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Precursor To The Global Crime Syndicate: The 19th-Century Opium Trade

The Chinese opium trade of the 19th Century was instrumental to the early incarnation of the global Crime Syndicate and put it into high gear. It was just the right degree of exploitative criminality, deep-state intelligence and enormous looting to launch, enrich and link the progenitors of today’s system.

To review, during the first quarter of the 19th century the British were in desperate straits to procure tradeable goods to the Chinese. China was only interested in gold and silver.

Sassoon & Sons

Enter unscrupulous David Sassoon (1792-1864), a Jew out of Bombay, who developed the drug trade in opium. This cash crop was perfect for Indian conditions in Bengal and Madras. Sassoon sent his all-Jewish agents into China and eventually his six sons, who proved to be ruthlessly capable crime operatives at carrying out the necessary infestations. They established what is called the “Rothschild’s of the East.”

Incidentally, it’s quite obvious Wikipedia has been thoroughly scrubbed by “someone,” because Sassoon’s role in establishing the Shanghai opium-bund (exchange) is only briefly mentioned. Almost the whole script is devoted to Sassoon’s Indian sweat-labor cotton-milling business. A more accurate version is available at Wikispooks. 

In actuality, Sassoon and his Jewish agents kick-started China’s opium market in China. As the Jewish Encyclopedia readily admits, they had a monopoly on the opium trade in both China and Japan. It further states that Sassoon attributed his great success to the employment of his sons as his agents.

Of course, the British were cut in on the deal and thoroughly corrupted. Transshipment into China was handled in the early days by British firms, such as Jardine Matheson & Co.

The First Opium War defined the proliferation of and profiteering from mind-destroying drugs as a cornerstone of British Imperial policy. Anyone who doubts this fact need only consider this policy statement issued by Lord Palmerston in a January 1841 communiqué to Lord Auckland, then Governor General of India:

The rivalship of European manufactures is fast excluding our productions from the markets of Europe, and we must unremittingly endeavor to find in other parts of the world new vents for our industry (i.e., opium — ed.). . . If we succeed in our China expedition, Abyssina, Arabia, the countries of the Indus and the new markets of China will at no distant period give us a most important extension to the range of our foreign commerce.

By 1839, this criminal operation in drugs had addicted and zombified an estimated five to 10 million Chinese and set back social and economic conditions in that country by centuries. It was one of the better divide-and-conquer strategies ever devised by the global Crime Syndicate.

Opium was prohibited in China, and the Manchu Emperor of China didn’t take the opium infestation laying down. Rather, he moved aggressively by dumping a fortune’s worth of the merchant’s opium into Canton Bay and destroying production facilities.

Sassoon and his posse then successfully lobbied for military intervention. England sent an expeditionary force from India to intervene, and they ravaged China’s coastline in a series of battles. Eventually, they dictated the terms of a settlement.

The 1842 Treaty of Nanking opened the way for a further explosion in the opium trade, which went on until the Maoist Communists finally eradicated it a century later. At one point,  it was estimated that at least 30 million Chinese were addicted to opium.

In addition, Britain took the territory of Hong Kong, unilaterally fixed China’s tariffs at a low rate (aka “free trade”) and arranged for the “merchants” in Canton to pocket $3 million as compensation for the loss of their ill-gotten property.

The Sassoon family’s enterprise relocated to Hong Kong, where it expanded into “merchant” banking. Various opium dealers formed the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank. Over time, the bank — today known as HSBC — would extend its reach into the drug fields of the Middle East and Ibero-America.

Throughout the 19th century, British families Matheson, Keswick, Swire, Dent, Inchcape and Baring, and the Jewish families of the Sassoons and Rothschilds controlled China’s drug traffic.

In 1887, the big Sassoon and Rothschild clans merged by marriage. They were by that time operating out of London, where they intermarried with British aristocracy (City of London), were knighted and went on to finance and promote the Bolshevik and Zionist movements and God knows what else.

