Jersey City Gladio is One Big Convoluted Story

“Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” — Rahm Emanuel

For people who like their comforts to include not being mentally challenged, the Jersey City pajama-people event takes the cake. They will never look at this convoluted dizzying story. The only ones being targeted here are the awake and our brains.

On Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019, at around 12:30 p.m., a police officer approached a man and a women at the Bayview Cemetery in regards to an investigation that he was conducting. The police officer was shot and killed.

Per Wikipedia, it is believed that the detective approached the suspects to interdict guns in a van which was related to a murder the previous weekend in nearby Bayonne. The detective is killed with shot to the back of the head.

News reports claim there was an exchange between them and a motivation, as if the “news” was there, but no one was there.

I’m starting to think the cop that died may have been killed in a stakeout gone bad, thus the cover up and sudden switch to a “terror” narrative.

Next comes the media reports about rooftop shooters — ninja warriors jumping buildings! What happened to those guys?

In a bizarre turn of events, the two suspects then drive to a Jewish kosher grocery and start shooting “customers.” Rabbi Moshe Shapiro, the Chabad Chief Rabbi of New Jersey, was apparently in the grocery store when one of the suspects walked in and started firing.

A shootout ensues with a swarm of police, and they kill the hostages in the grocery?

Instead, suddenly news reports flip the “anti-Semitic” switch. The only thing missing in news articles was a direct reference to the holocaust.

And, by some coincidence, and on the same day Trump finalized an antisemitism measure targeting campus protests against Israel. Today, he signed an executive order to change Title V of the Civil Rights Act that recognizes Jews as a protected group (but no other religion).

Back at the crime scene, the ever-present “manifesto” is discovered, found in the dead perp’s vehicle, a hijacked van. Yes, always keep the ol’ manifesto and pipe bomb close at hand when hijacking a van and going on a crime spree. Uh, huh. Sure.

From the Jewish mayor Fulop: “Last night after extensive review of our CCTV system it has now become clear from the cameras that these two individuals targeted the Kosher grocery location” on Martin Luther King Drive, Fulop tweeted.

How would a look at CCTV give the slightest clue to justify this statement? No mention of any possible connection between the grocery or it’s customers and the perps. Apparently the speedy conclusion of the investigation dismissed that possibility within hours.

Here is the CCTV footage. How is this any different from the hundreds of hit-and-run armed robberies that go on regularly in urban America?

The local news outlets identified the shooters as David Anderson, 47, and Francine Graham, 50. The two were killed by police during the siege. Anderson was a former follower of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement. There were postings connected to Anderson’s social page with anti-police and anti-Jewish writings. Another iteration of this tale holds that the ninja couple were living in a van.

Here are photos of the perps. Look at the edges of the hair and blurred out ears of Anderson. Look at the sloppy laughable edge of the black shirt. What is that crawling on his left shoulder, a caterpillar? The woman looks especially ridiculous with her freakish unlevel eyes – just for starters. What is the purple coloring effect on the eye corners, looks pretty sinister, hide your women and children. And who takes photos like that in the current year? Make the call yourself. Does this look genuine? Fotoforensics confirms the problematic photoshopped edges.

Source: New York Post

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Reports of a Big Event, and Then We’re Shown Nothing Burgers

What in the heck is actually going on here? We’re being shown nothing.

Despite the CCTV footage showing a number of pedestrians on the sidewalks and motorists driving by, we see almost nothing on Live Leaks 36 hours later except this one showing men with weapons in plainclothes right out in the open. Is this protocol for a running gun battle with civilians still in the store? And what’s with all the vertical shot angles in the footage of these events.

Besides the detective back at the cemetery, two police officers were reportedly wounded.

So let’s see if I have this right: Criminals laying low at a cemetery ambushed and shot a single police officer. They then drove a mile to run around on roof tops. Next, they run into a Jewish kosher store, getting out and executing people inside. Finally, after all this, the police arrive- and the stealth criminals stay put to have a shootout. Within hours, this is portrayed as an anti-Semitic hate incident — yet (like others), it’s not carried out against high value targets. In fact, one of the alleged dead included a 49 year Hispanic man named Rodriguez.

If organic and real, this doesn’t sound like they targeted the Jewish store. It sounds like police tracked them down and blocked the roads and they had to flee on foot and the store was a random place to take cover. It also sounds like maybe 2 separate incidences trying to be merged into one by storytellers.

Go straight to the poser urban-hipster-commando phase of the tale. What easy targets they are for ninja ambush in this photo op. Winged monkey attack on the right flank! What’s with the light clothing and short sleeves in December? It was 53 F, drizzly, with a wind of 20 mph, which equates to a 47 F wind chill. These boyz looked dressed for another day, and another event.

Then this crew turns up, and “It’s Colonel To You” Vindman on the scene (center).

Police officers arrive at the scene following reports of gunfire, Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019, in Jersey City, N.J. PHOTO: AP/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez


The whole cartoon world story defies the imagination and is extremely sketchy.

16 Comments on Jersey City Gladio is One Big Convoluted Story

  1. What’s going on with the Saudi flight training cell? Is this story something to take our mind off of that one? Ain’t it wonderful to be ruled by Jews?

