Charles Moscowitz, Russ Winter Discuss Riots, Looting, George Floyd and 5th Column Infiltration

GRAPH: Riccardo Leggio @AzurAccess/Twitter

Russ linked up with radio host and author Charles Moscowitz on Wednesday for a 40-minute chat about the St. George Floyd shit storm and orchestrated fallout.

We grade the Moscowitz podcasts high, so be sure to check out the other three previous episodes in the Podcasts section of Winter Watch.

17 Comments on Charles Moscowitz, Russ Winter Discuss Riots, Looting, George Floyd and 5th Column Infiltration

  1. Mr. Moscowitz mentions 911, but does not seem to want to admit that Israel was involved. That being said, a good conversation.

    • I like these conversations, and where I know we might lock horns, such as lightning rod Trump, I signal by saying, let’s move the ball up the field. That’s a good method to use with about anyone where there is some commonality, but differences.

  2. After hearing Moscowitz confess that he was a jew, and judging from his accent, a New York jew, I decided to look into his background.

    Sure enough, he has a blog, and here is one of his articles:

    Anyone paying attention, and I assume that includes Russ Winter, knows that the Minneapolis police department was paid by the ADL to send some of its members to Israel for training on how to handle uppity goyim. PHILIP GIRALDI’s recent article on this Militarized Police a Gift from Israel? scratches the surface.

    The truth here is that Israel through the ADL has been training US police forces to treat US goyim like Palestinian Amaleks. Moscowitz, from his article, appears to be all in on this gambit. In essence, a jewish conservative from New York is a jew who wants the US to nuke Syria and Iran and start Albert Pikes WWIII.

    So when Moscowitz starts throwing around the Nazi word and associating it to people resisting Israel’s never ending and massive land thefts, I can’t help puking in my mouth. Now these jews are planning on “annexing” the west bank. We can be 100% certain that Moscowitz will call any Palestinian who resists this land grab a Nazi. Nazi of course is merely code for Amalek. Choke holds are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Israeli war crimes. I sincerely doubt Moscowitz ever talks about these war crimes on his podcast.

    • These conversations are not necessarily endorsements. I try not to just stay in echo chambers. So I will engage with folks like Charles as long as there is no gaslighting or NLP. He doesn’t do that with me.

      Accordingly the podcasts are at least in my view pretty good. If they were duds or shitstorms I wouldn’t do them. He didn’t convey anything I would strongly differ with and added good additional commentary to this color revolution issue.

      • I am not trying to criticize you, I considered whether I should even comment. In the end I decided to add my two cents because I thought it needed to be said. I appreciate your work, and I understand why you take this kind of opportunity to spread at least some of the truth.

  3. Why not have your own occasional podcast Russ? Maybe once a week or twice a month where you have a format like the guys at Myth of the 20th Century podcast where you pick a topic and have another guest or two to discuss it; maybe take some questions from callers as well. More people need to be exposed to your eclectic and forensic analysis of events.

    How is your physical rehab going by the way? No set backs I hope?

    • Walking, use one crutch for longer distance. No pain to speak of, but getting range of motion back is slow and the tendon stretching no fun. I can knee flex to 70 degrees only, then very tight.

      I enjoy the podcasts, but once a month with TradCatKnight, and occasionally with John Friend, Tim Kelly and Charles Moschowitz seems about right. They are only moderately popular accordingly to our view tracking. I am not being offered that many slots either.

      • Good to know Russ! Rehab, I found, was more mentally challenging than physically. Then there comes a day where you wake up and your all healed.

        I came across this video tonight of this travelling nurse who did some undercover work while working at Elmhurst Hospital and she shows just how criminal the fraud is and the ‘illusion of information’ that they are manufacturing to keep this scam going. If you don’t want to watch the whole piece, at least check out the first 10-15mins. She straight-up says that people are coming in and being put right onto ventilators and that the quality of care and oversight at the hospital is basically criminal as well!

  4. I don’t think guys like Moscowitz can help themselves. It always comes around to ‘is it good for the Jews’

  5. One of the things that I’ve learned to appreciate about Russ during the last decade I’ve known him is that he loves to debate. For example, he will sometimes wander over to viper-den websites or cesspools like Reddit not to troll but to simply debate.

    The disparity in viewpoints between Moscowitz (a Trump-loving Jew) and Winter (a Trump hating nationalist/non-Jew) is sort of the point and what hopefully makes the podcast interesting. Often, they agree on things you wouldn’t necessarily expect. When they disagree, they’re respectful about it.

    I mean, wouldn’t it be interesting to listen to a debate between Sheldon Adelson and David Duke rather than just hear David Duke preach to the choir? I know my example is in the extreme, but I’m trying to make point.

    The other point is that you’re not always expected to agree with everyone about everything all the time. Winter Watch isn’t an echo chamber. But we do require intelligent push back, not ad hominem attacks, low-value peanut gallery quips or trolling. That garbage will be canned.

    If such content isn’t your cup of tea, we understand. For me, personally, just the sound of Adelson’s voice makes me feel physically ill. I don’t want to hear anything from him or about him — except maybe his much-belated obituary.

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