To the victors go the spoils, and over time the true history of the opium business was whitewashed and obfuscated by these powerful interests. They have branched off into media control, which today explains the criminal do-not-trust nature of that influence that I document constantly.

There is no way I could do justice to this topic in just this introductory article, but I believe at least some awareness must be applied to our fundamental intuition about how the world functions. Time and time again, you will see these Crime Syndicate scions landing top positions in intelligence and finance. Since the establishment of Zionist Israel, it has morphed into new manifestations.

Facing continual blow back, the British fought a second opium war in China from 1856 to 1860. In due course, the crop was grown in China proper, especially in Sichuan province, allowing a new generation of criminal enterprises to develop. This second war opened up the market to additional players.

In typical modern style, a Crime Syndicate “marketing campaign” emerged that promoted opium smoking as a fashionable, even refined pastime. Opiates were instrumental to the launch of a number of international pharma companies.

Enter the Americans: The destabilization of China and the building of the western U.S. railroads opened the floodgates for human trafficking (Shanghai’ing, as they called it) and expanding of the Chinese opium trade by Americans. The American families of Perkins, Astor and Forbes made tens of millions off of the opium trade. The Perkins founded Bank of Boston, which is today known as Credit Suisse.

William Hathaway Forbes was a director at Hong Kong Shanghai Bank shortly after it was founded in 1866. John Murray Forbes was the U.S. agent for the Barings banking family, which financed most of the early drug trade. The Forbes family heirs later launched Forbes magazine. And I covered Secretary of State’s John Forbes Kerry family lineage.

U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s grandfather Warren Delano created his wealth from the China opium crime racket. Like U.S. Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry, FDR claimed not to know anything about it.

Note that as a general rule of thumb, when the words “Boston Brahmin” and “merchant” appear in historic contexts, it’s whitewash code for drugs or other criminal activity.

The cesspool of “connected people” stemming from this opium cartel of British elite, American Brahmin and Jewish Sassoon-Rothschilds runs deep and wide well up to present day. I’ve barely scratched the surface here and can now see that I didn’t fully appreciate the influence of opium and bloodline connections.

I used to dismiss the talk about secret societies, such as Skull & Bones, but no more. Incidentally, the primary outfit in the opium trade was Russell & Company, the trustee of Skull & Bones.

Is it simply a coincidence that so many worldwide movers and shakers today spewed forth from this old line of criminal activity? Nothing to see here, move along?


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  1. Regrettably, Joel van der Reijden of ISGP is a ‘limited hang-out’ euro-Israeli intel op … His Marc Dutroux files were posted as Joel’s ‘ticket to credibility’ enabling Joel to help Israel & CIA

    Joel even covers for later paedophile & child-killing crimes post-Dutroux … From Joel’s intel-tied ‘Institute for the Study of Globalisation & Covert Politics’ –

    Joel of ISGP claims ‘high level satanism’ is a ‘bogus’ theme … and that much of ‘ritual abuse’ of children never happens … & that there are not so many children ‘disappearing’ as claimed … Dutroux was the big case, other people are hoaxing, says Joel

    Joel of ISGP says it is absurd to talk of the NWO – New World Order, & that Rothschilds etc are not any great power in the world HA HA HA

    Joel van der Reijden claims “Osama bin Laden ran 9/11” … with help from USA, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan & Russia (!) … but not Israel HA … Joel’s fellow gov disinfo agent, alt-media ‘star’ Eric Zuesse recently started trying to peddle this kind of nonsense too, ‘It wuz da Saudi princes wot did it’

    Joel of ISGP further claims that an aeroplane “hit the US Pentagon on 9-11” … despite how even, e.g., US Army Major General Albert Stubblebine III, declared with certainty that a missile, not a plane, hit the Pentagon & the US gov’t is lying

    As everyone living around the Pentagon saw that day – the damaged Pentagon clearly visible from surrounding motorways – there was no plane wreckage visible (some was trucked in later), & the Pentagon’s grassy front lawn was magically undamaged … Very funny photo page on this blatant fraud:

