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It’s About Dinduism. Period.

Peter Sokolowski, an editor at large for the Merriam-Webster dictionary, told CNN that their definition of racism is being changed to “a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles” and “a political or social system founded on racism,” which would cover systematic racism and oppression.

“I think we can express this more clearly to bring the idea of an asymmetrical power structure into the language of this definition, but it’s there,” Sokolowski said.

For our purposes, the word symmetrical is noteworthy. But we feel it should be applied to outcomes or what’s really going in the field and not figments of the imagination and Weinstein clown world movies. It means two sides that don’t match — are uneven or out of whack.

Read “Weinstein’s ‘Django,’ ‘Hateful 8’, ‘Inglorious Basterds’ A Wake-Up Call For Whites”

Yes, we, too, feel this new definition opens the way toward a discussion and dialogue on race. One of the most compelling observations of racial behaviors was offered up by this black lady and mother who starkly described the impact on her life of runaway dinduism.

For discussion purposes, I use the term “dindu” to describe a segment of the black youth population. We still assume that there are black youths that want no part of this behavior. Thus, we feel using “black youths” broadly would not be just. And using the term “youth,” like the Lugenpresse does, is not being truthful in the least. And blaming this on white youth, like Joe Rogan did, is just a flat-out evil lie.

Failing to identify the race elements of crime is akin to talking about the NBA in the ’90s without mentioning the Chicago Bulls.

Curiously, some combination of low intelligence, a sense of entitlement and confidence that they won’t be punished compels these criminals to frequently post their crime videos on social media for the amusement of their peer group.

These young criminals hardly look intimidated by the police. In fact we would argue that BLM has enabled dinduism. And the corporate kakistocracy (the actual power structure) in turn is enabling both BLM and dinduism.

Language is important, so we are open to another term besides “dindu” to address this threat. Challenge me, but it has to be honest and deal with the menace and not be diversionary. Google search shows the term has gained traction of late.

The term “dindu” is the descriptive for “I didn’t do nothing” crowd who refuses to take responsibility or accept guilt even when caught red handed. It’s shorthand for the refrain, “He’s a good kid, he didn’t do nothin’.” It describes unaccountable, unsupervised black youths who are caught engaged in violent, hostile and asocial behavior and deny, deny, deny.

It could easily be argued that dinduism has an asymmetrical uneven impact on blacks and minorities, especially when the “power structure” that the new definition alludes to permits it and fails to counter it, or diverts attention elsewhere. Yes, this is definitely “out of whack,” but why? Who takes a stand for this aggrieved black woman against the forces of dysfunctional dinduism?

Unfortunately, Crowleyite clown-world inversion is in play, as it’s now deemed “racist” to treat disturbed dindus as a threat and menace, to avoid them or even call them out for their behavior.

Dindus aren’t just a menace to the black community. Any society that looks the other way to a crime like the following one is in very serious trouble, and I don’t see any #alllivesmatter protests over this at all. Where’s the outrage from the white community?

And here is another recent assault, this time on a black woman. The consistent feature of dindu violence is cowardice, surprise, and weak targets, like the old and women. If a stronger individual male is marked, they use gangs and swarms. And as always, note the revealing sociopathic laughter after the crime. This is a constant.

Here is a conversation in the real world black community about these asymmetrical “power structure” issues. Looks like mafia-style protection may be necessary?

Mayhem on crowded public transit.

Although not commonly acknowledged, blacks make up 60 percent of serial killers versus a 13 percent share of the population. There is still a lot on YouTube for the time being on this topic.

Read “1980s Lone Southside LA Slayer Theory Now Shown to be at Least 7 Black Serial Killers”

The new permissiveness suggests an epidemic of such monsters is being unleashed on the land. Most targets of these killers are black women but also plenty of racially motivated killings of whites are in play. Some deeper digging would reveal a crime wave.

Younger dindus start off on cats: New Knockout Game? Dindu Thugs Kicking Unsuspecting Cats

The jails have been emptied of these criminals of late due to the scamdemic and 5th Columnist prosecutors.

Read “Epidemic of Black-on-White Violence, Mental Illness in Schools and the Knockout Game”

43 Comments on It’s About Dinduism. Period.

  1. their definition of racism is being changed to “a doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles”

    That is a circular reference. It is completely meaningless. As meaningless as the negroes contribution to white civilization.

