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The powers of coronavirus emergency law are unprecedented in Denmark

A patient arrives at the hospital in Brescia, Denmark, which is hard pressed by the corona epidemic. The mayor of the city, Giorgio Gori, has sent a call to Europe in the German news magazine Spiegel: 'For everything in the world, you must use the time you have, so as not to get into the same situation as us.' PHOTO: Claudio Furlan/Lapresse/Sipa

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Not since World War II have we seen such violent measures as is the case with coronal law, says Professor.

13 March 2020

JYLLANDS-POSTEN INLAND — Late Thursday night, the spread of coronavirus created Danish political history. As a result of the sharp increase in the number of coronas-infected, a unanimous Parliament passed an emergency law.

The law gives authorities a number of unprecedented powers to curb the spread of infection.

Among the initiatives is a legal center for the Minister of Health to be able to initiate forced examinations, forced treatment and quarantine if coronavirus infection is suspected.

Furthermore, vaccination can be given through coercion. However, there is currently no vaccine against the new virus.

Part of the provisions will take effect next week. The law initially runs for a year.

The situation is unprecedented in Danish political and legal history, says Jens Elo Rytter, law professor at the University of Copenhagen.

These are the basic elements of the rule of law, one believes, he believes.

“It is immediately the most violent since World War II. There have been strong interventions in various terrorist packages, including after the terrorist attack in 2001 [September 11]. But this goes further,” he said.

Michael Bang Petersen, professor of political science at Aarhus University, deals with how contagion affects our behavior.

The law strikes at the very core of our democracy, he says.

“We are right now questioning what we as a democracy can do to ensure the safety of society,” he said. “And then it is clear that you have to compromise on things we would not otherwise compromise.”

It will also be possible to ban assemblies of over 100 people.

The police are given the opportunity to use “the necessary power” to ensure the implementation of the emergency law measures.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of life or death, says Michael Bang Petersen.

“What we also have to deal with now is what basic elements of our democracy we are willing to compromise to save lives.”


4 Comments on The powers of coronavirus emergency law are unprecedented in Denmark

  1. Ok, a “live” report from Denmark for you great folks that read Winterwatch!.
    Im In Copenhagen, the Capital.

    The State can now forcibly medicate, quarantine, and vaccinate you.
    The police can NOT search your home without a warrant, that was withdrawn.
    The State can confiscate your private property, no reason or justification stated!

    The Corona Coma Scare Scam, from now on CCSS; has been increasingly pushed 24/7 the last weeks/months.

    A few days ago, 18 people were in an ICU, Intensive Care Unit, on a respirator.
    (I presume they are all labeled “Covid 19” positive, as the Lugenpresse/media whores are slimey and deceitfull as usual, so only implicitly stated, but so it appears)

    One is supposed to be 50 years old with no previous conditions.
    The other 17 are diagnosed with: COL, Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease.
    This not their first time in a respirator, its something like people who have been heavy chainsmokers for 40+ years.
    I have it from a Dr. Med. friend, and this is NOT stated by the media.

    Here comes an assumption by me:
    If they are diagnosed “Covid 19” positive, then they will probably be treated with harsh toxic “antiviral” synthetic drugs.

    The .CCSS scenario predicts 60 deaths the next two weeks.
    Well, here alone they got some fine candidates to keep the CCSS numbers going.

    Christiania, an old army base that was turned into hippie flower power freaktown in 1971,and the place people go to for weed, is under lockdown.

    If youre standing in line at some supermarket, you must keep 3 feet distance.
    If you enter some other supermarkets, you might be asked to use a hand disinfectant, or handed some plastic gloves.

    I just met an old hippie an hour ago. He said the police will fine you a thousand kroners, if they find more than 5 assembled in public anywhere.
    A few days ago the limit was 10, with no penalty.

    How hard is the public affected by the CCSS?

    Hard to say precisely, but I have lots of hope.
    Some are beyond reach of reason and sanity, but very many are not, and find this is all way overblown.
    I succeeded in getting a mask carrying man, I casually met on the street, to drop it within 5 minutes of using Voice Of Reason, and he thanked me.
    Others are totally gone, and you cant even approach them, or speak with them.
    I met some teens, 5, and tried Voice of Reason on them, like talking about a number of other doomgloom fearporn scenarios that fucking didnt happen etc.
    They were very receptive.

    They are working on their lockdown scenario at breakneck speed, and I figure next week any assembly of over 1 will be outlawed, which is of course absurd and undoable.

    Please also see my previous post:

    Oh yes, and weve been out measuring EMR/WIFI levels, and they are turning up the Power!

    Ive been affected with tinnitus and other things for like 4 years, and also felt an increase.
    It usually disappears after some hours or a day or two out on the countryside, and returns in the City.
    Others have simillar experiences, and the amount a electro hyper sensitives, who cant stand being in the City, or near a mobile phone, or PC is going up too.

    The Queen delivered a speech a few days ago, and did NOT end with her usual “God Save Denmark”, as she does in her public speaches.
    A friend said she did an NLP trick on us, she might be a victim of CCSS,
    I fucking down know.

    • They do the same fear porn on California’s local news stations. For example, last week, it was reported that two died in our county, and one was substitute teacher. You have to conduct research to find details, which I did. Found out the first victim was in their 90s and in an assisted living facility. The second, the teacher was “over 70 with preexisting conditions.”

      Because of the substitute teacher’s diagnosis, the whole school district was shut down — some are saying for the rest of the school year. The other day it was announced that California will suspend all standardized testing for all K-12 kids (ages 5 to 17). Our neighbors son who attends San Diego State was sent home last week. He was told no more class meetings for the semester.

      And yet, I’ve been hearing that people who have been diagnosed with coronavirus are being told to just “self-quarantine” at home?? Really? Why? Are hospitals full? The area where I live in a major hub for hospitals, and yet every one I’ve passed by this week appear unusually quite/empty in the parking lot.

      Reuters offers recovery data, a rare find it seems:

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