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Russ Winter, Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Discuss Voter Fraud, Contested Election and Color Revolution

Russ on Friday evening once again joined Patrick Dino Ryan to explore 5th Column capture revealed by Project Veritas and the impending election turmoil and color revolution.

Winter Watch posts referenced during the show:

Click Here for the World Wide Patrick Dino Ryan Show, Where You Can Find the Full 3-Hour Episode (No. 175)go to second hour.

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5 Comments on Russ Winter, Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Discuss Voter Fraud, Contested Election and Color Revolution

  1. So Trump has covid1984… Perhaps just when the common pajama person in ‘murica was starting to figure out that it’s all a con.. Americans can look to their brethren in Britain for what’s coming down the pike, as it’s the exact same playbook being used. Boris Johnson “contracted” it, then the uk officials introduced more draconian restrictions. Problem-reaction-solution. Regarding Russ’ comments on wondering why people found Saville funny, it reminded me of a quote that I found apropos to the situation:
    “The humankind is sad. The hidden source of humor is not joy but sorrow. There’s no humor in Heaven.”- Mark Twain

    • If Trump winds up like James Forrestal or Joe McCarthy within the ‘no visitors allowed’ halls of Bethesda Hospital, how would Pence’s role play out as president?

  2. And regarding Russ’ spot on comments regarding black magic being used to constantly challenge people to defy logic- this shit is everywhere. Go ahead, suspend disbelief to watch the fixed sports games or hollywood bile or the msm trash. If you do this and you aren’t aware it’s lies and black magic, you are practicing ignoring your conscience, and you will eventually not know the difference between lies and truth. Lies are psychological warfare. Holly wood is the type of wood used in making the black magician’s wand. This is all right in your faces.

  3. Re: Trump having COVID- there are 3 main possibilities being used currently- 1. Trump is playing this psyop forward, as crime syndicate pawn as planned, to lockdown the USA similarly to the U.K., 2. He’s getting slow killed assassinated because he believes this bullshit, 3. He’s playing 4d chess as some kinda white knight white hat, that’s light years ahead of the rest of us.
    I do hope for #3 personally and obviously. It’s optimistic. But I’ve listed the possibilities in order of probability, as I see fit. Guess me anything different

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