Opinion Israeli Health Minister’s Cure for COVID-19? The Messiah

By Netta Ahituv | 26 March 2020

HAARETZ — “We are praying and hoping that the Messiah will arrive before Passover, the time of our redemption. I am sure that the Messiah will come and bring us out as [God] brought us out of Egypt. Soon we will go out in freedom and the Messiah will come and redeem us from all the troubles of the world.”

This remark was made by Health Minister Yaakov Litzman last week, after Yaniv Kalif of the Hebrew-language news website Hamal asked him whether Israelis will be forced to remain under lockdown until the holiday, which begins April 8. Litzman’s ignorant answer was not met with uproar.

Is it reasonable for a religious man, a member of the Gur Hasidic community, one of the most conservative Jewish communities in the world, to head the Health Ministry as it faces the biggest crisis Israel has ever known? […]

4 Comments on Opinion Israeli Health Minister’s Cure for COVID-19? The Messiah

  1. This shows how deeply Christians have been deceived by the Jewish infiltration and corruption of the churches. Jesus never said He was the “Messiah”, nor does that word occur anywhere in the New Testament. That’s because the Jewish Messiah is actually the AntiChrist/Mahdi that Judeo-Islam hopes will help them crush the rest of humanity underfoot as their slaves on earth. And many Idiot Christians support the Jewish dream of rebuilding the Temple, which was nothing but a slaughterhouse, with channels in the floor to carry away the blood, and incense to cover the stench. That’s why Jesus said it would be destroyed. He is not a mere “messiah/messenger”— He is one of the Twin Sons of Almighty God, and Christians are Twice Redeemed, though they do not know it yet.

    Redemption, repentance and returning to Our Heavenly Father are all alien concepts in Judeo-Islam, and Christians need to wake up. Just as Muslims need to wake up to the fact that they are simply Sephardic Jews following the Talmud under a different name, with Kali=Allah the Hindu Moon Goddess of Death thrown in as a disguise.

  2. Naturally, it’s on “premium” so you have pay to read it, and now Haaretz blocks users using browsers with “ad blockers”…love how the MSM works, meaning, Chrome only! No MSM news for you! (I use Opera precisely because it uses ad blockers!)

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