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Discussion on Political Ponerology (Psychopathic Rule): Winter and Moscowitz

Russ Winter joined interviewer Charles Moscowitz once again for a hard-hitting discussion on some of the hidden topics, including the kakistocracy and political ponerology (aka psychopathic rule). Not enough people are having this important conversation.

7 Comments on Discussion on Political Ponerology (Psychopathic Rule): Winter and Moscowitz

  1. Tremendous podcast. Please keep them coming

    An aside to Charles Moscowitz: for discussion’s sake, suppose that the federal electoral system is rigged (as I do). The alleged dark horse victory of Trump would be an excellent ruse. Keep everybody investing themselves in elections that are totally rigged. This would be of inestimable value to the fiends who have destroyed the electoral system.

    As for the “shooter” events I’ll start believing in them when they do things that would actually make a difference. Such as show up in Jackson, Wyoming where the Fed meets and many members live. Nothing happens there, does it?

    • Excellent point about the shooter events. The same could be said for other history changing events like 911 and JFK. Qui bono? Who benefits? 911 had zero immediate, medium term and long term benefits to the purported “hijackers”, or Bin Laden, or the Saudis (where most of them were from), but monumental immediate, short and long term benefits for Israel. JFK had the Israeli Dimona nuclear reactor and the CIA in his sights. Again, not hard to see who benefited there.

      • Saudi princs are all Jewish. It is lretty much common knowledge they are Israelis. Even most Africans are aware of this.

  2. I am with you, Russ. I don’t see a way forward either. I feel like I don’t belong in this world, like I don’t fit in. I am too nice to be a psychopath, but not brainwashed enough to be a zombie. I cannot even be homosexual because that stuff grosses me out. I don’t know where to turn.

    I downloaded the LaVey book. Maybe Satanism is the answer. I read the chapter on casting spells and put a hex on a neighbor’s dog which won’t stop barking. If that stupid dog falls over dead tomorrow, I will know I am on to something.

  3. This bloke Moscowitz or Morse, or whatever he calls himself is a dyed in the wool Zionist apologist. He has gone on the record comparing the Gaza strip to the French Riviera, implying that the reason it clearly is NOT the French Riviera is all the Palestinians’ fault.

    The next time you talk to him, ask him about the “French Riviera” – you may see a different side of Mr ‘Moscowitz’

    Perhaps the penchant the ‘Israelis’ (European Khazars more like!) display for crude, comtemptible, inhuman, state sponsored acts of gratuitous violence like these (below – reported in Israeli media but ignored by much of the Western press) in the West Bank in the last few days, explains why the Gaza is light years away from the ‘French Riviera’

    • Don’t assume that because I can have polite, civil conversations about areas in general agreement that I am promoting or endorsing these Zionist aspects that he holds. I am willing to have conversations with all kinds of people as long as they don’t engage in gaslighting or NLP with me. I see none of that with Charles – these are good talks and he is actually pretty courageous.

      • Point taken Russ. I am not saying you endorse those views.

        However, to have an hour long discussion on ‘Political Ponerology or Psychopathic Rule’, and avoid the elephant of psychopathic rule (the State of Israel) seems a little like discussing the Civil War for an hour without mentioning Lincoln (I was going to compare it to WWII and a certain short dark haired Austrian, but I avoided that odious comparison, for the reason that it’s overused, if nothing else 🙂 )

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