    • Probably you´re right, haven’t read all his stuff as i consider myself pretty informed on some of the other major topics he discusses. As for the Dutch cases – though on international scale probably ‘marginal’ – they’re really insightful and a reliable source for exposing the rotten core of the ‘Establishment’ – regardless of the fancy image Holland manages to sustain about itself abroad. Tellingly, your video is blocked in our country…
      As for the other topics you raise, ‘satanism’ – whatever that may mean, most probably everything that is diametrically opposed to what is considered virtuous from a ‘Christian’ perspective, though highly praised in some other ‘world-beliefs,’ that consider a ‘higher deity’ false – is very much prevalent in elite circles though obscured. Reading suggestion is Michael Hoffman, amongst others.
      Highly suspectful in any case is also the use of planes on the Twin Towers, if you only consider the ‘mechanics’ of planes flying at this high speed on such a low altitude, that’s simply an impossibility.
      As for the whole NWO conspiracy, this is a bit outdated, considering the fact we reached this condition already on many levels. I would be very wary of the whole ‘transhumanism’ project that’s going right now and being pushed on so many levels, not in the least by Intelligence fronts by types like Elon Musk.
      to be continued…thanks for the discussion in any case

    • I didn’t read that far but did check out his refutation of Graham Hancock. Once he referenced “Manuel Velikovsky” my antennae went up. Much of his criticism of Hancock didn’t stand up for me and I immediately discredited him.

  2. David Sasson has been memorably and accurately described as “the greatest Drugs Kingpin in the history of the world”[1] but official histories do their level best to obfuscate his dominant involvement in the opium trade which was the major source of his wealth. Sassoon was a pivotal figure in both the trading regime of the British Raj and British Subjugation of China in the first “Opium War” of 1839-41, but in spite of this, he does not have an entry in Encyclopedia Britannica. Similarly the Wikipedia entry has been “whitewashed”[2] over the years to remove all reference to his instigation of the “Opium Wars” [3]; the Jewish encyclopedia devotes two thirds of its entry to his philanthropy [4]

    As Winston Churchill once opined “History will be kind to me for I intend to write it” [5]

    Sassoon was born in Baghdad, where his father, Saleh Sassoon, was a wealthy businessman, chief treasurer to the pashas (the governors of Baghdad) from 1781 to 1817, and leader of the city’s Jewish community.

    The family later moved to Bombay (now Mumbai) where Sassoon became a prominent businessman of Jewish-Iraqi origin. He is justifiably best known for monopolizing the opium trade into China and encouraging its use there. He was born in Baghdad into a family of Nasis, traditional leaders of the Jewish community. His father, Saleh Sassoon, was a wealthy banker and chief treasurer to the pashas, the governors of Baghdad, from 1781 to 1817. However, the Jews came under pressure from the Muslim Turkish rulers of Baghdad. Fleeing with his wife and family and a small part of the family’s wealth, Sassoon arrived in Bombay in 1833.

    He started business in Bombay with a counting house, a small carpet godown, and an opium business. He was soon one of the richest men in Bombay. He chose to follow the market, but he pursued all his enterprises better than his chief rivals, the Parsis. By the end of the 1850s, it was said of him that “silver and gold, silks, gums and spices, opium and cotton, wool and wheat – whatever moves over sea or land feels the hand or bears the mark of Sassoon and Company”.

    Role in the Opium War in China
    In Bombay, David Sassoon established the house of David Sassoon & Co., with branches at Calcutta, Shanghai, Canton and Hong Kong. His business, which included a monopoly of the opium trade in China, (even though opium was banned in China) extended as far as Yokohama, Nagasaki, and other cities in Japan.

    In 1836, the opium trade reached over 30,000 chests per annum and drug addiction in coastal cities became endemic. In 1839, the Manchu Emperor ordered that the opium smuggling be stopped. He named the Commissioner of Canton, Lin Tse-hsu, to lead a campaign against opium. Lin seized and destroyed 2,000 chests of Sassoon opium. An outraged David Sassoon demanded that China compensate for the seizure or Great Britain retaliate.

