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Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) Gang: Major Players in Sex-Slave Trafficking and More

Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) is a trans-national criminal gang that originated in El Salvador that has expanded to the United States, Canada and Mexico. In Mexico, the Sinoloa cartel hired these gang members as thugs and killers. The majority of the 70,000-member gang is ethnically composed of Central Americans, mostly Salvadorans. The gang’s presence is heavy in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Texas, New York, Washington, D.C. and urban areas of New Jersey.

The Trump administration in early 2018 put special focus on enforcement methods to deal with MS-13 and other gangs. Subsequently. and in typical mostly talk Trumpian fare there have been a few major busts including 22 gangbangers in southern California in July, 2019. Then in December, 96 MS-13 gang members were arrested in New York. (link works)

Even so this begs the obvious question: what was law enforcement doing before and how do these gangs get so well established? And how is it that a wall that won’t be fully contructed for ten years, be an obstacle to a well financed gang like MS-13?

The FBI had previously started a MS-13 National Gang Task Force. But resources have been diverted to the bogus war against terrorism, thus the MS-13 threat has grown even larger. Inquiring minds would like to know: Is this by design? We discussed gang importation as a strategy of tension in our articles on Sweden and Melbourne.

MS-13 are notorious for their use of violence and a subcultural ethos of merciless revenge, cruel retributions and ruthlessness. They are also openly threatening and lethal against law enforcement. Mara is a fierce and nasty ant.

The savage gang has been connected to crimes that run the gamut, from human trafficking to kidnapping and child prostitution to killing for a whim (kicks), including satanic killings. Noteworthy crimes include the brutal murders of students on Long Island over the course of three years and machete and baseball attacks against two girls in suburban California. Last year, two gang members were arrested and charged for a satanic ritual murder in Houston.

In recent years, MS-13 has clearly gone heavily into human and child trafficking. Pedogate investigators have been focused on the D.C. and Virginia areas, where there is evidence this gang functions as sex-slave procurers for the veracious appetites of hardcore pervs infesting the region. Winter Watch reported here on D.C. as a missing children hub. The gang has specifically set up shop in the areas of Langley Park and Takoma Park, Maryland.

In one 2012 case, a MS-13 leader named Rances Ulices Amaya of Virginia was sentenced to 50 years in prison for child prostitution. He sold girls as young as 14, according to NBC4 Washington. It’s said he forced girls to have sex up to 10 times per day.

In 2011, Alonso “Casper” Bruno Cornejo Ormeno, an associate of MS-13 from Fairfax, Virginia, was sentenced to 292 months in prison for child prostitution. Ormeno recruited juvenile females into a prostitution ring by locating runaway children.

In September 2012, Yimmy Anthony Pineda Penado, also known as “Critico” and “Spike” of Maryland, was a former “clique leader” of MS-13. Penado became the 11th MS-13 gang member to be convicted of child prostitution since 2011.

In the past, most Mara Salvatrucha members covered themselves in tattoos, as shown in the taxidermy human rug in the photo at right made by a rival gang “Mexican artist.” The most common markings are satanic “Devil Horns” and the name of their clique. However, in the last decade, the appearance has morphed to a blend in mode. If you notice, the satanic killers in the Houston video story look pretty clean cut.

The History Channel put out a documentary about MS-13 entiled “Gangland: You Rat, You Die” [see below].

A good recent detailed article on MS-13 is available here.

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  1. are the intelligence agencies behind this stuff?? It just reminds me of that operation phoenix info–something about the govt. deliberately sending psychopaths to terrorize a population. Kind of like what we do overseas with ISIS, conveniently moving wherever the Empire needs them.

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