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Charles Moscowitz and Russ Winter Discuss the Weaponization of Race

In this Wednesday, May 27, 2020 photo, a looter uses a claw hammer as he tries to break in to a cash register at a Target store in Minneapolis. Rioters ignited fires and looted stores all over the city, as peaceful protests turned increasingly violent in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd. PHOTO: Star Tribune/Richard Tsong-Taatarii/Star Tribune/AP

My conversation with Charles Moscowitz pushed into the heart of racial agitation and introduced the concept of dinduism as an unaccountable behavioral marker. We surveyed some of the real causes of this phenomenon. There were some technical difficulties in a few spots of the recording, but stay with this one. It will open some eyes. Thirty hard-hitting minutes, unspoken elsewhere.

9 Comments on Charles Moscowitz and Russ Winter Discuss the Weaponization of Race

    • Sorry but I am not paying to read something that I already know….if they tell me something I don’t know, let me know and maybe I’ll pay for it! Premium! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

    • Does not surprise me, here in germany anything opposing the mainstream narrative is rightwing, anti-vaccine or questioning global warming puts you automatically into the rightwing corner if you are or not. Its a game of silencing people very quicky, destroying reputation and making them unbelievable. And sure Antifa is mainstream here, the good ones; you can speak out loud any “hatespeech” as long you are on antifas side, people will cheer.
      Often you are anti-semitic when there is no semite anywhere, our mainstreams logic.

      • “The Brainwashing of the German Nation” by udo walendy. Some of us in America are paying attention, so don’t write us all off- There’s many of us that know the score. Germany was railroaded so imperial British banking interests, directed and/or owned by (((you know who))) since 1807, could prevail. Maybe a quarter to a third of this country believes the lies about your country, at most. They mostly reside in the demilitarized cities. In other words, these ignoramuses live in open air concentration camps. Their sentiments regarding the subject are inconsequential, nothing but programmed responses. Jawohl

      • Does not surprise me, here in germany anything opposing the mainstream narrative is rightwing, …

        Absolut korrekt — und alles ist seit 2015 deutlich schlimmer geworden — ‘Sarrazin hat Recht’.

  1. This situation will only become worse. We have an extremely poor job market in the U.S. for people who do not excel in their educational pursuits. All jobs are becoming increasingly technological. Service jobs are notoriously low paying. Manufacturing jobs are nearly non-existent. Students who obtain STEM degrees will find decent paying jobs in the economy. You will not find good paying gainful employment without a very specific education. I disagree with Mr. Moscowitz on the importance of I.Q. (Time mark 11:00). There are some very intelligent blacks (Ben Carson M.D., Thomas Sowell, Dr. Tony Martin, Clarence Thomas,) but these individuals are out on the end of the bell curve. (His denial of racial difference in I.Q. is quite puzzling given the fact that Jews like to brag about their high I.Q. levels). Most blacks have very low standards for themselves. There is a reason for this. They simply can’t keep up in an academic environment. It is not their fault, they don’t have the I.Q. to excel in a white and Asian dominated academic environment. Blacks were brought here as “farm equipment”, not to teach calculus in the university system. It is a damn shame that they have been unable to form cohesive families and become middle class, but if it hasn’t happened by now with all the affirmative action, etc. they will never do it now. The economy no longer creates jobs they would even qualify for. The larger cities will become “hot beds” of disgruntled, poor blacks. I worked most of my life with minorities as co-workers and clients and have no ax to grind. I will say this, if I had a choice between hiring a black or an Hispanic I would hire the Hispanic. They are hard workers and they usually don’t cause trouble.

  2. Good cast. And if these “dindu” types mess with me–a likely descendant of indentured servants (as is my hubby on his mother’s side)–they will regret it! Any “white guilt” I had I lost many years ago after almost being assaulted by some black racist….oh, and memo to you black racist thugs: all you are doing (with some exceptions) is causing whites to give up their “white guilt.” Keep it up! Keep up waking up whites! (and blacks as well who are sick and tired of being racially associated with you thugs!)

  3. Holy Smokes! What planet are you from?

    That sort of talk reminds me a little of common sense / reality.

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