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Russ Winter, Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Discuss Trojan Horse Assaults on American Institutions

Russ on Tuesday once again joined Patrick Dino Ryan explore the twin Fifth Columnist-Trojan Horse impacts in the takedown of America, as well as the assaults and wrecking ball destruction of the Boy Scouts and Roman Catholic Church by pederasts. The primary goal is to nationalize and centralize the police and implement a pre-crime system.

Winter Watch posts referenced during the show:

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Tuesday, 1 Sept. 2020 | Broadcast Month-10 | Episode #157 | Broadcasted 9/1/20 4:45 p.m. – 9/1/20 8 p.m.

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7 Comments on Russ Winter, Patrick ‘Dino’ Ryan Discuss Trojan Horse Assaults on American Institutions

  1. Loved the show Russ. I too am so tired of the Left/Right bullshit. I am more disgusted with the Trumptards than I am with the outright Marxist on the left. The Marxist tell you exactly who they are and what they want while Trump and the Republicant’s make all of these big promises about “draining the swamp” and “making America great again” and never accomplish a damn thing.

    We have no chance if Americans continue to be sucked into the false left/right paradigm. As Ron White said, “you can’t fix stupid”.

  2. Russ, rest your eyes, sir. All the cheap talking point bullshit isn’t worth wasting very much time even addressing these days as you are aware. Best wishes.

  3. Very terrified of the USA Govt. with a central national police force. I expect more than ever shot & killed, same as any of the communist slaughtering. The USA govt has already more USA citizens in prison ever of history !

  4. who really knows what is real news anymore whether it be reported by either one way or the other? whether from the left or the right. I would like to see Jesse the body Venture the governor of minnasota placed on the ballot. Possibly independant party thank you. we are in a real mess with the race agenda and all of the opposing agendas all at once with all of them raising red flags of war at all who oppose on a variety of seperate agendas all guns blasing all at once. we all need to start compromissing and start shaking hands. in hopes for a peaceful resolve. all i seem to be seeing anymore is fear and silence everywhere nobody seems to know who to belive in or trust anymore. so many clouds and confusion everywhere nobody seem’s to be able to see the truth truth all of this haze.

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