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Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Show: Russ Winter Comes Loaded for Bear to Discuss the MK Ultra Practitioners

Russ on Tuesday evening joined Patrick “Dino” Ryan to discuss the primary kingpins and practitioners of MK (Mind Kontrol) Ultra. No multi-tasking during this one, folks, as it keeps coming at you quickly. Presta atenção (pay attention)!

Fortunately, there are rich crib notes available below and, if readers aren’t liberally clicking through to them to round this hour-long radio survey out, I don’t know what to think. In this case you may want to review these first, before listening to the show, or pause the show in places to review. Hopefully, we get informative follow-on comments from listeners on this essential and often-ignored topic.

Background reading:

Link to This Show is Here

If ol’ man Russ can hold up to middle-of-the-night weekly boot-camp calls to action going forward, he will be going on “The Show” live every Tuesday in the second-hour slot. We will be taking emails from the audience.

5 Comments on Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Show: Russ Winter Comes Loaded for Bear to Discuss the MK Ultra Practitioners

  1. So they worked Hess over in the hopes of making him their star witness at Nuremberg who’d admit to their narrative of nazi atrocities of industrial scale murder that never happened. They obviously should have picked a weaker man for such a purpose, which they have since realized, judging by their later chosen patsies

  2. Great program, Russ and Dino.

    Russ, you might want to include your own Thomas Müller’s excellent scopolamine article on the homework list above:

    As portrayed in your article, “the world’s scariest drug” is a critical element of manipulating patsies. Somewhere it has been said that Rumsfeld said it was available in aerosol form for crowd control.

    Secondly, there is a 500 page trove of correspondence between J. Edgar Hoover and the loathsome George Estabrooks dating from the 1930’s about the need for health/dental/psych and other professionals to learn the art of hypnotism. This dizzying, disgusting blitz of twisted ideas and their mutual sneering at potential victims is a must-read to understand the backdrop prior to the 1953 roll-out of MK-Ultra: Some of the scanned pages are distorted, in particular an interesting one (search “Montana”) evidently outlining a mass mind control exercise upon the residents of an Indian reservation.

    Third, to amplify the use of mass mind control on populations, one of the larger known operations was the one titled “Operation Crimson Mist” by which millions of Africans were ruthlessly murdered in the horrible Rwanda genocide. Again, government work:

  3. Finally, I took some time off this morning and was able to listen in on the podcast (just in time for the new show that will air tomorrow night = ).

    First, the podcast was well done and I appreciated both Mr. Winter’s and Mr. Ryan’s work on all of the topics presented during the show. Again, I am happy to have listened to the show, and also to have found this blog / website as a whole. Thank you for keeping the work moving forward and providing a forum for intelligent discussion; we are very fortunate to have Winter Watch as a place for mental expansion in the electronic ghetto that world wide web and the internet has become.

    Second, the beginning of the podcast and the topic of MK Ultra immediately had me thinking back to the work of two men who (interestingly) transitioned at around the same time (17 days apart), Messrs. Dick (Mr. Richard Claxton Gregory) Gregory and Jim (Mr. James Farrell Marrs Jr.) Marrs. Both of these gentlemen had done extensive research on MK Ultra and mind control, and Mr. Gregory was one of the first activists / authors / comedians / speakers to ever discuss openly the use of aerosols in large public forums (e.g. sporting events and concerts) to influence minds and sexual actions / activities [including rape] / fertility / and even a change in preferences.

    Now, I will leave off links on this post. There is plenty of free information from these two men and their work all over the web. Further, I should state that although I appreciate the intelligence and research that these two men presented (their work truly opened my mind, and helped develop my evolving perception), I did not and still do not agree with every idea they postulated.

    With regard to Deputy Führer Rudolph Hess, I am often confused by his entire back story. As I understood Mr. Hess’s life, there were potentially multiple Rudolph Hess cutouts that existed by or around 1935. Additionally, although I do not disagree that Mr. Hess (the real one) did truly believe in the uniting of Germany with England, specifically the English aristocracy, I do not always concur with the rational as to the “why”; I personally think he was directed / instructed in this situation.

