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The Neoliberal Political Economy of the Organized Crime Syndicate

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‘Is it really necessary for every economist to be brain-dead apologist for the rich and powerful and predatory, in every damn breath?’ Bruce Wilder in comments to ‘Clash of Autonomy and Interdependence’

A neglected economic superstar was Professor Susan Strange (1923-1998) of the London School of Economics, one of the founders of the field of international political economy. In a series of groundbreaking books – “Casino Capitalism,” “States and Markets,” “The Retreat of the State” and “Mad Money” – Strange showed how epidemic levels of financial crime were a consequence of specific political decisions based on an ideology.

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Professor Susan Strange

It would have hardly been possible to design a system, she said, “that was better suited than the global banking system to the needs of drug dealers and other illicit traders who want to conceal from the police the origin of their large illegal profits.”

Here are four ways she showed how politics and the financial crime epidemic were intimately connected.

1. Money is Global, Regulation is National

There was nothing inevitable about financial globalization, Strange said. It was born out of a series of political decisions. It means that global money can skip freely across borders beyond the reach of national laws and supervision. For smart operators, tax, regulations and compliance become a choice, not an obligation. Strange argued that international organizations lack the power to control global money. Only coordination between the world’s major economies can rein it in.

2. Tax Havens Are an Open Invitation to Embezzlement

Image result for offshore tax havensUnless you have somewhere to stash the cash, the looting of public money and state enterprises can only go so far.

Tax havens give “open invitations,” Strange said, to corrupt politicians to steal from their people.

Banking secrecy in the havens allows money from tax evasion, drug trafficking and public embezzlement to mix together until they become indistinguishable from legitimate business.

3. Extravagant Banker Bonuses Contaminate Politics

For Strange, the “obscenely large” bonuses paid to those in financial markets leads to a kind of “moral contamination,” she wrote, and has “reinforced and accelerated the growth of the links between finance and politics.”

Strange recognized that corruption and bribery were a problem in London and New York, as well as Asia, Africa and Latin America.

“Bribery and corruption in politics are not new at all,” Strange wrote. “It is the scale and extent of it that have risen, along with the domination of finance over the real economy.”

Winter Watch: Perhaps not even Strange fully realized how deeply organized and systematic (la sistema) kompromat went!

Image result for the bankers before congress
The Bankers on Capitol Hill: Neoliberals love a good crisis

4. Money Is Political Power

Globalization has redefined politics, Strange argued. Political power is not just what happens in governments, but money and markets also have power.

As legitimate and illegitimate private operators grow richer, they increase their power to shape the world system. States starved of tax revenues grow weaker and retreat, and eventually it becomes a reinforcing spiral. National politics becomes captured by global money markets.

Neoliberal Trotskyism

Neoliberalism is essentially Trotskyism refashioned for the needs of the global financial kleptocracy. But instead of “proletarians of all countries unite” we have “neoliberal elites of all countries unite.

Read: Firebrand Bolshevik Leon Trotsky: Fully Backed by International Banksters and the Pederast British War Party

Note for newer readers: I use the terms kleptocracy and Crime Syndicate interchangeably. CS is employed when I am describing actual acts. I avoid use of the word “elites” to describe organized criminality.

It’s “socialism for corporations, feudalism for everybody” adapted a large part of Trotskyism ideology and, especially, political instruments, carefully hiding the origins.

The key goal of neoliberalism is redistributing and concentrating wealth to the top at the expense of the working class and middle class – and future generations.

Neoliberalism is totally artificially constructed and explicitly planned to be enforced on unsuspecting people via subversive actions of a totalitarian sect. In the same way Bolshevism was the dictatorship of the Communist Party nomenklatura, neoliberalism is the dictatorship of the financial Kleptocracy.

Instead of Communist International we see the formation of the powerful Transnational Kleptocrat International.

The transnational Kleptocrat no longer feels in the same boat as the rest of the society and openly worships on the altar of unlimited, pathological greed. As cosmopolitans, they have little loyalty or offer no support to host nations. The kleptocrats of today are bound to their corporations, and to their in-groups. This overwhelms and decimates all other considerations such as patriotism and moral obligations. Amorality is the norm. People outside the Crime Syndicate in-group are just tools, not compatriots and their standard of living means nothing.

