US Military Advantage Has Eroded, Study Says

By Paul Sonne and Shane Harris | 13 November 2018

SF GATE (THE WASHINGTON POST) — The United States has lost its military edge to a dangerous degree and could potentially lose a war against China or Russia, according to a report released Wednesday by a bipartisan commission that Congress created to evaluate the Trump administration’s defense strategy.

The National Defense Strategy Commission, comprised of former top Republican and Democratic officials selected by Congress, evaluated the Trump administration’s 2018 National Defense Strategy, which ordered a vast reshaping of the U.S. military to compete with Beijing and Moscow in an era of renewed great-power competition.

While endorsing the strategy’s aims, the commission warned that Washington isn’t moving fast enough or investing sufficiently to put the vision into practice, risking a further erosion of American military dominance that could become a national security emergency.

At the same time, according to the commission, China and Russia are seeking dominance in their regions and the ability to project military power globally, as their authoritarian governments pursue defense buildups aimed squarely at the United States. […]

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  1. Meaning if Russia and/or China go to war against US or anyone else, they mean to win these wars…unlike the US, which goes to war with a “perpetual war” mindset, meaning they have no intention of winning wars, just profiteering to armaments corporations, and to heck with the meaningless deaths of millions…after all, the criminal psycho elites running the US just love to drink blood. Or are they vampires instead? (And the same goes for the IDF…the best they can do is shoot unarmed Palestinians for sport…)

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