    Consider what US cities would be like without the negro. I imagine the New York, Paris or Stockholm of 50 years ago. Now image a negro city without whites. I imagine Nairobi, Johannesburg or Harare. Funny how all those black capitols look like the inside of that grocery store above.

    • Russ,

      I don’t know how much Nietzsche you’ve read, but if you get a chance read his “Geneology of Morals,’ especially the 1st essay ‘Good and Evil,’ ‘Good and Bad.’ In it he discusses how the Jew has used the ‘slave revolt in morality’ to invert man’s natural aristocratic valuations. Weaponizing the dregs of society against those who have turned out well! Morgoth’s Review recently did a video somewhat addressing the issue. Linked below:

  2. This manufactured series of events highlights the utter lack of responsible father figures in both black and white cultures. Until one or the other unplugs from cable television, our society is doomed.

  3. Since when do we use the word we are defining in the definition ? An example of it’s proper usage in a sentence immediately after for demonstration…but in the definition itself ? Weak and sloppy, but certainly indicative of the assault on our language in general and words in particular.

  4. Here’s a 2017 tweet from Sokolowski –> link:

    The confrontation of a false white male victimhood with the true victimhood of others is the metanarrative of our time.

    Buck up whitey — you can be discriminated against in university admissions and employment, be violently assaulted, even killed, by Blacks (and other “minorities”) in significantly disproportionate numbers, have your country taken away from you/immigrated out of existence, all while you’re excoriated for your “privilege”, but you are not now and never will be a ‘victim’.

    Browsing his Twitter feed, Sokolowski seems to be into competitive conformity, and appears rather vapid overall — an example of what ought to be an adage by now: one can be highly educated but still dull and pedestrian, never having an original thought in your miserable life.

    • Whites don’t need to play victimhood. But expecting minimal standards of comportment from others is a different story. And the menace of dinduism does even remotely cut it, for anybody.

      • Whites don’t need to play victimhood.

        Well, I agree — I find the victimhood olympics that characterizes so much of modern public discourse tiresome, to say the least — as you may have noticed, I don’t buy into it in the slightest re Blacks.

        I’m a White Nationalist (WN) — as such, I*m not interested in being a victim, or in being seen as one — I’m interesting in kicking ass and taking the country back, expelling a LOT of people, and reforming the system so future generations of Whites don’t have to go through this — I’m not interested in “separation” in the sense of ceding any territory whatsoever to these people — I believe there is objective good and objective evil here, and I want to crush what I see as objective evil.

        I hope it is clear now — it should have been from my comments heretofore.

        But sometimes crass hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty should be explicitly noted — I have no idea if Sokolowski is a Jew or not (searching his Twitter timeline for clues drew a blank), but ‘The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you’ seems apt to describe the current situation re the bullshit “white privilege” narrative.

        • “I’m interesting in kicking ass and taking the country back, expelling a LOT of people”

          In other words, instead of letting the negro pets and their jewish owners do to the whites in Europe and the US what they did to the whites who settled and civilized South Africa, you are saying that whites in Europe and the US should strip the negro of all their rights and property in precisely the same way first. Agreed. What do we do with their jewish owners?

            • Let’s just say it is a rather difficult “strategy” or goal to embrace, but not “impossible” or unimaginable — do majority white countries have value? — are they worth preserving? — are you paying attention to the news? — do you really want to cede political control to those people without a fight? — to take that risk (“Kill the Boer”), not only for yourself, but for your “posterity”? — think about it…

              Check it out –> WHITE MAN: Democracy is the noose the Third World will lynch you with

              • Ha! your jpg did not get embedded. I think you have to be logged in under wordpress, google, twitter or facebook.

                to take that risk (“Kill the Boer”)

                That is far easier for barren couples. One reason Bill Gates and the other satanists are so horny to sterilize all of humanity is not only to reduce population, but also to create a population of people who have no stake in future generations. Simply put, if you have no children, then you are not only not concerned about your grandchildren’s future, you are not concerned about the future of your entire people and culture.

            • “Impossible strategy.”? That is precisely what “quitting the dindu enabling” is. Try telling a South African or Rhodesian farmer that if he had only “quit the dindu enabling” things would be “better”.

              The real question is if resisting dindu occupation has any effect at all, if the only real solution is going straight to their masters.

