MKUltra And The Unabomber

By Shayne | 2 Years Ago

STEEMIT — This is the sort of thing that gets me flagged by the FBI. I realize that.

I’m probably on a list somewhere for finding the Unabomber interesting, but I can’t help it.

His criminal profile, and the abject failure of the FBI to profile him accurately, is one of the great blunders of American history.

An even greater gaffe is that the CIA likely CREATED the psychological issues that birthed the Unabomber, because he was a victim of the MKUltra program. […]

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  1. No doubt many have read the book ‘A Terrible Mistake: the Murder of Frank Olson’ by Albarelli which goes into detail about these post ww2 drug/trauma ‘programs’ within the CIA. How else could today’s clown world come about?

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