    The Chinese Army, decimated by 10 years of opium addiction, proved no match for the British Army. The war ended in 1842 with the signing of the Treaty of Nanking. The “peace treaty” included these provisions:

    Full legalisation of the opium trade in China
    Compensation from the opium stockpiles confiscated by Lin of two million pounds
    Territorial sovereignty for the British Crown over several designated offshore islands.

    Although David Sassoon did not speak English, he became a naturalised British citizen in 1853. He kept the dress and manners of the Baghdadi Jews, but allowed his sons to adopt English manners. His son, Abdullah changed his name to Albert, moved to England, became a Baronet and married into the Rothschild family. All the Sassoons of Europe are said to be descendants of David Sassoon.

    He built a synagogue in the Fort (area) and another in Byculla, as well as a school, a Mechanics’ Institute, a library and a convalescent home in Pune.

    David Sassoon was conscious of his role as a leader of the Jewish community in Bombay. He helped to arouse a sense of Jewish identity amongst the Bene Israeli and Cochin Jewish communities. The Sassoon Docks (built by his son) and the David Sassoon Library are named after him. He also built a synagogue in Byculla.

    David Sassoon died in his country house in Pune in 1864. His business interests were inherited by his son.

    • And to think most pajama people probably know the sassoon name, but associate it with shampoo… which probably contains poison. That treaty of Nanking is an abomination, a transparent historical criminal record of the terrorist crown which I reckon will have to be memory holed more aggressively into the future. Anyways back to Vidal Sassoon- as Russ rightly stated, born in London, this man has to be descended from David Sassoon. I mean just listen to this guy’s accomplishments: In 1946, when Sassoon was 18 years old, he joined the Jewish veteran militia organization, the 43 Group. The organization was active in disrupting fascist meetings held in East London after World War II. In 1948, Sassoon traveled to Israel where he joined the Israeli Defense Force as a member of its elite Palmach group in the War of Independence. When he finally got around to being a hairdresser, he culturally popularized androgyny by cutting women’s hair short, really making waves with the mia farrow pixie cut, which he was hired to do by pedophile roman polanski for the pedo’s satanic film rosemary’s baby. Confirming that he was probably into child buggery, he was a benefactor of the boys and girls club after moving to LA in the 1970s. He also financed the establishment of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism and Related Bigotries at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1983. To top this all off with some flair, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that in 2009, Sassoon was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) by Queen Elizabeth II, another suspected kiddie diddler. Shame on these fucking demons.

    • Mao ( originally a mafioso ) was put in power by a western bankster mob … to sell more cigarettes …

      Believe it or not …

  3. Think i posted “see below” link to this very good non-white-washed history around the Sassoon family somewhere here too, but its just so good cause on wiki you only read political correct versions.

    More should know this story and stop praising this Sassoon family as alot still do. They are on the same power stage as Rothchild and sure not less evil. China would be different without this family. But so would be europe without Rothchild. All the wars they brought us.

    Im always saving such gems as pdf, you never know when they scrub the web about certain topics.

    • Btw the merger Sassoon-Rothchild at 1887 falls perfectly into that timeline what Woolfolk wrote about 1890 in his great red dragon, i know i mentioned it before but it just fits perfectly if anyone wants more background about the money kings, which owned over half the planets wealth back then and sure not less power. And we should now believe those families gone down so much in the top 100 richest list(white.washed version).

      Download it while its there, if the archive gets scrubbed one day cause there is tons of controversial old and recent books/audio/video this one will be gone for sure too.

  4. Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson spoke with Tim Kelly on his Our Interesting Times show of December 10, 2019 on the “Opium Wars and Neoliberalism.” It is an excellent, long presentation (1:43) that covers the horrible destruction of much ancient Chinese cultural heritage through the current effects on our economy. You can listen on podomatic or spreaker, scroll down through the list of podcasts to find it.
    I notice that Russ Winter was the guest just a few hours ago at the time of this comment, speaking on the Red Symphony.
    Off-topic but I’ll mention that another one of the shows I particularly appreciated was David Martin on the Assassination of James Forrestal on January 28, 2020.