    According to our most basic history of World War II, Mr. Hess would have been responsible for the authorization of the Nuremberg Laws of 1935. One could opine that these laws were proposed and made law after the Haavara Agreement (transfer agreement) of 1933 did not accomplish the goals of the Rothschild family, as intended. To put it plainly, there was simply just not enough immigration from Europe to accomplish the projected population needed to form the nation of Israel in the 1930s, which I believe was their intended goal.

    What followed was both a culling and a punishment for not enough people choosing the “generous offer” of relocation to Palestine. Further, I would have to disagree with Prime Minister Netanyahu that it was not Arab leaders who convinced the Nazis to kill “undesirables” in Germany, but rather the Rothschild family who sought retribution and a change in narrative for the decades ahead. (Humbly, I would suggest that plans we realize in our time or any point in history have often been developed decades in advance, beginning in the 19th century with our own “Civil” War as an early experiment).

    To a great extent, I do feel as though the remaining European aristocracy (all located in Western Europe by the 1930s), really held out hope that the Nazi Party and its military would wipe out the Rothschild family and associates, who had fully controlled England since the Battle of Waterloo and most of the European royals since before that time. As usual, their shallow thinking (possibly due to the inbreeding?) failed to account for the idea that the Nazi Party and its leadership were all bought and paid for by the Rothschild family and its associates (just as the Soviets were, and both Chinese factions of the era).

    Further, as we know, the German war machine could not even exist if it were not for bankers (mostly Jewish) and industries (a mix of the 1% of the 1%) created in the United States of America, which supported rearmament fully (hence why General Motors and Ford sued our nation after the war for the destruction of their factories in Germany from the aerial bombings, and won their cases). There is a reason that we have film / video of Queen Elizabeth II using a German Nazi salute as a child, it is because the remaining aristocracy truly assumed they would be rescued by the Germans.

    Mr. Hess (real or otherwise) would have been supporting the notion of common ground, common enemies, unification destiny and a “bright” future; however, I do believe he was captured on purpose / by design (Really, that was the best aircraft this very experienced pilot could have picked?) and to send a clear message to the aristocracy (“No help will reach you, pack it in and accept that your time is over; we will leave your figureheads alone [e.g. Beatrix, Elizabeth, etc.], but the rest of you are now our servants” or some such idea along these lines.). Plus his capture could then adjust the plan and further the narrative. The concern of “selling” a home land would disappear and a world government could be instituted in which Israel is not a “real” member of the United Nations, yet the United Nations does this nonmember’s bidding when required.

    Basically, I would opine that Mr. Hess was a compromise (something along the lines of “we will not pursue #1 or #3, because they are too important to our overall plans in South America and media content for at least a century to come, but we will take #2, so that we have a clear prisoner of some meaning for the eventual trial”). He becomes the target of all the blame and is the main focus of the trial, with a few other upper echelon guys sprinkled in for good measure (I always found it interesting that with so many Jews in the Nazi ranks, none of the defendants at Nuremberg were Jewish; some of their attorneys might have been, but none of the defendants).

    As for the podcast and Mr. Hess’s torture, I have no doubt that these events more than likely occurred. Whether it was Mr. Hess and / or a double, he was a prisoner and was more than likely used as fodder for experimentation. Further, this idea fits well with the concept of chemical weapons (including mind altering substances) being developed and tested in the west, while biological weapons were being developed in the East during the period (and even, to some extent, today).

    Since this post got a lot longer than I had originally intended (MEA CULPA), I will end now. All of the information about Mr. Hess in the podcast was new to me. Yes, I do have a book on Dr. Sydney Gottlieb’s work, but I learned a good deal in the (roughly) hour long show that I have never heard before about mind control, and I am deeply appreciative.


    Oh yeah, I also think there are large swaths of society that are mind controlled and the mechanisms for doing so are extremely diverse, from the cellular phones to the spray on many undergarment products (as well as clothing in general — all that wrinkle free stuff for example) there is a layering effect to soften resistance (never mind the food and drugs being pushed these days).

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