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The Epstein ‘Investigation’ Circus is One for the Ages. Will the Pajama People Believe it?

Anyone buying the suicide narrative is a troglodyte. On July 23, Epstein is taken to the hospital after he was found unconscious in his cell with marks on his neck. Investigators said they suspected it was not a suicide attempt. The culprit: his cell mate, who’s a retired cop facing the death penalty for killing four drug dealers, one Nicholas Tartaglione (nice Italian name). Nonetheless, Epstein was put on suicide watch.

We’re told that days later, Epstein’s lawyers convinced prison officials to remove him from suicide watch, which was a decision that would normally have to be approved by the prison’s suicide prevention program coordinator following a psychological examination. Then the warden would have to sign off on it. It’s not clear whether any of these protocols were followed. Likely not since Epstein was never in the jail.

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The decision to remove Epstein from suicide watch might make sense if investigators conclusively believed that the July 23 incident was an attack rather than a suicide attempt. But no such statement was ever made publicly.

Epstein was returned to his high security cell block and provided a new cell mate (the Italian cop was moved a few cells down). In the weeks that followed, he was spending twelve hours a day working with his lawyers. Epstein was reportedly in good spirits. Odd, considering the circumstances and that the FBI was preparing to raid pedo island.

The Daily Beast reports he “lived like a pig in a sty,” eating his meals off of the floor and constantly requesting more toilet paper. In conversations with other inmates, he at times asked for their inmate numbers, presumably to put money into their accounts. Protection money, or hush money perhaps?

Despite being off of suicide watch, Epstein was still supposed to be watched closely. Additionally, certain protocols are required for prisoners in Epstein’s high security block. We are told a cell mate is required and two prison guards must do a check on each cell every 30 minutes around the clock.

There is no video of the cell for the incident in question. 

Sometime on Friday, Aug. 9, Epstein’s cell mate was mysteriously transferred away and nobody was brought in in his place. Then, in some big cowinkydink, the two prison guards who were assigned to Epstein’s block supposedly went AWOL for several hours.

And low and behold, Epstein is supposedly discovered unconscious in his cell, with paper thin bed sheets around his neck and hanging from an upper bunk on Saturday morning. Yes, you heard it. Upper bunk.


Metropolitan Correctional Center prison cells in its Special Housing Unit (photo below) contain concrete-slab beds and thin mattresses without any sheets. No high security prison in the world allows in these types of cells any type of bed (especially metal bunk beds that can be taken apart and used as weapons against guards) or sheets prisoners can tear into strips to strangle their guards.

Guards and EMT supposedly worked on resuscitating him for 40 minutes before transporting him to the hospital. Really why so long? He was then said to have been transported to the hospital, where they worked on him for another 20 minutes before pronouncing him dead.

Buzzfeed (aka NBC) reports that “Epstein’s Death Was On 4Chan Before Officials Announced It.” Looks staged to me. And since when does the mainstream media give two hoots about what’s posted on 4chan (unless it’s a mass shooter manifesto, of course).

The guards fell asleep on the job and fudged the log entries to show they checked on him and other inmates when they actually didn’t, according to the The New York Post. Both of them? Really? What convenient cowinkydink. Surveillance video reviewed after Epstein’s death showed the guards never made some of the inspections noted in the log, sources told The Post late Tuesday. And reports claim there are no cameras that show activity inside the high security block prison cells.

Epstein was then transported from the hospital to the medical examiner’s office — an event for which authorities admitted to doing a bit of staging and trickery. They used two vans to elude the press and confuse public. Oh, sure. Nothing weird about that.

And now the notorious Dr. Michael Baden (Jewish of course) enters the picture. He was asked by Epstein’s associates to participate in the “post-mortem.” Why are you antisemites always suspecting Jewish conspiracies? Sheesh.

One of Baden’s missions was as chairman of the 1976 House Select Committee on Assassinations‘ (HSCA) Forensic Pathology Panel that investigated the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Despite all the testimony, two doctors — John Lattimer and Michael Baden — found ways to make the “magic bullet” theory fit by making wounds change their size.

Is Baden going to concoct a magic noose theory, too? Perhaps we’ll be told that Epstein was strangled by an imaginary noose that entered through one hole in the prison wall and out the other side at an extreme angle.

“Trust me” says Dr. Baden, “I have seen this many times before and should not be questioned on the validity of my claims.”

Baden, as head of the HSCA medical panel, knew the true size of the wound and how it had been enlarged. He had also personally examined the scar on Gov. John Connally’s back. This is how he described it to the inquery panel:

“On removing his shirt, it was readily apparent that at the site of gunshot perforation of the upper right back there is now a 1 1/8 -inch long horizontal pale well-healed scar  (7HSCA 143-144240).

Then, in a book Baden wrote for the public, he doubled the size of the scar:

“According to Connally’s medical records, the bullet struck him nose first in the back and left a vertical scar. I thought the records were wrong. If it was the same magic bullet, it would have gone in sideways — with the length, not the point, first.  After leaving Kennedy, it would have lost its power and became a tumbling bullet, and tumbling bullets rotate.  When they finally strike, they strike edgewise. I needed to examine Connally …

“He removed his shirt. There it was — a two-inch long sideways entrance scar in his back.  He had not been shot by a second shooter but by the same flattened bullet that went through Kennedy.” (Unnatural Death: Confessions of a Medical Examiner, Random House 1989, p.20)   See Exhibit C .

Apparently, Baden realized that if the original wound had been three centimeters (1.2 inches), then, after its surgical enlargement, the scar would have been even bigger. It was a calculated lie. This is only one of several examples of Michael Baden’s deceptions.

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  1. Keep the info coming. I’m convinced Epstein is well out of the country, part of the Mossad witness protection program, probably in Paraguay as I understand many wealthy perverts have ranches down there already. But people I’m talking to are less and less inclined to buy this suicide report; many think he was killed but none are rejecting my suggestion that he’s at and living large! Surprising focus on Prince Andrew however and his connections to Epstein- we’ll see where that goes.

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