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Google Suddenly Uncensored: Flood of ‘Conspiracy Inquiry’ Results — But the Question is Why

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The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation conducted a coronavirus pandemic tabletop (strategy) exercise on Oct. 18, 2019, in New York. For reasons that are not immediately clear, they called their big cowinkydink Event 201.

One aspect that Event 201 addressed was “misinformation” during a pandemic. Their position: “Coronavirus conspiracies are misinforming citizens and putting them in harms way,” “we have to do X, Y, and Z in order to stop it,” and “it’s for the health and safety of Americans.”

Participants offered solutions that included shutting down the Internet to fight against misinformation, as well as draconian censorship.

Notably, the following video, “Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Highlights Reel” [essential portion begins at minute 00:08:15], was posted by the Center for Heath Security in November.

Google Uncensored: A Glitch in the Matrix? 

Whistle blowers have been fired for exposing Google censorship.

Read “Internal Documents Show Unparalleled Skulduggery, Censorship at Google”

But this week, the company appeared to suddenly turn off its filters.

Inquiring minds want to know: Why were they turned off?

Some theorize it was inside job involving employee disobedience. Or this might have something to do with an absence of Google workers manning the controls due to COVID-19. Therefore, when someone searched a topic, they found information from a broad range of channels rather than a narrow Orwellian channel of human-manipulated results we’ve gotten used to.

One possibility: hackers disabled algos and nobody at Google immediately noticed.

Another interesting theory involves the timing of the whole thing: It occurred amid the outbreak, making the whole experience more apocalyptic.

The results themselves were most interesting and indicated a filter was clearly missing. For example, a query of “who runs the banks” showed a number of uncensored Rothschild references on the front page.

And at least as of now, the Wuhan Institute of Virology is back on Google maps.

It’s so revealing that even this sentiment is emerging. Enjoy while you can.

And a less optimistic theory:

In checking our own incoming referrals from Google, it appears referrer traffic is about three times higher this week compared to the previous average suppressed rate.

Even recognizing that the stock market crash and coronavirus may be driving more people to search “conspiracy inquiry” topics, this seems to be mostly the algos.

Unfortunately, we suspect it’s part of Event 201.

Ultimately, Google is the cancer. The algo switch was flipped to prime the pump for draconian action against so-called Internet fake news. All big tech is doing this.

Interspersed with the legitimate is a torrent of neuro-linguistic programming, made-up, “outrageous” news spewed forth from the controllers.

As an example of this contrived false-flag news: “Oprah Winfrey arrested for child sex trafficking.” It was trending No. 1 on Twitter.

The goal is for cointelpro-like operations to deliberately spread disinformation during this pandemic that will give justification to warrant full Internet censorship and control and a final shutdown of unofficial information channels. False flags are a time-tested method of Crime Syndicate operatives.

Next, watch a howl of protest from so-called “organic” search users demanding that the offensive riff raff be cleaned up once and for all. The New York Slimes or their ilk is probably preparing a muddying-the-waters article on the topic as we speak.

20 Comments on Google Suddenly Uncensored: Flood of ‘Conspiracy Inquiry’ Results — But the Question is Why

  1. I am of the belief, Evil must follow the Law. It must tell you the truth and what it is doing. It does not need to be straight forward, it can use years of programming, duping delight and surround itself with false narratives. Ppl must discern what is true and what is false. Evil needs you to willing go with it, it needs you to use your free will and choose evil. Deception is how it gets done.

    • This fact is excellently explained in Michael Hoffman’s “Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare”. He calls it “revelation of the method”. But in my years of paying close attention to the lugenpress, I must say they are very weak at actually revealing stuff that would be noticed by pajama people. Much of their revelations come in the form of symbols being shown that (according to the occultist) are processed in the subconscious, essentially indiscernible to the conscious mind of the profane (what occultists call the uninitiated). Another thing about these scumbags following the law- they are in control of it and can change it to their benefit at any time, and even taking this fact into account, they still regularly break the law. They certainly aren’t revealing every crime they commit. I believe they have to reveal their m.o.- not the crimes they commit, and they certainly don’t have to follow the law, unless it’s their one law- “Do as thou wilt”.

