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AIPAC’s Fall: I Worked at the pro-Israel Lobby. Now I Have to Call It Out

Trump speaks at AIPAC in 2016. PHOTO: American Herald Tribune/Lorie Shaull/Flicker

AIPAC used to be a nuanced, sophisticated, bipartisan pro-Israel operation. But its ugly Trump-style ads attacking the Democratic Party are strategically suicidal. How did AIPAC get sucked into the worst partisan politics – and can it recover?

By Ken Toltz | 16 February 2020

HAARETZ — Five years ago, after over 40 years of pro-Israel advocacy experience, both as a professional and then longtime volunteer, AIPAC first lost my confidence. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had addressed a 2015 joint session of Congress, a unilateral invitation orchestrated by Republicans – a blatantly politically hostile act against President Barack Obama, and a dramatic escalation of Israel’s previously stated opposition to his Iran Deal.

I had never before seen AIPAC abandon its fundamental bipartisan stance, but supporting Netanyahu’s attempt to exploit Israel’s partisan relationships in the U.S. Congress, by encouraging Democratic members of Congress to attend the speech was an unusual departure.

Now, in the lead up to the 2020 presidential elections, AIPAC has wandered way off track, choosing to use Facebook to run harshly partisan ads attacking “radicals” in the Democratic Party for “pushing anti-Semitic and anti-Israel policies down the throats of the American people.” Whoa, how did AIPAC get so far off the bipartisan rails? Supporters like me are wondering: Has AIPAC conceded its core bipartisan mission?[…]

3 Comments on AIPAC’s Fall: I Worked at the pro-Israel Lobby. Now I Have to Call It Out

  1. I guess I’m more of a sadist then I realized. I went on to read this entire, long-winded article on Haaretz and was ultimately disgusted. I guess when it comes right down to it, regardless of which side of the fence Israeli Jews are on where Trump is concerned, both sides are more than willing to promote and perpetuate the completely manufactured and delusional notion of extreme right/white nationalist anti-semitism and it really infuriates me. These Jews can have a difference of opinion on every insignificant political aspect of things but where the hoaxes, false flags and re-written histories are concerned, they always appear to be on the same page. This should be making it all the more clear to conservative “Republicans” in the USA they should completely disengage from any support for Israel but instead they continue to keep their heads in the sand.
    I know in the end none of it is relevant as it relates to the bogus Left/Right paradigm in the USA and I couldn’t care less about what either party is up to. However, as long as we are forced to acknowledge certain aspects of this full-blown fakery going on, it is especially disgusting and emasculating for all of the hard working, honorable, decent, white middle class males who will continue to take the brunt of this nonsense and I feel for them all.

    • Very well put Danielle. You are not a sadist in so much you are a realist. Or, like an increasing numbers of people who figured out the big ruse before our eyes, hidden in plain view for centuries. The fact remains tribal loyalty goes unsurpassed among these people. White middle class males are slated for elimination, or reduction at the very least. Through fighting wars in foreign alien lands, killed or maimed forever. If that does not kill them off , then a media complex devoted to emasculating males , demoralizing their souls is equally effective.

  2. In the words of Moses: Let my people go? God gave the Jews blessings and curses and they seem to hate His Law. They are hate by God and all mankind when they carry on like (you shall be as gods)

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