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Charles Moscowitz and Russ Winter Discuss the Deep Rabbit Holes of Red Symphony

IMAGE: via Reddit

The following 55-minute conversation between Charles Moscowitz and Russ Winter constitutes a home run in our series of podcast interviews and adds considerable color to this week’s deep hidden-history post “Physician Who Witnessed Interrogation of Rakovsky During Trotskyite Trials, Lifted the Veil of the Global Crime Syndicate.”

Here’s a list of supporting articles in the discussion.

Also see Tim Kelly and Richard Spence on “Wall Street and the Russian Revolution.”

And here’s the scene of the sealed train transporting Lenin through Germany and the reaction of Kaiser Wilhelm from “Fall of Eagles.”

Podcast 27 July 2020


14 Comments on Charles Moscowitz and Russ Winter Discuss the Deep Rabbit Holes of Red Symphony

  1. I became obsessed with this text a while back and went through and verified every single name date and event in it. I found it to be overwhelmingly accurate, with only a few discrepancies, most of which could be explained by translation. Rakovsky does say that Walter Rathenau was killed at Rapallo but he was actually killed in Berlin. But that’s not a deal breaking mistake. A lot of the details about Rakovsky’s life I had to dig very hard to verify and they were all correct.

    There is no way anyone could spin a yarn like this and get all those names dates and events correct. And we are witnessing “Their” plan approaching its final fruition now. ‘Power such as Stalin has but on a global scale.’

    Look forward to listening!

  2. I first encountered this document years ago in Des Griffin’s, ‘4th Reich of the Rich.’ I do not believe Hitler was a shill nor a megalomaniac! He did not want war; he wanted what was best for the German people! The war was brought to Germany by International Jewry and its henchmen on multiple fronts!

    Anyhow, Carolyn Yeager believes the document is a fake and should not be taken seriously., Here she is with Pete Papaheracles and Brian Ruhe discussing the matter. Her voice can be quite annoying and she interrupts a lot, but Carolyn has penetrating understanding on many topics having to do with Hitler, National Socialism, and WW 1 & 2!

    • do not believe Hitler was a shill nor a megalomaniac

      Agree on the shill aspect. The proof was his seizure of money printing from the banksters. Rakovsky acknowledges that the international banksters couldn’t control that.

      I used to have a more neutral view of Hitler until I read Mein Kampf. He talked endlessly of conflict (kampf), aggressive policy and war. He had an occultist dog eat dog view of the concept of will. If he had a kind word for peace I couldn’t find it, please cite.

      That made him a loose cannon and unaccountable riverboat gambler. I came away thinking he was a scary individual as a national leader.

      Louis Napoleon III was the same way, but total war was more difficult in that era, thus saving the world from the WWII outcome.

      The war was brought to Germany by International Jewry and its henchmen on multiple fronts!

      Even Rakovsky admits this, and in fact it was his main point. However Hitler miscalculations and extreme overconfidence made that aspect much easier to carry out.

      he wanted what was best for the German people

      As long as he was winning this might have been the mentality. But had to be the sorest scorched earth loser that ever lived. AH the winner and AH the loser were Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde. Turning into a drug addict didn’t help.

      • OT- Kinda.
        Russ, I am descended from both French Bourbon and Orlean lines (lots of intermarriages in this family) and from reading on your site, it has informed me that some of my ancestors were controlled by the Rothchilds. I definitely would love to read more on the subject of both houses and any more hidden jems that I had no idea about that is scrubbed from mainstream history.


      • A lot to address with your response!

        First, though Mein Kampf deals with the concept of ‘Lebensraum’ and securing territory for the German people, you have to consider when the book was written(it was actually kind of co-authored with Hess); Hitler was still young and admits later that he still had not matured fully into his overall plan for Germany. After prison he come to the realization that a National Socialist state could only be realized through parliamentary means.

        Many are under the false assumption that Hitler was a maniac who wanted to conquer the world. His primary aim after securing power was the redress of the Treaty of Versailles. Leon Degrelle’s book, ‘Hitler: Born at Versailles’ is the best book on the matter in my opinion!

