taken over by something else, another personality.

Ever since I was a small child, my life seemed to be filled with torment. I would often have seizures in which I would roll on the floor. Sometimes furniture would get knocked over. When these attacks came, it felt as if something was entering me.

During this period of my life, I was also plagued with bouts of severe depression. When this feeling came over me, I would hide under my bed for hours. I would also lock myself in a closet and sit in total darkness from morning until afternoon. I had a craving for the darkness, and I felt an urge to flee away from people.

I just — at this time, I had made a pact with the Devil. I had allowed this satanic thing to control me, and I felt these paranormal powers.


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  1. Lived in the area at the time (was very young), and it was truly a scary period. You had these events tied to Mr . Berkowitz / company, the blackout, and the bankruptcy of NYC all around this same period.

    One book that caught me (although not specifically about Mr. Berkowitz), was Weird Sciences Inside Laural Canyon, by Messrs. McGowan and Bryant. The basic premise is to identify the “government hand” in “counter culture” on the west coast; however, these authors also indicate a few of the programs that Mr. Berkowitz, et. al., may have been tied to as well.

    As for this thread, I am appreciative as there is much here that I did not know. The very last bit is also odd to me. Mr. Lee’s movie has so little of Mr. Berkowitz in it as to be something else than the title would imply. Although I do not doubt how Mr. Berkowitz feels about the film, he is really a minor bit of a picture that is more about class and questioning societal normalcy in the manner that Mr. Lee seems to always prefer depicting. The title is a cover for a mess of a movie, and the actual events surrounding Mr. Berkowitz are a footnote in character motivations.

  2. To this day, Terry’s book Ultimate Evil remains one of the most interesting and riveting I’ve ever read — admittedly I may have been slightly influenced by the way the ‘Son of Sam’ attacks had gripped the nation in the recent past, coming as they did not so long after the Zodiac killings in northern CA (where I lived at the time).

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