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Giuseppe Mazzini: Grand Magician of Divide-and-Conquer, Co-Opted Nationalism

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When as researchers we examine the evidence of a grand malevolent conspiracy against humanity, we find plenty of low hanging fruit, whether it be the twisted college “poetry” of Karl Marx or the confessional literary works of Benjamin Disraeli.

Portrait of Evil: Karl Marx, a Disciple of Hell on Earth

The Hidden World of Benjamin Disraeli, a Made Man and Opportunist

In fact, Disraeli in “Lord George Bentinck: a Political Biography” (London, 1882, p. 357) put it succinctly in referring to the 1848 Revolutions.

“When the secret societies, in February 1848, surprised Europe, they were themselves surprised by the unexpected opportunity, and so little capable were they of seizing the occasion, that had it not been for the Jews, who of late years unfortunately have been connecting themselves with these unhallowed associations, imbecile as were the governments, the uncalled for outbreak would not have ravaged Europe.”

Another character of historical note is Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872). Mazzini was a 33rd Degree Freemason, a British Intelligence agent, a revolutionary terrorist and founder of Young Europe and Young Italy, a network of revolutionary groups designed to cause chaos around the world, which eventually grew to include Young America, Young Russia, Young Bosnia, Young Turks and B’nai B’rith.

A copy of the book “The Duties of Man” by Giuseppe Mazzini resides at the Great Lodge of the Great East of Italy GOI and was given to Grand Master Stefano Bisi. Mazzini had understood that Freemasonry was a powerful lever with which to revolutionize the world.

‘The Duties of Man’ by Giuseppe Mazzini

After Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati, died on Nov. 18, 1830,  Mazzini was appointed head of the organization in 1834.

While attending Genoa University, Mazzini became a 33rd degree Mason and joined a secret organization known as the Carbonari.

Carbonari (1818): “Our final aim is that of Voltaire and of the French Revolution — the complete annihilation of Catholicism, and ultimately all Christianity.”

It should be noted, as we see over and over again, that Mazzini came from yet another Calvinist preordained chosenite/God-People sect, the Jansenites. This particular group of supremacists held to a warped belief in efficacious grace, which stressed that only a certain portion of humanity were predestined to be saved. According to Jansenius’ theory of Predestination, man was either saved or damned according to God’s own will, regardless of his merits or demerits.” Mazzini wrote to David Stern, “I am not a Christian.”

The saved would of course include Mazzini and his ilk. Or as George Carlin said, “It’s a club and you ain’t in it.” Mazzini’s father, Giacomo Mazzini, was a Jacobin.

In 1831, he was exiled to France where he founded the “Young Societies” movement, which included Giovane Italia (Young Italy), Young England, etc. This group united those who wanted to achieve unification through force.

And as we see so frequently in what has been dubbed “Palmerston Zoo,” Mazzini moved to England in 1837 spending 11 years before returning to Italy in 1848 to lead the revolution against the Austrians. Again, he was exiled. Lord Broghman called Mazzini “the head of the assassination department in Rome.” The intrigues of Mazzini are too numerous to be given justice in a 1000 word post.

England was, in Mazzini’s own words, “my real home, if I have any” (qtd. in Trevelyan, “Introduction” xxi).

One of Mazzini’s most authoritative biographers, Denis Mack Smith, recounts the pleasure philosopher and economist John Stuart Mill experienced in September 1837 at meeting the “celebrated Mazzini … the most eminent conspirator and revolutionist now in Europe,” and the “most accomplished and in every way superior” foreigner he had thus far known.”

Mazzini, who became known as the “Evil Genius of Italy,” tried to carry on the activities of the Illuminati through the Alta Vendita Lodge, the highest lodge of the Carbonari. From 1814 to 1848, the group known as the Haute Vente Romaine led the activities of most of Europe’s secret societies.

In April 1836, the head of the Haute Vente, whose pseudonym was “Nubius,” wrote to “Beppo” about Mazzini’s true Luciferian and “I am God” nature:

“Mazzini behaves too much like a conspirator of melodrama to suit the obscure role we resign ourselves to play until our triumph. Mazzini likes to talk about a great many things, about himself above all. He never ceases writing that he is overthrowing thrones and altars, that he fertilizes the peoples, that he is the prophet of humanitarianism …”

After Young Italy gangs forced Pope Pius IX to flee Rome, Mazzini was installed with British backing as one of the Papal States dictators from March to June 1849. One of his patrons was John Bowring, the protegé of usual suspect Jeremy Bentham.

See “Jeremy Bentham: British-Elitist Agent and Weird Pseudo-Intellectual Godfather of Utilitarianism

For the next three decades, the prime ministers of Italy would be Mazzini British agents.

All of Mazzini’s “Young” movements were designed to balkanize Europe into Catholic and Protestant divide and conquer lines. He would also encourage extreme nationalism along ethnic lines and throw fuel on the fire. For example, he supported Hungarian national aspirations from Austria, but then got Romania and Hungary feuding over multi-ethnic Transylvania. But international control was Mazzini’s real dream. I would offer that Mazzini Crime Syndicate successors are behind the modern-day Muslim insertions into Europe and the caravan skullduggery as a destabilizer.

The Young America version of Mazzini’s New World Order view pushed free trade, internationalism, Manifest destiny and American exceptionalism, imperialism and an early iteration of neo-liberalism. This was called the “Market Revolution.”

Charles Grier Sellers, a leading historian of the Market Revolution, portrays it as a highly negative development that marked the triumph of capitalism over democracy. It was led by Stephen Douglas, James K. Polk, Franklin Pierce and New York Rothschild financier and manipulator August Belmont.

See “Made Man and Agent August Belmont and the Panic of 1837

Sellers observes:

While dissolving deeply rooted patterns of behavior and belief for competitive effort, it mobilized collective resources through government to fuel growth in countless ways, not least by providing the essential legal, financial, and transport infrastructures. Establishing capitalist hegemony over economy, politics, and culture, the market revolution created ourselves and most of the world we know.

Giuseppe Mazzini, the Jensenist chosenite was up front about the whole scheme: “We aspire to corrupt in order to govern … We have taken from the people all the gods of heaven and earth … their religious faith, their faith in monarchy, their honesty and their family virtues …”

Charles Moscowitz and Russ Winter Examine Freemasons and Made Men Astor, Mazzini and Lord Palmerston


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  1. The tremendous forces of centralization that are taking place right now reveal themselves within the whole tyrannical bio-power apparatus that is being inserted into the fabric of society at large. The CDC will now be involved with ‘combating communicable diseases’ by making decisions on rental contracts within a handful of rental agencies now. What is at stake however is the status of ALL CONTRACTS moving forward now! Medical tyranny is the most ubiquitous and severe in its essence! It leaves no stone uncovered!

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