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Russ Winter on the ‘Dino Costa Show’ Talks Double-Bind Black Propaganda, Floyd Deceptions and the Hidden History of Confederate Memorials

Dino Costa invited Russ Winter to join him again for another episode of the “Dino Costa Show.” Costa has long history in sports news, including as an announcer for Sirius XM Radio. Now, he’s working for himself, and he’s cutting loose. He’s talking about everything deemed unsuitable for mainstream media.

Tuesday’s discussion focused primarily on Gregory Bateson’s Double-Bind Theory of Black Propaganda as it relates to the federal crackdown on Antifa in Portland, Oregon. Russ warns that while we would all love to see radical Left-wing extremists’ violence brought to an end, militarized federal police response is a dangerous approach.

Dino and Russ also discussed the George Floyd staged deception, and the hidden history of the origin of Confederate memorials. The fate of missing children was also broached.

We are not able to embed the video podcast on this website, but you can access it via this link:

Russ Winter on the “Dino Costa Show”

We encourage you to listen to the whole show, especially if you’re a sports fan. You can find it here:

World Wide DINO COSTA Show
Tuesday. July 28, 2020 Broadcast Month-8 Episode #141
Broadcasted 7/28/20 4:48pm – 7/28/20 8:10pm

Torchy Note

Mainstream media for weeks have described the federal enforcement in Portland as “unidentified federal agents” and “storm troopers,” thus creating fear and suspicion among the public. There are many agencies on the scene in the city.

As it was previously reported, DHS called in Customs and Border Patrol agents to assist in the response in Portland around July 4. We imagine they’re being used for their best skill, which is rounding up people on the run. Some of these men in camo are CBP. Some are National Guard.

On June 1, Oregon’s governor deployed 50 National Guard and 100 State Police from Salem to assist Portland Police Department. Oregon State Police are the men in black “storm trooper” gear, who have unmarked black SUVs.

Portland PD in front of the federal courthouse at the end of June. PPD for weeks tried to defend the structure from the midnight mobs.
Member of the Salem Police Department called out to reinforce the ...
Salem Police in Portland. Not federal ‘storm troopers.’ State troopers.

Regarding other “federal agents” in Portland, as the MSM refers to them: It became clear Tuesday during A.G. Barr’s testimony to Congress that there are 90 U.S. Marshals in Portland, not mercenary contractors. Secret Service is also there, probably trying to infiltrate Antifa and Black Bloc groups.

If you have five hours to kill, we recommend watching the hearing. It’s somewhat insightful, more often amusing.

10 Comments on Russ Winter on the ‘Dino Costa Show’ Talks Double-Bind Black Propaganda, Floyd Deceptions and the Hidden History of Confederate Memorials

  1. Another great program. I tune into Dino for every show and especially look forward to his Russ Winter interviews!

  2. They do have a sense of humour in the establishment –

    Yesterday (28 July) when US Attorney General William Barr was talking with Republican Congressman Tom McClintock about prosecutions in process under the work of John Durham, Barr said:

    “Justice is not something you order up on a schedule like you’re ordering a PIZZA.”

    Barr then briefly smirked and looked at the Democratic side of the room.

    Clip 45 seconds, statement at about the 21 second mark

    • I heard some audio excerpts of this; a really disgusting spectacle — every white person in America should carefully note the disturbing fanaticism (in an earlier comment I posted a link to the clip where Nadler says the chaos and violence in Portland is a “myth”), and most importantly the contempt, even hatred, that some members of Congress have for them (“systemic racism”) and white America, as well as for decency and law and order generally — many more eyes would be opened.

  3. Practically everything discussed here is attributable to City of London Jewish bankers (with a few goys along for the money) and their complete takeover of the USA via destruction of its economy and society.

    This can accurately be described as a Jewish consipracy. For example:

    Who is responsible for the militarization of US police?
    Answer: The ADL and dual citizen neocons in policy making positions.

    Who is responsible for Antifa and BLM?
    Answer: Jewish oligarchs like George Soros.

    Who controls US Media:
    Answer: Jews!

    Who controls US central banking and the money supply?
    Answer: Jews! through the Fed.

    Who controls US higher education?
    Answer: Jews!

    Who controls the US Congress?
    Answer: Jews! through the AIPAC

    Who controls the Trump administration?
    Answer: Jews! Trump is owned by Jewish bankers and Sheldon Adelson.

    Who controls the Hollywood propaganda machine?
    Answer: Jews!

    Who controls the poisonous pornography industry?
    Answer: Jews!

    Who controls much of the poisonous Big Pharma?
    Answer: Jews!

    Who is responsible for USD 5B annual aid to Israel for no apparent reason?
    Answer: Jews!

    Who is responsible for 911 and the subsequent US middle east wars?
    Answer: Jews!

    What part of this did I get wrong?

    • It – life, that is – is probably a little more complicated than this. 5B US aid to Israel is, in part, a hidden fed gov subsidy to the US arms industry. And Soros is very odd jew; never given a dime to Jewish/Israeli groups here or there (as I understand it). And is a long time supporter of Palestinian groups and interests – e.g. BDS.

      Maybe focus more on Power – less on Jewish Power (where the former includes the latter). You – we – may end up with a better understanding of our current danger.

    • You could replace “…their complete takeover of the USA…” with any western country, im from germany and its just the same here, the US is just the more visible part in massmedia.

      And adding to your who owns big pharma, its even more evil when you look who defined the todays “modern” western Rockefeller medicine, well the name was spoiler enough.

      Thats why i have a hard time trusting the germ theory, it is “their” medicine system supported by an education system where they define educations plans at schools/universities.
      Generations of students are conditioned into their way of “science” like this here backed by endless causal chains; and all this supported by narratives on their media, questioning the wrong topics in public can be dangerous(at least here in germany).

      Stefan Lanka is interesting on this topic germ theory, and as entry overview James Corbett´s “Rockefeller Medicine” documentation.
      Will always be with me the Rockefellers started out as snakesoil salesmen before Standart Oil, so telling.

  4. Reading this crap makes me believe Hitler DID escape berlin and is alive and well —- Gimme a F`n Break already !!!
    Jews , Catholics , Christians , Muslims , Buddhists , Hindus , Taoists , Sikhs , ETC. ETC. , Ad-infinitem , A Persons Religious beliefs are NOT the True Issue here , Greed and the pursuit of power and money are , And there are NO RELIGIOUS LINES HERE , Selfishness And Greed is a HUMAN Thing !!!! When “ We The People“ take OUR country BACK from The “ Fed“ , Big Pharma , “Corporate America “ ( Like “Rump“ / “Hitlary “ and ALL Their Cronies ETC. ) CORRUPT and Power Hungry Politicians , Liars , Thieves and ALL the LYING SCUMBAG GREEDY POWER MONGERS currently “ In Power “ , Then , And Only Then , Will We have OUR Country back !!!!
    More PEOPLE Have DIED in WARS “ In The Name of God “ over Their Beliefs’ and the GREED of those “ In Power“ at the time ,Than for any other reason IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND !!! ( Google It in case you didnt ALREADY Know it`s ACTUALLY TRUE !! )

    Just something to actually THINK about , My 2 cents .

    May God , Who ever YOU Believe Him / Her / It To be , Have Mercy on Us All .

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