    • kjf, I am of this same mindset. I absolutely believe they have dropped countless truth bombs in shows, movies, and most of all cartoons, over the past decades. I’m sure they get perverted kicks out of the fact millions have been completely unaware of this. The people who take in the most of this ‘programming’ are the very same who today are the most painfully unaware.

  2. Did anybody else have Google crash on them in the wee hours of this morning, EST? Was one of the most bizarre things I’ve experienced online. I was listening to music on YouTube and the vocals started fading out of the music, then the music itself slowed down and started sounded like it was being played backwards. Then came the gray frowny crash face.

    • I think they are rolling out/testing some form of AI control. You were probably one of the few who witnessed some form of switch over.

  3. The total hoax that is the coronavirus scam carefully explained in a video by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg
    entitled Stunning insights into the coronavirus panic.

    • I googled the name – found the video (right on top) – watched all 11 min or so – extremely interesting – highly recommended – his culprits seem to be mostly careerists and rent-seekers…

      readers here may tend more to the diabolic (as far as culprits go) … wild guess: this will be over when Trump is no longer president

    • Welcome to the roll out of 5G, AI, and a hidden form of the CCP social credit system. The only reason they are not calling for the ban on cash is the CIA illegal drug trade needs it to function.
      I guess this is tRumps version of “makin’ Merka great again”…

  4. Here are two videos related to the covert installation of 5G networks across the U.S.

    The first video is by LogicBeforeAuthority which contains emails from a school board administrator which indicates that these companies doing the installation while the schools are closed will be doing it under the guise of a ‘Disinfecting Company’ and that they are all required to sign non-disclosure agreements. Peekay Censored on youtube who addresses the same issue has had some people indicate to him that there will be a two-week ‘lockdown’ under which this will take place. Important video!

    The second video is by Joe Imbriano who has been warning about the lethal weaponization of 5G for years and he goes into depth about it in the video. He is worth listening to even though his repeated references to Jesus Christ get tiresome.

  5. Here is a video of gentleman who noticed multiple va ns with ‘Systems Plus’ on the side in which one of there specialties was ‘biometric security.’ He decided to call the school to inquire about it and here is the response he received:

    • Trump told all who would listen: “I want 5G, and even 6G, technology in the United States as soon as possible. It is far more powerful, faster, and smarter than the current standard. American companies must step up their efforts, or get left behind. There is no reason that we should be lagging behind on”
      My guess is installation/testing is being rolled out under our very noses with the closures of schools/businesses presenting the perfect opportunity to do such, public health safety be damned!
      I would bet the farm the same is going on in Las Vegas with the casino shut downs.

      Welcome to the CCP style social justice system America, with all the illness and misery that will accompany it. Aren’t you glad you were ask if you wanted to be exposed to EMF poisoning?

      • See FULLERTON INFORMER. His name is Joe Imbriagno (sp?) in Fullerton, CA.
        He has invested considerable time into 5G installation in public schools and so much information.
        He has a website and a UTUBE Channel.

  6. Yet Another HONEY TRAP?
    I have gotten to thinking that the 2016 WIKILEAKS and Julian Assange “leak”–as if “they” didn’t know damned well and as if “they” could not STOP it ALL in a HEARTBEAT, but instead let in go on as long as they determined…
    They are in the BUSINESS of INFO GATHERING on US.
    By the way, perhaps you can still find the 45 minute-one hour or so video about Julian Assange groomed very, VERY early on in a CULT as an MK ULTRA some-sort of slave.
    It was on UTUBE and I did find it again just weeks ago, albeit in other languages.

    • Yes he was a member of “ the family “ a CIA operation in Australia – wiki leaks is a limited hangout disinfo site – you know because they want you to know . And assange is not in jail he will be living it up in tel aviv with epstein et al .

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