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Did Kenosha Usher in Zombie Apocalypse Mind Control

What prompted four different individuals in Kenosha to attempt, against overwhelming odds, to charge and take the AR-15 of Kyle Rittenhouse, a young man who obviously knew how to use weapons. As we covered in Saturday’s post, “The Kyle Rittenhouse Show Down in Kenosha with the Crazies,” two of those attackers are now dead, one seriously wounded and another lucky to be alive. Several others can be observed in the videos putting themselves in harms way and approaching Rittenhouse before backing away at the last second.

Guns represent a nearly insurmountable tactical advantage over the unarmed. Any person over 5 years old with even the scantest understanding or tactical awareness knows this.

More and more, however, we are seeing signs of a psyop that I will call “the zombie apocalypse” narrative. This one has the potential of elevating a lot of fear among the plebs. There has been a slew of zombie-apocalypse conditioning in “entertainment” over the last few decades. This has been imbued into the culture. Zombies attack mindlessly without fear of bullets or anything else.

Is it possible to induce someone to throw their lives away in a high risk assault as in Kenosha? It seems very unlikely that multiple individuals would do so organically and under their own free will. Although the four Antifa attackers at Kenosha may have been high on crystal meth, thinking people should also consider that advanced MK Ultra or Mind Kontrol is being employed here. Will we see repeats of this in the near future? I suspect so. Look for it in a Civil War environment.

The casualties at Kenosha had spent time in the prison and jail system. That is fertile ground for identifying criminal minds and then working over highly impressionable zombie candidates. How many people like this are out there to be triggered? We suspect a shocking number of them.

It is also possible to influence people into stupid, less-risky, but potentially fatal behaviors, such as throwing themselves in front of vehicles, being subjected to pepper spray and standing on busy roadways.

It was when I spent several hours listening to the psychiatric interview of Aurora Batman Shooter (James Holmes)that it dawned on me that various methods of mind control or influence were in play. Holmes sounds a lot like Sirhan Sirhan reflecting on the shooting of Bobby Kennedy. They’re confused, think they’re under surveillance and have a sketchy memory of what happened. They describe a dark place. Holmes ended up in an empty theater, and then was later found drooling out in his car.

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This was apparently the case in the story of the Boston Marathon’s Tsarnaev brothers patsies. The older dead brother, Tamerlan, had heard voices. In fact, he used the term “majestic mind control” to describe it.

In the world wars, various drugs were used on soldiers to affect suicidal charges and feats of combat. In the Great War (WWI), use of cocaine was rampant. In World War II, as scholar Lukasz Kamienski has documented, Japanese carried out large-scale preparations of methamphetamine Philopon, and allied forces from Britain and the U.S. both issued Benzedrine to ward off fatigue. In Germany’s quest for “super soldiers,” things got out of hand when Pervatin, or methamphetamine, was used.

A highly suggestible person could be medicated with a drug cocktail to facilitate a “psychotic break.” A drug like scopolamine can induce surrendering of willpower. Remote signalling can even make someone believe they’re hearing the voice of God (VoG, aka voice to skull).

Read “Is Scopolamine (Devil’s Breath) a Widespread, Undetected Threat?”

The nothing-to-see-here crowd may need to explain why the U.S. Defense Department has patents on the technology. And, if A&E can use whisper-in-ear technology to promote a television series (see “Hear Voices, It May be an Ad”), isn’t it fair to assume that Crime Syndicate’s system has much more advanced, state-of-the-art V2k technology?

We covered VoG in an earlier article.

Read “Voice of God’ Mind Control”

Beside voices, the method of attack is electromagnetic-directed energy weapons (EMF DEW). Older generation weapons are masers. These are continuous waves directed at large regions of the body, thermal heating, pins and needles. After arising out of bed, the stomach, bladder, colon, legs and feet are continuous-wave mastered. While sleeping, the brain, entire head and neck are pulsed (electric shock). The power of the attacks are escalated while targeted individuals are trying to go to sleep.

Since 2016, optical radar (laser) has been deployed in addition to maser. Insomnia from being molested, sodomized, nipples titillated, lasered in the right hip or right knee, etc. is a relentless torture tactic. Hearing noise can be all the time and is a commonly reported torture tactic, as is humming and/or buzzing via ultrasound. CNN reported on such technology back in 1985. In 2020, these methods are quite advanced.

13 Comments on Did Kenosha Usher in Zombie Apocalypse Mind Control

  1. No Russ not Zombiosis, more like vanity….You see how many phones are in action allllll the time…everyone wants to be Casey whats his face from NY or LA or….They think this is all a movie in their magical thinking heads…But they will learn fast that AR15’s do fire…I expect less of that bravado but a bit more Duelly Trucks getting tangled up….