Like Trotskyism in the past, it’s a militant and dogmatic faith that ostracizes heretics and utilizes the full power of propaganda to brainwash the population. Neoliberals have zero tolerance for other social systems or deviations from so-called Washington consensus. The kakistocratic intellectual class demands political correctness and advocates a pseudo-radical wedge agenda.

There is the creation, notably, of neoliberal “newspeak,” which is similar to Marxist newspeak. For example, the word “free” is redefined as “unregulated.” That helps to provide a pseudo-scientific justification for redistributing wealth upward and increasing poverty for the lower 80% or so of the population endemic to the system.

Neoliberals, like Trotskyites, are globalists par excellence who dream about a worldwide neoliberal revolution. Their primary method of doing business (much illegal) is via foundations and so-called non-governmental organizations (NGO). The foundations, in turn, work through captured intelligence agencies.

The neoliberal state always evolves into the national security state.

This doctrine was artificially constructed by bribed intellectuals and a network of foundation-funded neoliberal think tanks. The use of the term “think tank” as the major weapon for unleashing neoliberal tyranny was also a direct borrowing from Bolshevik practice.

For further reading:

The Clinton Foundation is just the tip of iceberg. And when the curtain is pulled back on the maze of foundation activities, the controlled neoliberal media crushes coverage like a bug.

Neoliberal doctrine is built and enforced by “The Party.” The Party hides behind a contrived left-right dialectic and circus clown world politics. Both the GOP (and especially Trump) and Democrats are hardcore neoliberals and for all practical purposes are “The Party”.

The Party is Machiavellian and uses cult style methods. There is an obsessive preoccupation with getting to power and staying in power, but any means, criminal if necessary. Instincts are psychopathic. There is blatant disregard to fact and truth in order to achieve a political victory. They view political activities as a war and fight to the bitter end.  False flags and bamboozle staged deception operations are the norm. Wedge issues are the centerpiece of policy. There is adherence to big lies.

The Party is too preoccupied with dividing spoils among friends and corporate sponsors to effectively govern. High positions are populated with revolving-door flying monkeys with ideologically correct views — but who have zero, or near-zero, abilities to perform (“subzeros” or negative selection).

Along with fake promises, Machiavellians try to use militarism and jingoism as a unifying force for the nation. This also provides cover for a ragtag collection of lobbyists serving the interests of the military-industrial-surveillance complex, Wall Street and Israel.

The ultimate end outcome of this could very well be Civil War.

As Christopher Hayes noted, the spark is a “national mood of exhaustion, frustration and betrayal at near total failure of each pillar institution of our society.”

The Trump administration is stuffed to the gills with neoliberal brute capitalist Ayn Rand acolytes and predatory Zionists. Trump himself identifies with Fountainhead character Howard Roark; former secretary of state Rex Tillerson listed Atlas Shrugged as his favorite book in a Scouting magazine feature; his replacement Mike Pompeo has been inspired by Rand since his youth. Ayn Rand’s influence is ascendant across broad swaths of our dominant political culture.

Ayn Rand will be the topic of a standalone post.

But the culprit isn’t just “markets.” This is a story of power using theory. The mixed economy was undone by kleptocrats, who revised rules for their own benefit. They invested heavily in friendly theorists to bless this shift as sound and necessary economics and in friendly politicians to put those theories into practice.

This flying-monkey cronyism is in large part due to a revolving door between not only Wall Street and Washington but also the incestuous relationship between Wall Street, Washington and academia.

The leading neoliberal think tanks are American Enterprise Institute, Heritage, Cato and the Manhattan Institute. But there are more insidious investments in academia. Lavishly funded centers and tenured chairs were underwritten by the Olin, Scaife, Bradley, Koch and other neoliberal foundations to promote such variants of free-market theory as law and economics, public choice, rational choice, cost-benefit analysis, maximize-shareholder-value and kindred schools of thought. These theories colonized several academic disciplines. All were variations on the claim that markets worked and that government should get out of the way.

The actual realities and results of neoliberal parasite guildism is evident. It’s impossible to make everybody rich, so this is reserved to the top 1% or 0.01%, while the standard of living among “schmucks” deteriorates a lot.

Neoliberals eliminate political agency and responsibility for economic performance and outcomes. Once protections for the 99% are removed, globalization and financialization were “just forces” that “just happened.”

