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Russ Winter, Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Discuss the Suppressed Shocking Cases of Jimmy Savile and Keith Harding

Russ on Tuesday evening once again joined Patrick Dino Ryan to explore Pacific Northwest arsons, shoes in staged deceptions, Freemason Spies Lodge, pedophiles in positions of power, the case of Keith Harding, and Jimmy Savile’s reign of depravity.

Winter Watch posts referenced during the show:

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The segment with Russ is here



11 Comments on Russ Winter, Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Discuss the Suppressed Shocking Cases of Jimmy Savile and Keith Harding

  1. Nice podcast. GCHQ stands for Gays Condoning Homosexual Queerness, obviously. Russ, you couldn’t be more spot on with the DOJ running interference as a trojan horse. They simply aren’t doing their job regarding these cases of arson and I applaud you for calling them out for exacerbating the situation via their feigned ignorance of it. Tucker Carlson purposely missed the arsonist angle just yesterday and instead rhetorically covered how Canada is experiencing a steep decline in wildfires. A truly masonic way to cover the topic, likely with his fingers crossed under his desk. Mason=misdirection… like you said, this type of gaslighting is basically low level black magic and people need to wake the fuck up to it.

  2. Here on the US East Coast (NJ) 3 solid days of peculiar silver sky. Forecast says “Sunny” but the sun is a smudge in the sky. Drill down to the Nat Weather Service “discussion” and the word is “haze … from the fires out West” … Very eerie – the rulers have changed the color of the sky! (cue, I guess, the geo engineering researchers!).

  3. I am thoroughly enjoying these bi-weekly conversations with Russ and I hope listeners/viewers are enjoying them as well. I think I speak for Russ when I say that we’re both open to suggestions in regard to what topics and issues many of you would like to see us cover and talk about. You may email me at any time: RyanRadioShow@Gmail.Com
    Thanks so much and stay tuned for further editions of Winter Watch Radio on The PATRICK RYAN Show.

    • Hello, Dino and bravo. We love your show. Can’t seem to land an email to you. No reply, probably the creeps interfering. Would like to hear more discussion on the pseudoscience of geoengineering. The owner of the majority of patents on stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) and Solar radiation Management (SRM) is Harvard prof David Keith, who must have to get up an hour early every morning to file down the horns on his skull ( it is preposterous to hear this devil speak (jump to 21:25 on this link: This is the gunk they slake over the smoke. The southwest is unreal. Friends in Montana can’t see mountains five miles away. This is not smoke. This needs to be made known. Notice Gates’ funding of David Keith as noted on the bottom of the Harvard web page. Bill’s little-known and shady sidekick must be exposed.

      • Thanks horsegirl, that frankenskies documentary is amazing. Besides the history of the past 70+ years of geoengineering, it clearly shows the deterioration of the lugenpress over that time as well, that old news coverage is priceless for potentially waking up a pajama person.

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