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What’s Wrong With Google? Disappearing White Couples in Search Results

The Goolag strikes again. As further proof that we live in Clown World and that Google is in the running for numero uno Bozo in that dishonest, unethical world, here are the results of certain search terms.

The print is small but the following blocks of images show Google search results for “black couple,” “Asian couple,” “Latino couple,” “Arab couple” and “white couple.” Examine these closely.

You can search these terms for yourself. The results will likely show different photos but with similar effect.

Incompetence or malice? There shouldn’t be any doubt about the answer to this question.

Google is the insidious, malicious Crime Syndicate operating arm of the New Underworld Order. This is an example of their social modeling. Whites are being disenfranchised of their autonomy and their future — by design.

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10 Comments on What’s Wrong With Google? Disappearing White Couples in Search Results

  1. Recent Nissan commercial for ‘holiday sales’ shows every couple oogling over a car as a mixed race couple. Too many others to count. Adults understand, but kids probably wont pick up on it.

      • I thinka website called “complex” only cares about stoking flames and enraging more people, in the wrong way of course.

        • They need to watch the fine line between just harassing and asking a few tough questions. Lining eight groypers in a row constitutes impairment of free assemblage. I think they need to hold counter sessions elsewhere but do it afterwards.

  2. …And needless to say, “couple” now means any two human beings, so you are likely to see as many homosexual “couples” as heterosexual. What are we to expect further down the yellow brick road? Animal-human, Old-young, We know the trajectory, but can we stop it??

  3. This is not an accidental algorithm or a pixel screw-up like back in the day where you would type in ‘Israhell’ and Google would helpfully ping back ‘Did you mean Israel?’ Or you would type in ‘gorilla’ and get a picture of the presidential tranny and former linebacker: Michael or some SA politician in the Image cache. Those were the days. Googles’ ‘couples’ images is Exhibit A for social engineering and White Replacement ideology with malice aforethought. For the Muslim couples – I note there are no ‘marriage equality’ couples. And they are colour co-ordinated. But for White or European couples – lots of Diversity and lots of ‘marriage equality’. In the world according to Google, the European couples are very often rainbow couples. The gaybes are bi-racial. All they need is a droid and a pet satyr to complete the family unity.

  4. Joogle are making fools of themselves. People can see through their anti-white genocidal agenda. Check out this one, it’s so over the top it’s ridiculous.…0.0..0.300.4100.2-7j9……0….1..gws-wiz-img…….0i67.8Hq-LmZ5fks…16200.17900..20000…0.0..0.600.2200.3-4j1j1……0….1..gws-wiz-img.-p0XVhVyPig&ved=0ahUKEwiClczZyt3lAhWh-ioKHfAwCyIQ4dUDCAY

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