For example, weaponized migration serves the neoliberal kakistocracy in two ways: 1) destabilizes and weakens national sovereignty as a bulwark to protect existing citizens; 2) keeps the wages of the 90% depressed and their costs high.

Neoliberals don’t care about democracy. They care only about “free markets” — which, in actuality, they control primarily through central banking and banksterism.

The key to parasite guild neoliberalism are extractions — not just of the living 99% but of future generations. The ethics of neoliberalism, is heavily tilted toward viewing people as “homo economicus.

Central banking, as practiced by the kakistocracy, keeps borrowing costs for the kleptocracy very low. Strangely, however, this is never passed on to consumer loans, which remain usurious. Savers are crucified, even subjected to negative yields. Kleptocrats play the arbitrage, or spread, and their takings keep compounding while members of the broader society are like hamsters on a tread mill.

The neoliberal is always on the lookout for some shit storm to roll by or to create. In a country like Libya, the 99% was doing fine under a different kind of system. So the neoliberal hires mercenaries and takes the country down. Not feeling content with just that, it then organizes weaponized migrations whereby most African migrants are looted, killed and enslaved. Then the traffickers have the audacity to cry about “compassion.”

Read “Migrations to Libya: An Enslavement Operation from Start to Finish”

Neoliberals in general, and neocons in particular (aka “neoliberals with guns”), are hell-bent of creating the Global Neoliberal Empire and killing millions people in the process. Since global reach is their goal, destroying the well being of the majority of people in their host country is no obstacle.

Read “‘The Purge: Election Year’ — Revelation of the Method?”

Global financial institutions are the bastion of neoliberal ideology, and they can bully most poor countries into adopting neoliberal policies.

The USA as a superpower state is used to support subservient regimes that favor business interests of transnational companies, putting those interests above interest of the country and its people. And if necessary it will remove non-complaint regimes by force. The USA foreign policy now is essentially based on the coercive use of economic, political, and military power to expropriate other nation’s land, labor, capital, natural resources, commerce, and markets in the interests of the transnationals, not in the interest of the American people.

Neoliberalism, like Marxism in the past, as an ideology has become strongly associated with a specific culture (the U.S. culture, or Anglo-Saxon culture in more general terms) and a specific language (English). In reality, the English language combined with Hollywood culture has created a Satanic plague.

For further reading:

When real environmental degradation and threats takes place — such as antibiotic super-bug cesspools or pesticides killing bees en mass, and on and on — the neoliberal kakistocracy diverts attention away and invents Greta climate-change scams. Then, we learn there is an incredible menu of financialization objectives behind the scam.

For further reading:

Another nasty manifestation of kleptocrat neoliberal misdirection is the “white privilege” and “deplorable” or “Dear Fellow White Person” scam. This takes aim at lower stratus white people who are barely staying above water.

The faux progressives who fall for this distraction are typically embittered debt slaves from their excessive borrowing for poor educations where they are in turn brainwashed by neoliberal and neoMarxist flying monkeys.

But despite this curated and controlled narrative a series of recent polls in the US and Europe have shown that nine out of 10 aged 18 to 35, agreed with the statement, “Banks and money rule the world.”  But this sentiment is kept hidden as the diversions and black magik run amok.

For further reading:

The term “neoliberalism” itself is obscured and hidden from the population, and its discussion is a taboo in neoliberal MSM.

They also pervert the idea of the Rule of the Law, which animated so much of modernity. Today, there’s the hollowing out of democratic practices and institutions, while at the same time catalyzing radical, brutal neo-feudal forms of kleptocratic dominance.

They are hard at work with internet censorship and are even beta testing behavioral enforcement against hand gestures and haircuts. This is typical of Trotskyite neoliberals and their fellow travelers Trotskyite Marxists. Political pressure and money create an environment in which intellectually bankrupt and inverted ideas prevail.

Neoliberals or Marxists, it’s all the same Judas Goat paycheck.

Read “The ADL Tags Benign Things as White Supremacist to Manufacture Boogeymen, Remain Relevant”

Neoliberal nomenklatura is very similar to communist nomenklatura. In both cases, position in the social hierarchy is, by and large, determined by the position the individual has in government, military or private industry. Winter Watch is uncovering more and more evidence that these players are multi-generational actors.

