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The Bee Apocalypse: If They Die Off, So Do You

More than 3 million bees were killed by an insecticide intended to control the mosquito population in South Carolina. Statewide spraying was intended to reduce the threat of the Zika virus. PHOTO: CNN

After a magnificent 100-million-year run, the future of the bee is in dire jeopardy.

The Critical Importance of Bees

Bees are one of the best natural allies humanity has ever had. It’s about much, much more than the honey.

Pollinating bees are essential to the production of numerous foods, such as blueberries, tomatoes, beans, nuts and the alfalfa and hay used to feed farm animals. Numerous wildflowers reproduce via the activity of bees, and numerous wildlife feed on bee honey.

At least 18% of Brazil’s economy is based on agriculture, and it’s almost all mono-culture. Brazil has open lands but poor-quality soils. As a result, it ends up pushing chemical enhancements to the max.

A vehicle sprays a soybean field near Campo Verde, Mato Grosso state, Brazil. PHOTO: Bloomberg/Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty

President Bolsonaro is deregulating chemical standards for farmers and relaxing pesticide rules. His administration has even allowed farmers this year to use whatever pesticides they want. Among the ag chemicals used in Brazil, 32% are banned in the European Union.

CHART: Bloomberg

This poisoning of farmlands doesn’t just load more toxins into food for human consumption, it has had a fast and furious impact on bee populations. In the first quarter of 2019, a bee apocalypse unfolded in four of Brazil’s southern states. More than half a billion bees died in that short period, and there are fears this is just the start, Bloomberg reports:

“As soon as the healthy bees began clearing the dying bees out of the hives, they became contaminated,” said Machado, vice president of Brazil’s Rio Grande do Sul beekeeping association. “They started dying en masse.”

Bees have been under strain for years. But now, the Trumpenstein administration — despite growing evidence of horrific consequences, including the hospitalization of ag workers — is emulating Brazil by opening up the U.S. to a pesticide free for all.

Winter Watch has been maintaining that Trump is far from being just an incompetent fool or a corrupt corporatist hack. He’s a malevolent Alinskyite-Trotskyite closer brought in to facilitate the collapse of the U.S. All these operations are run under the cover and distraction of racism and sexism accusations by the leftist wing of the same malevolent cadre. And while this Worldwide Wrestling sideshow distraction and misdirection goes on, Rome burns.

new report shows U.S. beekeepers have lost 40% of their colonies during this past year, raising fresh concerns that pesticides are causing a mass die off.

Pure Unadulterated Malevolence

So what does the malevolent Trump administration do? He brings in corporate lobbyists to run the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In July, the corrupt EPA approved use of the bee-killing pesticide sulfoxaflor across more than 200 million acres of crops. The approval was granted despite the fact that the EPA’s own scientists concluded that sulfoxaflor is “very highly toxic” to bees.

Incredibly, the decision expands the pesticide’s use to a wide range of crops that attract bees, including soybeans, cotton, strawberries, squash and citrus.

To achieve its goal of approving sulfoxaflor, Trump’s new EPA Chief hack Andrew Wheeler rejected the findings of a highly relevant study published in the scientific journal “Nature” — the world’s gold standard for peer-reviewed journals — that found even low doses of sulfoxaflor exposure has severe consequences for bumblebee reproductive success.

Instead, the EPA chose to accept only the findings of a confidential, non-peer-reviewed Dow Chemical study that concluded sulfoxaflor is less harmful to bumblebees. But even the Dow study found that the level of sulfoxaflor considered safe for bumblebees to consume is five times lower than the dose the EPA had identified as safe for honeybees.

And the EPA approved spraying of crops with sulfoxaflor just before — or even during — bloom, exposing pollinators to a pesticide the agency knows harms them.

At the request of industry and Crime Syndicate, the EPA waived the legal requirement for a full-field study of the pesticide’s impacts on pollinators, saying it would “not add meaningful input to our conclusions,” indicating that the approval was a foregone conclusion.

The EPA also weakened the few restrictions in place on spraying sulfoxaflor designed to protect native pollinators and other wildlife, eliminating all requirements for buffers even during aerial spraying.

Megadeath Apocalypse Ahead

As we wrote in our article on “The Purge” and Trump’s phony “Keep America Great” slogan, a megadeath of disease, starvation, economic collapse and mass executions and gulags is dead ahead. The bee population — now facing its final death throes — is just one example.

Large California cities have set the stage for massive rat infestations that could lead to massive outbreaks this winter of diseases not seen since medieval times.

To top it all off the kakistocracy criminals have arranged for massive outdoor Petri dishes that create “unprecedented antimicrobial drug contamination.” Primarily centered in Hyderabad, India, the dumping of antibiotic residue in nearby waterways is driving the creation and spread of dangerous superbugs that have spread across the world. Chinese sites are also involved in these practices.

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Hidden (p)Harma Industry Waste Creates Threat of Superbug Plague

4 Comments on The Bee Apocalypse: If They Die Off, So Do You

  1. So what’s a person to do? This is just another in an endless train of stories that expose the pure unadulterated evil that pervades the planet, most of it unfolding in plain sight, while the ignorant masses continue to go about their daily lives whistling past the graveyard.

    I applaud websites like WinterWatch and their proprietors for exposing the global crime syndicate’s activities, but it’s become clear that due to their immense destructive power in all facets of life, there is no effective way for the relatively few who understand the problem to do anything about it.

    I’m reminded of a friend who challenged me on what good it is to be “woke” to the true evils of the world if one can’t do anything about it.

    In a futile attempt to come up with a good answer, I half-jokingly replied:

    ‘Because when we are marched off together in chains to the FEMA camps, at least I can look over and claim “I told you so.”’

    Is this ultimately what it all comes down to?

    • Once in a while, we are presented with real choices. When afforded those opportunities, isn’t it better to make informed choices? For example, in Brazil, people are becoming increasingly aware of the harms of chemically treated produce and are choosing to buy organic. Sure, no one person is going to drive bad stewards out of business. But a collectively informed “woke” public can certainly have an impact.

    • Satanistic, left brain thinking and memevolence rule over this realm or plane (no -t at the end, check it out), well spotted. The “ways out” are two:
      1. Exit the matrix and become autark, live a good and moral life amd hope that the zombies or gangsters do not come to you one day
      2. Spread the knowledge, reach higher levels of conscoousness and start a spiritual Matrix revolution (be more like Neo – or Jesus). Problem is that most real revolutions so far have been controlled or quickly coopted by the satanists and revolution just means another “turning of the (Karmic) wheel”, while what we need is genuine qualitative change

  2. Small contribution to your article in the form of drawings, French visual artist, I produced a series on the mortality of bees by the pollution of chemical substances and pesticides used in agriculture. This series is presented at the Museum of Geneva at the exhibition “All against the Earth” from 2021 to 2023. To discover: But also in direct link “Tribute to Magritte”:

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