    • Only Tulsi Gabbard is keeping that story alive in the US media, calling out the Saudis, and her invisibility is therefore shrinking rapidly on the corporate bobblehead screens…
      In this post TV election Gabbard has good reach through the internet despite the corporate media blackout.
      Regarding the Jersey City dreamlike fantasy it is astonishing how quickly it too has disappeared from those same corporate media spin shows

  2. Here is a media photo of the JC Kosher market after the gunfight – the quasi-uniformed Jewish people there are not police, but the local Jewish community street patrol, common in Orthodox communities, which Jews call the ‘shomrim’, a bit parallel to the Muslim ‘sharia patrols’

    So in a major crime scene of ‘anti-semitic terrorism’, the feds and the local police quickly let the local amateur civilian Jewish militia take control and stomp all around the place?

    This black ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ couple could maybe be the subject of a major film … a long gunfight is exceptional, and with a black female shooter holding off police for a couple of hours, that’s some drama there

    Some raise the possibility that maybe it was the police who killed the civilians, who were held hostage, rather like police killed civilians in the Florida UPS holdup the other day … USA police maybe just don’t give a shite anymore

    There have been other black-on-Jewish crime attacks reported in the New York region recently, it had become a media topic

    “There is a rising extremist sector within the Hebrew Israelite movement, whose adherents believe that Jews are devilish impostors, and who openly condemn whites as evil personified, deserving only death or slavery,” reports Heavy com

    The ‘Black Hebrew Israelites’ with which the shooters are associated, have, like the largely black USA Nation of Islam, tended to highlight the evidence that Jews were significantly involved in the slave trade of shipping and selling African black people to the Americas

    The Israeli state rejects most ‘black Jews’ of Africa, who often maintain Jewish religious ceremonies more faithfully than most Israelis … those black Jews seem to be descended from Jewish migrants who married African blacks and passed on the Jewish religion, with marriage assuming spouse conversion, as in the bible or with Ivanka and Jared Kushner

    Was also reported in the media that one of the cops shooting the perps was a son of former NY Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik – a close partner of Trump’s key advisor Rudy Giuliani, before that older Kerik went to prison

    • Jews were big in the slave trade- unfortunately for them, the shipping logs of the ships during the times of slavery were very detailed and explanatory. You can find out who owned which ships, what they carried and when, etc. They’ll have to get on this fact ASAP to bury it, it’s very inconvenient for them, with documentation to prove it.

  3. It was clearly reported during the incident that two shooters had been neutralized and the police were still in a shootout with the third. It was also clearly reported that the incident started in the cemetery and ended in the store, which would suggest the shooting of the detective and then a chase after that, ending at the store in a more or less random way. But no! I’m sure the ADL was on scene within a few hours making sure that this event was fully taken advantage of. Obviously the media is trash and can’t be trusted to report accurately, so perhaps my point about the initial reporting is moot, but when they change the story that much in literally one day, it’s obviously a red flag. The on scene reporting of an event is always less controlled than the day after… Not to mention the much larger red flag explanation of anti semitism as the reason for this incident… Yeah, sure Abe Foxman, two Jersey City dindus were just chomping at the bit to get rid of some more of the precious chosen… Unfortunately, people with persistent persecution complex can’t be trusted as victims.

    • Yes, Hubbard does amazing work. Notice the address was 223 MLK Drive. You can’t make this stuff up. (for those unaware, 223 is the skull&bones number backwards). 223 is also the gematria for “The Synagogue of Satan” and “Masonic”. There’s a lot more at the link you provided. Here’s his video:

  4. Pre-programming of false flag New Jersey kosher market shooting?

    Less than 90 days before the New Jersey kosher market shooting by a ‘black Hebrew Israelite’ couple

    On 27 Sep 2019 Hollywood released a film, ‘The Day Shall Come’ about ‘black Hebrew Israelites’ being funded and groomed by the FBI trying to induce them to commit terrorist acts

    Screenshot from the film, black Hebrew Israelite preaching & wearing a star of David

    IMDB – Internet Movie Data Base – page about the film, with link to movie trailer etc, trailers also on YouTube

  5. But wait, it gets better. Following up on Zachary Hubbard’s work described previously. Is this the smoking gun that the event was all staged, as in an HBO movie? Uh, yeah, literally it was a movie sete. You can’t make this up. In yo face.

    New Jersey shooting at the site of HBO filming scene for ‘The Plot Against America’

    Hubbard: “If you heard the caller at the beginning of the third hour of the show on TFR, December 11, 2019, he stated that the location of the shooting is being used by HBO to shoot the show The Plot Against America, a show meant to highlight how America could have become an anti-Semitic nation.”

  6. Barry Hughes: is there any way to contact this Zachary Hubbard character. I purchased the book because I understand this is a very old communication method, but the Selz site is deceptive and there’s no way to contact him on his own site.

  7. Speaking of “Bonnie and Clyde” with regard to Black Hebrew Israelites… remember this song from the late 60s? Desmond Dekker and the Aces reference both Bonnie and Clyde and Israelites (they are a Brit black reggae group, song called “Israelites”)

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