For further reading:

In fact, I’m pleased to see more attention being paid (by folks like David Icke) to this ponerology inquiry that has historical family links and cults going back to Sabbattean- Frankism and Illuminism. Once the true believers of these cults infiltrate and take power, it becomes quite easy to identify, recruit, brainwash and train whole legions of other natural psychopathic flying monkeys to carry out their agendas.

For further reading:


9 Comments on The Neoliberal Political Economy of the Organized Crime Syndicate

  1. Five stars for this one Russ. Articles like this demonstrate why the kakistocracy does its very best to bury your work. Truths like these must never be told!!

  2. Minor Masterpiece. Concise and right to the heart of the matter. Unz review has a piece up today on Kubrick’s With Eyes Wide Shut. Several of the commenters note that Kubrick was certainly aware of the Sabbatean Frankist culture we live in. The 01% are quite deliberately degenerating the sleeping 99.9%. Note how all the made for TV virtual reality political shows are about sex, from Anita Hill to Monica Lewinsky to the Kavanaugh hearings. Russiagate had it’s fair amount of sexual threads. And of course the Epstein saga. The FBI has opened up the files on Roy Cohen so his sordid life will make it into the MSM coverage. Count on a long and sordid brainwashing event in the coming impeachment psyop.

  3. Thanks for that info on the Cohn files. So if they are going to introduce sex ponerology into
    the current impeachment theatre it seems it will have to come from other sources.

  4. It is amazing that almost all people imagine that a financial system designed by its operators is not inherently advantageous to the latter. A financial system serving the population as a whole would break the money-creating monopoly and inject new money into the economy in the form of dividends payable to all citizens sufficient to liquidate the costs of production without accumulating debt. This should have become obvious with the expansion of productive capacity arising from the Industrial Revolution. In the Age of Automation and Robotics it is virtually screaming at us, but among a population distracted by junk entertainment and phoney crises, few have ears to hear.

  5. Interesting what you can find by just turning over a few rocks. The exclusive Buckley elementary school in NY….Wiki lists the notable grads as John Lindsay, mayor of NY, Winston Lord head of the CFR, Claiborne Pell US Senator, John Negroponte sec.of state under Bush, David Rockefeller, Michael Rockefeller, Elliot Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt Jr.,Don Trump Jr. Tom Steyer, billionaire activist, Chris Cox, grandson of Richard Nixon, special council to R Reagan, Cyrus Vance Sec of State under Jimmy Carter. The left and the right rubbing elbows like one big happy family. Trump has two Jewish Skull and Bones men working for him (listed by business insider as 2 of the most powerful S&B in their sordid history), Steven Mnuden Sec of the Treasury and Stephen Schwarzman, chair of his policy forum. Interesting to see that today Trump congratulated the China Revolution on it’s 70 years….yes the Revolution….as David Rockefeller had done previously. Mao was a Yale man attending a Yale extension school. The current impeachment event is being said to be a CIA takeover, they don’t need to takeover Trump they are all on the same page. Full Spectrum Domination, communist-neoliberal takeover is the game….enslavement for the 99%

  6. Amazing article. I started off reading at my usual internet grazing speed, but had to stop, go back to the beginning and read it again, slowly and deliberately. Then I worked my way through the links. Good stuff, Russ. Terrifying but good.

    The chart of the top 0.1% is proof that everything you say is true.

  7. Good job Russ, once again. One name jumped out at me when you named some neoliberal foundations- Olin. The same Olin that was a munitions manufacturer and owner of Winchester repeating arms. Small world…

  8. I agree with most of the article, but the fact of the matter is that there is no better allocator of resources / capital than the free market (except for a bemevolent dictator, who in reality never exists and is an oxymoron in itself). The problem with the “free market” is that it is neither free, nor a market. The scales are tilted by the corrupt and this is not fought, but instead affirmed by the state. State and corrupt businessmen / financiers are in a corrupt co-dependence. In that sense, Russ’ hope for a “third way” politics is in vane.
    No politics can fundamentally solve the fundamental problem that politics is oppresion and thus in contradiction to Natural (and God’s) law. Politics is corrupt by its own existence or by definition. We need anarchy (lack of rulers, not lack of rules – rules are God’s / natural law).

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