              This is precisely the dilemma that Hitler and Goebbles faced when they declared total war. The only possible solution was total war, but the cost of not winning was the price of western civilization.

              Slowly the cost of allowing the 3 Freemason stooges Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt to win becomes clear to everyone who is paying attention.

              Germany didn’t lose WWII, all of Europe did. The bill is coming due now.

              • Hero,

                Great points again! Your comments are incisive and to the point! I’m tired of the “Germany lost the war” narrative. Only now decades later do guys like you and I understand what was at stake from 1939-45! Now, the negro hordes have been most emboldened by ‘their masters’ and are coming to finish the job!

                • Actually it is Heros, as in Heros von Borcke, a German cavalry officer who fought with the South in the war between the Masonic Lodges. A good friend of J.E.B Stuart.

                  Heros was likely named after a type of Thracian cavalry.

            • This is a generational problem where large swaths of the African American community poach the next generation of young ladies who are not mentally or emotionally able to deal with exploitation. The result is abortion and children being born out of wedlock ar a 70%+ clip. A father figure becomes a punk with cash in his pockets to buy food and a few trinkets. Subsequently, some fool writes a rap song about it and the cycle starts over again.

              The only remedy is self reflection and acknowledgement that sin will destroy you. All religions have some standards except Liberalism.

          • the whites who settled and civilized South Africa

            The popular narrative re SA was one of the biggest lies of the modern era — the founding and building of the nation of SA was entirely equivalent to the creation of the US — there was no recognized nation state there when Whites arrived, and not many people — literally millions of Blacks from southern Africa migrated there over the decades to work in South African industries — it was obvious that giving them the vote would politically dispossess the Whites who built the nation and economy, handing control of wealth that they could never create and have never created themselves over to Blacks.

            But Whites in other western nations do not seem to have drawn the appropriate lessons yet — in fact, you can find those who seriously suggest Europe must prepare to take as many as 150m migrants from Africa until 2050 — that’s roughly the population of Germany + France combined, and would demographically destroy the continent, while barely relieving population growth pressure in Africa — search for “the most important graph in the world” –> shows projected population growth in Africa to 2100.

        • Eah and heros- I don’t want to live around blacks, therefore I don’t. That being said, I don’t want to live around sjw whites either. They’re enabling this dindu problem to exist, really. As I alluded to in my comment on education above, this is largely an education problem. If whites were educated and not indoctrinated, they’d easily deduce the madness of the situation, and put a stop to this. And the dindus would fall in line after a few outbursts. But as it stands now, whites themselves are divided because of degraded education, with large amounts of them educated into submission, prostrating themselves at the feet of their new black masters, just like they learned in university… I reckon mass expulsions are unlikely since they usually end in genocide, of course we’ve yet to try one with a healthy supply of school buses… Balkinizing the country seems more likely, not sure why you’re opposed to this. As I see it, having liberal strongholds attached to us via the USG connection only impoverishes us further. Let the libtards have their open air concentration camps. Without us paying for them to exist, they’ll cease to exist.

          • Balkinizing the country seems more likely, not sure why you’re opposed to this.

            “balkanizing” is a word that has become weaponized. I like a very loose confederation, with no state/province/canton having more than 1million inhabitants. This prevents big cities from dominating the politics of larger provinces.

            The USA is clearly far too large. California alone is unmanageable. Los Angeles certainly should not be allowed to control the politics of the entire state.

            Is Switzerland “Balkanized”? Well the French speaking parts always are far more EU, far more socialist, and far more pro-immigration. But it is to a large degree counter balanced by Italian, Romansch and German speaking parts.

            The real problem here is when one large population center is allowed to dominate less populated peripheries. This has issue been bastardized by the jews into “balkanized”.

            • Balkinizing the country seems more likely, not sure why you’re opposed to this.

              I already stated/suggested a reason: because what we’re dealing with is objective right vs objective wrong — and I’m personally not interested at all in conceding or ceding anything to people whom I consider to be objectively wrong (or “evil” as I said before, and say again now in order to really drive home the point).

              That ought to be clear.

              In fact, I’ll go further and say here what I’ve said elsewhere: I now understand better why, after the French Revolution, they decided to bring out the guillotine.

      • What Tommy Sotomayor said in his talk with Molyneux(worth a listen), most just need a dad instead of single moms. But thats too late now for this looting generation.