    The following are two quotes from unpublished sources whose content I have tried — so far unsuccessfully — to have verified by rabbinical scholars. I suspect that their ultimate source is the book The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism by Ben Weintraub. The meaning of the second quote is made clearer if one understands something about Gematria, the Kabbalistic practice of interpreting texts by associating words and numbers. This material by itself does not prove the scriptural origins of the Six Million, but in combination with the fact that the number was used in other places (see below), this seems to clinch the case.
    [Quote 1] Jewish prophecies in the Torah require that 6 million Jews must “vanish” before the state of Israel can be formed. “You shall return minus 6 million.” That’s why Tom Segev, an Israeli historian, declared that the “6 million” is an attempt to transform the Holocaust story into state religion. Those six million, according to prophecy, had to disappear in “burning ovens”, which the judicial version of the Holocaust now authenticates. As a matter of fact, Robert B. Goldmann writes:
    “. . . without the Holocaust, there would be no Jewish State.”
    A simple consequence: Given six million Jews gassed at Auschwitz who ended up in the “burning ovens” (the Greek word holocaust means burned offerings), therefore, the prophecies have now been “fulfilled” and Israel can become a “legitimate state”. –Unknown
    [Quote 2] Regarding the ‘six million’ number you should know the following:
    In the Hebrew text of the Torah prophesies, one can read “you shall return”. In the text the letter “V” or “VAU” is absent, as Hebrew does not have any numbers; the letter V stands for the number 6. Ben Weintraub, a religious scientist, learned from rabbis that the meaning of the missing letter means the number is ‘6 million’. The prophesy then reads:
    You will return, but with 6 million less.
    See Ben Weintraub: “The Holocaust Dogma of Judaism”, Cosmo Publishing, Washington 1995, page 3

    From 1933 to 1939, 5,000,000 Jews left Europe for the Americas.
    Most of them became Marranos. Changed their name & religion.
    This is why they have so much power in America.

    By Paul Rassinier (A Jew who was in Buchenwald concentration camp).
    Statistics: Six Million or …

    After some fifteen years of historical research, I have come to the following conclusion:
    Here, then is the Jewish population of the world in 1962, calculated on the corrected data of the World Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation.
    1. World Jewish population in 1939: 16,643,120
    2. Jewish victims of Nazism: 1,589,492
    3. World Jewish population living in 1945(l): 15,053,628
    4. Jewish natural increase of 16% since 1946: 2,408,580
    5. Total Jewish population on 1962(2): 17,552,208
    And here is the same as calculated on the corrected data of Mr. Raul Hilberg:
    1. World Jewish population in 1939: 16,643,120
    2. Jewish victims of Nazism: 987,592
    3. World Jewish population living in 1946: 15,655,528
    4. Jewish increase of 16% since 1946: 2,504,884
    5. Total Jewish population in 1962: 18,160,412

    And, here we are at the end of this study. It remains for me only to make an apology to the reader: this study has clearly been very long, and difficult to follow, like all that is technical by nature. But a demographic study can only be of such a technical nature. What the reader must recognize is that, until now, the proponents of the Zionist line — whose “official” contentions on the horrors of the war I have been following — have never been faced with arguments other than those from journalists, which have been often vague and specious, factors that have been the main reason for their lack of success. The only way to shatter their arguments was to set up against them the arguments of a specialist. And, that is what I have tried to do.
    On the basis of the preceding analysis, this is where we stand now: First, out of the study of the statistics of the World Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation and from its own data, we find 1,589,492 European Jews dead or missing as a consequence of Nazi persecutions in concentration camps or in some other way. Second, out of the study of Mr. Raul Hilberg’s data we find only 987,592 dead or missing Jews.

    The 6,000,000 number is a myth and Paul Rassinier, using Jewish statistics came up with the number 987,592.


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