    • On drugs and hollywood movies…
      Any mind altering drugs will lessen one’s inhibitions and make the person more suggestible to bad ideas.
      Movies have been degraded to absurd levels nowadays, nearly all modern films, I reckon at least 90% require suspension of disbelief. Try watching a movie without it, and you’ll either laugh your ass off or become totally disgusted.
      Even though the best films are usually realistic and therefore don’t need the viewers to use this inhuman function, movies with believable storylines are increasingly rare.
      The function of this aspect of modern films is to get people used to suspending disbelief all the time or as much as possible. People will then not know what to believe and can then be inculcated with more bad ideas.
      Then add in the aspect of herd mentality behavior and the controllers have one hell of a powerful witches brew.

      • I read this twice – first time I mis-read: “suspension of belief” Then, no – it’s “suspension of DISbelief” … I get it.

        For example, say you had not watched television or seen a movie for 25 years; then heard that 28 kids had been shot dead in a school room, declared dead, but not a single one them had been examined or treated by an EMT. You would disbelieve that – simply could not, in the real world with many hundreds of EMT vehicles on the scene, have happened. Either the kids are not dead or they had been brought out to those triage mats.

        But if you have been taught to suspend DISbelief it’s not a problem – and you go right on to; “why can’t we do something about the automatic weapons!”

        Very interesting.

        • For the sake of keeping things short I didn’t broach the topic of the larger media propaganda complex in total lockstep with the same agenda as hollywood, but I reckoned it’s implied. Holly wood is the type of wood used in the wizard’s magic wand, by the way. Magic as in black magic, there are no good wizards, sorry harry potter fans.

          I also didn’t write about “voice of god” or other darpa or whoever’s high tech measures because they’re not widely deployed or effective, my sentiments. I do know for a fact that this is a BIG world and that makes it a very complicated battle space for the crime syndicate, and this is why they have always relied upon deception and indirect forms of warfare. Lying pussies.

          But back to media and the suspension of disbelief, because I reckon it’s the most important aspect in their propaganda arsenal because that’s where the crime syndicate has the most control, what with their monopolies in their msm. It’s also where they can work on the subjects’ real “voice of God”, namely one’s own conscience. By getting the people to constantly suspend their own disbelief, they are essentially getting people to PRACTICE ignoring their own conscience until it becomes a habit. It’s the psychpathization of the minds of a nation.

  2. Little doubt that “cinema”… and ‘the arts’ in general have been used to prepare[social condition]mass consciousness]for an era of “post reality” – when everything the senses are capable of providing in the way of survival-oriented feedback becomes abrogated by the inversion of “data”**

    aka – “images”. From “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”[original/not the remake]onwards, Hollowoods army of ‘artistes’ in the pay of talmudic kabbalism joined forces with the similarly compromised ‘social scientists’ of anthropology, sociology, history, etc., to collectively rewire mass consciousness into a suitable receptacle for messages of terrorisation reaching ever deeper into the psyches of persons unable to recognize or prevent such manipulation.

    Ergo, the “woke” generation of suitably self-hating dupes ready to be indeed…. thrown into the final battle as zombified sacrificial ‘chum.’ I would argue that at this point we are far beyond the level where individual mind control is employed to induce Sirhan-like scenarios …

    we are at the point of mass stagings of these mind manipulations – Portland x 100 ‘points of light’ in the console of the mind controllers – no longer individuals employed, but masses of totally brainwashed tards running to and fro at behest of ‘voices in their heads’… no fear!

    All of this – and the culture war behind it – was signaled to us in depth, long before it developed into this final stage of madness. Walter Benjamin{Gershom Sholems’ best bud!}masterfully laid out the shape of things to come in his “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” – a much misunderstood presaging of the soul-lessness which is the final fruit of ‘socializing’ economies, peoples, and cultures. Much truth telling layered into reams of marxist mendacity. Very very few, outside of Baudrillard and outsiders peripheral to the main action ever caught on to what was being said by the “Frankfurt” Gang and their dopey hangerson.

    You ARE your social media device. And those stupid red-men were always 100% accurate in their bizarre idea – the camera lens DID ‘steal the soul’ after all…
    and still does…. daily.

    mechanical reproduction devalues the aura of uniqueness of an objet d’art.
    mechanical reproduction of your image robs your body of its authenticity as an agent of will.

    Who knew? WHO coulda seen it comin?

    **How the current covid psyop employs the very same Hollowood scripting with exactitude: http://barbarous-reliquary.36082.n8.nabble.com/Live-streaming-LIFE-ON-EARTH-THE-WORLDS-WORST-EVER-B-Movie-tp130.html

    • La Clique du Cain has not stopped waging war by deception (actual or virtual filth, lies & murder) since the Serpent Lucifer, Eve, & Adam encountered one another.

