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The Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Show — Duo Discuss the Eternal Question: ‘Who Are These People?’ Answer: ‘Freaks’

Dino and Russ on Tuesday ran the tables on the freakish and bizarre backgrounds of five modern-era marionettes: Bush, Kerry, Obama, Cameron and Trudeau. At minute 00:01:08, he misspoke on the currency in 1924. There was no euro in 1924, but you can substitute the equivalent.


Here’s the list of posts discussed in this show, along with the photo evidence in question:

8 Comments on The Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Show — Duo Discuss the Eternal Question: ‘Who Are These People?’ Answer: ‘Freaks’

  1. Indeed , please keep these shows coming. Kindly turn up the volume please.

    Masks? Telling everyone who believes in their efficacy to get surgical tubing like a snorkel and keep a fresh air stream. Neurologists everywhere are saying the oxygen deprivation causes irreversible brain damage in three minutes, which is why you feel those headaches, see spots and swoon. Specifically damage occurs to the hippocampus. Dementia numbers are about to swell like a tide. Like this article:

    • Yes- it is suffocation of the masses to further population reduction which may not work on maharajahs who are known to control involuntary systems of the body-but the best they can do is nothing. My mask has 2 nostril holes cut out for obvious reasons!

  2. Mr. Ryan,

    Just beginning the show, and thankful for all your work. You and yours are in my prayers for recovery and best health.

    A couple of (humble) thoughts (and no I am not a doctor, never played one on the TV, so this is just opinion)…also I do not work in the nutrition sector and receive ZERO personal benefit from any idea I might mention. As follows:

    1. Please consider Liposomal Vitamin C liquid, made with sunflower lecithin, in a liquid form.

    2. Please consider large doses of vitamin D in 50,000 (yes, I said 50,000 iu) iu doses.

    3. With vitamin D, please take a vitamin K multiple (K1 and K2).

    4. Add selenium, a multiple, and a good dose of magnesium (work up to 400 per day)

    and lastly

    5. Try to take straight niacin, but begin with 100 mg once or twice a day. If the flush is too much, then consider niacinamide, but if you can handle the flush then work up to 500 mg per day.

    Although this list is not comprehensive, it should begin to make you “bullet proof”. No kidding.

    Diet and exercise will help, but this is a good start. Also if you are concerned about Conjob-19, then consider the setup offered at Live O2 (a small company with a good idea).

    Respectfully, consider this…why is the United States not making pure O2 or at least powerful O2 condensers available without prescription? If this Conjob-19 is so bad, why not work to increase O2 in all citizens by relaxing options.

    Please be well.

    Simple Citizen

    P.S. Since you have come to this site before, I am hoping you will circle around to this thread and see the post.

  3. Just listening and maybe ranting a little (mea culpa):

    As I said in other threads on this site, the Delanos made their money in opium.

    Additionally, former Secretary Albright is, distantly, related to Secretary Kerry.

    As for the Bush clan, the Nazi connection to Senator Bush is the jumping off point for direct political involvement (over bribes and cohersion), and then there is the murder of President Kennedy when H.W. began his ascension. We might all recall the “Barbara” was used as a carrier ship in the Bay of Pigs, and Mr. George Bush of the CIA contacted J. Edgar Hoover over a concern that there was plan to assasinate President Kennedy, the day before the final event.

    The bastards may have included Hitler’s father.

    The British government and the Red Shield pushed the Russo-Japanese War, and I am in 110% agreement.

    Tim Russert’s kid still drives his dad’s truck.

    Barry was born here using a duma, so I concur.

    Frank Marshall was bi-sexual, messed up man. He might of harmed Stanley Ann Dunham and Barry. Barry could have been messed around by grandpa, Mr. Marshall, Mr. Soetero, and then became a mess for the rest of his life. Lastly, I think Mr. Marshall was an FBI informant, like Sharpton, but I can’t prove it yet.

    Micheal may have been born a hermaphrodite, and then had issues. It could be like folks born with tails, which happens. Either way, he / she went ugly all the way.

    The Obama kids are on loan.

    CFR, other round tables, the financial powers and the intelligence superstructure pick the President.

    Nearly ran over Timmy, when driving through DC, while he was jogging.

    Castro and Justin, yeah I can understand that.

    President Trump liked Plato’s Retreat in NYC. Barry liked the Monster, Stonewall and Townhouse in NYC.

    Great show! Thanks!

  4. The subterranean vengeance and envy that has been coiling itself into the minds of the darker races over the years vis-a-vis Cultural Marxism is now on full display to see and hear. The true genocidal aim is about to be unleashed with relentless wrath and terror and what little moral restraint that is left will be rendered useless and impotent as the hordes are drawn into the fury of the revolutionary terror of this 21st Century.

    “Only a god can save us”- Heidegger

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