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Anti-9/11-Truth Propaganda Film ‘Sully’ Was Produced By Steven Mnuchin

By Kevin Barrett | 8 December 2016

VETERANS TODAY — I just saw Sully, a feel-good 9/11/2016 release about a bird-strike-crippled passenger jet plunging into New York City but not crashing into any buildings.

Unlike all of Hollywood’s films about 9/11 and the phony “war on terror,” Sully is based on a true story, not a big lie.

And for what it’s worth, the Executive Producer of Sully happens to be Steven Mnuchin, the Jewish Zionist billionaire ex-Goldman Sachs executive recently tapped by Donald Trump as Treasury Secretary.

To understand how Sully functions as a sophisticated anti-9/11-truth propaganda film, we need to remember the massive trauma inflicted by the 2001 false flag attack on America. In her book Paranoia Switch, psychologist Martha Stout cites evidence showing that nearly half of the American people suffered from clinical PTSD due to images they saw on television that day. The trauma was even greater for New York City residents, whose everyday world, including the skyline, was shockingly-awesomely altered.

Sully, like V for Vendetta but in a very different key, is a cinematic fantasy attempt to work out the trauma inflicted by 9/11. But whereas the red-pill masterpiece V for Vendetta goes straight to the source of the pain (the false flag attack that inaugurated a new world of fascism), blue-pill-dispensing Sully  re-enacts the 9/11 tragedy but appends a happy ending, in a clumsy attempt to bury the hideously painful truth beneath layer upon layer of pleasant lie. […]

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