  3. It’s the exact playbook of Yuri Bezmenov come to full fruition.


    All sides of this conflict are equally despondent about life, literally everyone loses. Antifa just tend to be more jihadist because of their inherent suggestibility. I’d chalk it up to pure unadulterated peon genetics, generations of loser pedigree hard at not working.

    “My dad went out for a pack of smokes, just like his dad, and his dad before him… I’ll tell you the rest of the story, but I’m out of smokes, I’ll be back in a few.”

    Don’t interrupt these troglodytes while they’re making their mistakes.

  4. Hooray, Russ, for this post.

    People attribute volition to the brutality.

    First, thanks for linking the scopolamine article (and kudos to Thomas Mueller for this accomplishment).

    I had the gross karma to be born the daughter of a WWII military officer – 1st Lt airman in the Jolly Rogers – whose impeccably brave airman’s career (54 missions in 8.5 months, never lost a man or a plane) was rewarded with being made into a human guinea pig for scopolamine research as well as other drugs including “L” and morphine. He never suffered shellshock nor saw blood. Because of a conflict with his CO and a vengeful brother in the OSS he was filed under a pseudonym, placed on an offshore hospital ship for months, then moved on land to the erstwhile Brigham General Military Hospital (1942-46) whch later became the notorious Intermountain Indian School. From 44-46 Bushnell served as a POW camp. There were 395,000 German POWs in US who were fed pot roast and meatloaf while US citizens scrambled for tidbits of rationed meat. Uniformed Nazi German pseudo-eugenics doctors worked at Bushnell during the war on injured US airmen, primarily experimenting with drugs of all kinds. My Dad’s Army Retirement hearing was signed by a German neuropsychiatrist. For the dubious, read Dr. Allen Kent Powell’s ‘Splinters of a Nation’.

    When we got my dad’s allegedly burned up Army Medical records ten years post-mortem, we saw page after page of experimentation with scopolamine.

    He did live a functional life afterwards, but what a life I was served as the child of a veteran treated this way, as so many are.j

    Yet America clings to the childish belief that all militaristic behavior is volitional. Thanks Russ, and all of Winter Watch, for helping 1) the public to get over the idea that mind control is some anomaly, and 2) that WWI and WWII and all the rest were separate wars. Follow the money to the apex and it becomes evident that all wars are the same.

    For crying out loud, where do people think bands of Afghani subsistence farmers scrape together the cash to purchase automatic weapons, each of which costs more than a new Toyota?

    Here is an example of one of the larger militarized mind control mass rioting/murder operations of modern times: https://www.auricmedia.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Operation-Crimson-Mist.pdf

    • Hence my contention about all the press given Operation Paperclip. Sure it happened. But it was but one link in an unbroken chain of collusion. Take the Rockefeller-nurtured pseudo-scientist – “inventor of eugenics” (which is preposterously,categorically false as breeders of horses, cattle etc. for millennia have realized the same principle applies to humans). Rockefellers built Rudin’s sub-campus of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute. Though Swiss, he goes down in history as one of the leading proponents and founders of the Nazi movement. It was an international movement. Rudin toured the US through Rockefeller ‘generosity’ from the early 30’s initiation of his pseudo-eugenics movement, had everything to do with inculcating pseudo-eugenics in the public mind, and was put at the helm of the German academic matrix to teach pseudo-eugenics. There were walk-in death chambers in every hamlet of Germany where allegedly genetically defective German children were put to death – maybe 100,000 or more (e.g. children of alcoholics) – for which zero inquiry was made at the grand kangaroo court in Nuremberg. They only inquired of atrocities towards foreigners (ahem). Nobody ever received so much as a slap on the hand for the deaths of those German youths, never mind all the adults. After the great PR campaign titled WWII came to an end, Rudin’s native Swiss citizenship was revoked, after which his adoring Rockefeller overseers brought him to the US to “practice psychiatry” until his putative death in 1952. Probably he did not hang out a shingle, rather did the same work he did for the Rockefellers in Germany, which was to design a nationwide medical system. Few realize it, but not only was the Nazi movement international at the upper echelons, but it was primarily a medical – not a military – movement. Sure Nuremburg hauled out a few military goons for a public drubbing. So the legend sticks. But collusion was rife throughout WWII. We personally found this out when we learned that my dad was literally experimented upon by Rudin-educated Nazi doctors in uniform on US soil DURING WWII (Operation Paperclip is said to have happened ex post facto) as were so many other US military personnel. Paperclip Schmaperclip. That is red herring.

      Despite a certain misprision, please see this article: https://www.cchr.org/documentaries/age-of-fear/creating-the-holocaust.html

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