      • In general I agree with this statement. However, different flavors of THC could quite likely affect different people/races in different ways. Additionally, there are all kinds of hybrids and other things that they/CIA could be adding to the pot these days.

        White people who smoke Sativa generally mellow out and get the munchies. Whether Negros smoke Sativa get the urge to go Polar Bear punch crackers, rob them, or rape their women, when high on Sativa is another question.

      • I still smoke weed while weight training and have some great work outs. I still have no problem reading Kant or Heidegger on it either.The great thing about pot is that it heightens all of your sensory systems and it is a great stress reducer. I’m much, much better at handling pot now than I was when I started it at 17 though and so experience has a lot to do with it. I still won’t drive or handle dangerous equipment/machinery on it though- too dangerous!

        • Everyone on pot I know constantly informs everyone who will listen about how it calms them etc.

          But they are complete control freak uptight assholes who can’t think straight. I don’t believe it.

    • The phrase ‘going to pot’ didn’t come out of nowhere & was uttered long before dope became recreational. Through 4 centuries it has implied ‘ruin’ whether referring to being like cut up meat & thrown into a pot (1600s) or being spaced out on dope (1900s onward).

  5. Swedish professor spent 40 years in Africa trying to lift the population from poverty. After 40 years he returned to Sweden saying that it’s impossible to help the African and bring them to the European standart, because when you live them alone, they will get there where they was 100 years a go.
    If your mind working as was intended you need a month or two to realize that coexistence with , blacks and all other races is impossible and we have to live separate !!
    The traditional enemy of the Europeans wrote in theirs “Protocols Elders of Satan”, that our goals of multiculturalism is RACIAL TENSION.

  6. Regarding higher education- it’s mostly just a usury trap designed to get ignorant dupes onto the perpetual debt treadmill. I say mostly, because there are some areas of study that are still important, but the vast majority of degrees offered by American universities are meaningless. They’re really just pseudo education (read indoctrination) classes for the people that really have no business being in college. One can even obtain master’s degrees and doctorates in these garbage fields of study. In the “everybody gets a trophy” clown world, everybody also gets a college degree, because everybody is a smart, special, unique snowflake. Why are there so many college graduates who are unemployed? Because their degrees aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. And then of course they don’t pay back their student loans, which will be getting passed onto the taxpayer in due time, when that particular bubble bursts and the government of socialist uncle sam prescribes another bailout using taxpayer funding to cure the next money panic. This huge problem of the education system being nearly completely captured is in my opinion the bigger problem, the dindus problem being ancillary, except to those still living in the big cities. And I’m not saying these dindus need better education- even though they do also, education is voluntary, and I don’t see these types having any initiative to become educated. I’m simply saying that the higher education system is taking regular Americans’ kids and turning them into a mass of self hating homosexual quasi intellectuals with no real skills, knowledge, or prospects. They’re educating people into poverty, literally. The big-money foundation-guided U.S. education system… educating Americans into submission since at least 1900.

    • The apprenticeship system is the only way to go. It also helps to build pride in simple tasks by allowing people with years of experience to become the complete master experts of simple but critical tasks in society.

      Want clean streets? Then let dindu’s work 10 years through ever tougher examinations to become the master street cleaner. Only a master street cleaner can remove decades of graffiti on limestone statues! Our heroes. Require all junior cleaners to pass tests derived by the master dindu street cleaners. Or garbage collectors. Or park cleaners. or bell boys. Or waiters.

      The point here is to restore pride and perfection to mundane things in life, and then hopefully less intelligent people can find their niche. The real problem facing western civilization is how do you find gainful employment for low IQ dindu’s, black, brown or white. The answer is certainly not UBI and robotics. The answer lies in full, mandatory employment. Especially when a society is burdened with low intelligence and aggressive jungle people.