        “If he had a kind word for peace, I couldn’t find it”

        I will leave it to my friend Mike King, who understands Hitler as well as anyone on the Net- including myself!. You can also make $100 if you want Russ!

        Mike King- “Adolf Hitler’s numerous, and reasonable, offers of peace to the Allies powers are a matter of INDISPUTABLE HISTORICAL RECORD. Establishment ‘Court Historians’ cannot deny the reality of these reasonable offers, so they choose to simply ignore them instead.”

        “Hitler’s miscalculations and overconfidence made that aspect much easier to carry out”

        Had it not been for the constant subterfuge and treason(especially on Operation Barbarossa)from many of Hitler’s generals and the OVERWHELMING aid to the Soviet Union vis-a-vis the Lend-Lease program, Germany would have secured victory with ease in my opinion. Many historians always talk of a ‘two-front’ war, but HItler was fighting the enemy everywhere: Norway, Greece and Italy, N. Africa, the U.S., not to mention the problems he had to deal with constantly domestically.

        “He had to be the sorest scorched earth loser that ever lived”

        Listen to this podcast:

        Behind this comment contains much! I see in it Russ that you have yet to come to understand the man and what he was all about. That’s ok though, it took me some years before I warmed up to the idea that Hitler not only was a giant of a mind, but he was a man whom the light of the world shined through. I will leave you with what I consider to be a few of the most important works to come to understand Hitler and NS. And as open minded as you are Russ, I know you will get around to doing it

        1- Read all of Mike King’s material!
        2- ‘Hitler’s Revolution’ by Richard Tedor
        3- ‘The Myth of German Villainy’ by Brenton Bradberry
        4- ‘The Lightning and the Sun’ by Savitri Devi
        5- ‘Hitler Democrat’ by Leon Degrelle
        6- ‘The Artist Within the Warlord’ by Carolyn Yeager
        7- ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’ by Dennis Wise

        Hitler is the most vilified man in history, and because of that, many people have a very difficult time adjusting to the idea that he was something actually quite special. You can hate Hitler with every nerve in your body Russ, but I’m still going to enjoy your work because you do a fantastic job. I’ve told you that before!

  3. Does CHARLES MOSCOWITZ believe international bankers are predominantly christian?

    And that the New World Order transcends any religion?

    At the outset of your next discussion with Charles, kindly check his calibration by asking him to state for the record that the sky is blue.

    • Does CHARLES MOSCOWITZ believe international bankers are predominantly christian?

      Straw man argument- that’s not even remotely what he said. He said they came from multiple backgrounds (which is true) including Jewish but were atheistic and amoral. He seconded my remark that they were sick, twisted, Satanic warmongers. The British pederast posse/element is more my theory than Charles’.

      If you actually listened to the full interview (?) you should have been clear on that.

  4. I also tracked down the full 800 page book in Spanish which George Knupffer refers to in the beginning of the English text:

    ‘The material here given is a translation of Ch. XL of a book which appeared in Madrid in Spanish as “Sinfonia en Rojo Mayor,” and is now past its 11th Edition, produced by Editorial E.R.S.A. under the well-known publisher Senor Don Mauricio Carlavilla, who has very kindly agreed to this English translation and publication. As soon as possible the full book of over 800 pp. will follow.’

    I read a few chapters of it, and it is just as compelling as Rakovsky’s interrogation. I planned to have it translated but it just never happened.

  5. Rakovsky’s disclosures provide a clear understanding of the conspiracy in spite of constant misinformation being pushed in the blogosphere. Christoper Jon Bjerknes describes the same historic events but in a different light posing Hitler as a puppet of Erich Ludendorff. He claims Ludendorff is a high ranking Mason who was instrumental in setting Lenin on his Gold train back to Moscow. This is in obvious contrast to Ludendorff’s famous book “The destruction of Freemasonry through revelation of their secrets.”, which he wrote in 1927 when the Nazis were in their formation stage. Bjerknes provides significant research but seems to have overlooked Rakovsky which seems a little obvious if not deliberately disingenuous. I’ll withhold judgement but will pick and choose information sources that can be corroborated from other sources.

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