  7. To be fair –

    The black community has been the target of huge social engineering manipulations creating the huge level of the crime & behaviour problems
    – Government moving the drugs in, Gary Webb etc
    – Media run by you know who, giving glamour to criminals, gunmen, pimps, drug dealers, 70s blaxploitation films, 80s gangsta music and rap etc
    – Jailing of innocent black guys by police & prosecutors & lawyers who don’t care, leaving real criminals on streets and letting black kids know they are gonna be jailed if committing crimes or not

    Today, Unz has a powerful piece on the black muslim vigilante groups of the 80s and 90s and how they were able to greatly reduce crime and drugs in the worst black neighbourhoods in US cities, proving this over long periods

    Very successful until USA Jewish politicians led a massive campaign to shut them down, and let the black crime come roaring back

    As crack cocaine ravaged USA black neighbourhoods, conservatively-dressed black Muslim neighbourhood patrollers, ‘Dope Busters’ – armed only with walkie-talkies, their own bravery, & a willingness to shame & repel crime elements – quickly began to save one crime-ridden black neighbourhood after another

    They provided an alternative model of black masculinity, with their message of: Don’t do drugs & crime … get a job or start a business … care for others starting with your family & children

    Clinton HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros gave the black muslims lots of security contracts, reducing crime in the black cities for little cost … but then Cisneros got hit with fed charges over some stuff about payments to his mistress, and was forced to resign

    There are a lot of black criminals but blacks are still unfairly targeted:
    “Five times as many whites use illegal drugs as Black Americans, yet Black people are sent to prison on drug charges at ten times the rate of whites. Blacks & Latinos constitute nearly 90% of those sentenced to state prison for drug possession.”

    • Those are all valid points, and the white community has also been targeted by jew porn and drug peddlers. But your point about:

      black muslim vigilante groups of the 80s and 90s and how they were able to greatly reduce crime and drugs in the worst black neighbourhoods in US cities, proving this over long periods

      illustrates that the negro community has to find its own solution to the yid problem. The solution will undoubtedly contain an large dose of warlordism as we see in Chaz-Chop. Their entire culture is seeped in white hate, where they conflate the damage done to their race by jews with that done by white Christians, all the while ignoring their own continual and ongoing transgressions against these whites. In Chaz-Chop they are already attempting to turn whites into their personal slaves.

      I really do not see how the two communities can coexist. Already the oil and vinegar is separating as whites flee the big cities for the suburbs. As the feral blacks are left to seethe in the blighted cities they have looted, they will undoubtedly head to the white suburbs for the gibs. At this point, when well armed white towns across the US are under assault by a swarm of black locust, who will be surprised when these whites reject the blacks and their sycophants from among themselves?

  8. Here is interesting one;George Floyd died in 2016 Corpus Christy, watch before get censor by JewTube video link;

  9. twitter/instagram

    Instagram’s Twitter timeline — I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such concentrated corporate faggotry.

    The BLM slogan itself is rather Orwellian, as if it must be explicitly mantra-ized that the lives of black people matter — of course no one can say ‘All Lives Matter’, or worse still ‘White Lives Matter’ (which looking at interracial homicide victimization rates is actually far more pressing).

    A singular feature of these “protests” has been the noticeable number of Whites enthusiastically participating — on the one hand, that surprised me; on the other: after decades of psych warfare against Whites, the racial/ethnic self-esteem of many weaker Whites is probably much lower than their desire for societal approval and acceptance –> competitive conformity.

  10. All this BLM bullshit and the likely consequences made me think of “affirmative action”, in particular Grutter v. Bollinger in 2003, when Sandra Day O’Connor wrote/said:

    “We expect that 25 years from now, the use of racial preferences will no longer be necessary to further the interest [in student body diversity] approved today.”

    “LOL” — did anyone seriously believe that back then? — does anyone seriously believe it now?

    And from the point of view of Whites, what exactly is “affirmative” about “affirmative action”? — too few Whites question this ‘newspeak’ term and its implementation, which significantly affects/disadvantages them (on the job) and their children (in university admissions, then later in employment).

    As I pointed out earlier, given the reality of SAT scores in the US, i.e. that black kids of wealthy and/or well-educated parents score lower on average than white kids of poor and/or uneducated parents, “affirmative action” in university admissions may often mean the kids of white plumbers and car mechanics are passed over in favor of the kids of black doctors and academics.

    And I’m convinced that without massive “affirmative action”, especially in government employment (e.g. nearly 40% of federal Dept of Education employees are black, look it up), there would be practically no black middle class.

    Yet here we are: all of that, i.e. decades of deference shown by Whites, including sacrificing the best interest of their own kids, has not been enough — and it never will be enough.

    • This was obviously the post you were talking about in response to my kind of off topic for the article rant on affirmative action recently. I will have to remember not to poach points and post to the person whose work I plagiarized. My apologies.

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