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Will Identity Politics, Race Industry Trigger a Civil War on the Left Coast? Moscowitz and Winter Discuss

IMAGE: AmericanFreePress.net

Charles Moscowitz and Russ Winter met online Monday to record their third podcast interview together. The two seem to have good wind in their sails on essential topics, and readers are encouraged to have a listen.

In this latest discussion, a key topic was the dead-end identitarianism of the radical left. The victim-hood scam was nailed down. They also discussed the organized involvement of mainstream media, social media capture and the role of corporations. They also discussed Proctor & Gamble’s Social Justice ad campaign, as well as the steady stream of demeaning white cuckold advertising in general.

Read “More Virtue Signaling and Race Baiting from Clown World Mega Corp Procter & Gamble

They reviewed the issue of civil rights violations directed at whites. Charles calls it “leftist privilege.” The issue of black violence, knockout games and flash mobs was broached as well as the MSM’s cover up of this anarchy.

Russ covered Confederate memorials as a women’s movement and the importance of the forgotten Ken Burns classic 1990 documentary series “The Civil War.”

“The Civil War” Soundtrack – Ashokan Farewell

Read “The True History of the Confederate Memorials: It Was a Women’s Movement”

Identitarian moneybag mucky-muck Tom Steyer was discussed, and the prospect that a new Civil War would erupt on the West Coast.

Read “Tom Steyer, a Hypocritical Neo-Marxist Moneybag from California’s Cesspool, Enters the 2020 Race”

Russ covered the October 1922 battle of Coburg showdown between Brownshirts and Reds as a template for how this Civil War might be manifested. The video he refers to is available here.

Unfortunately, Russ experienced some brief, odd internet/technical interruption, and Russ had to return via an iPad. This is why the program is split into two parts.

If anybody is wondering about Russ’ eye positioning and angle he has corneal diplopia (shadow vision) issues. FYI: This is becoming more common for people who have had older Lasik surgery. The lower part of the vision with head tilted is clear.

Russ Winter Appeal: Readers who favor our work should note that we ask for no money. I personally pay out of pocket for the expenses associated with this site. But to risk what we do, we are interested in — and, in fact, require — reaching audiences. Yet, every time we see a surge in readership, we are throttled back.

The latest ban has come from Voat, which advertises itself as an “open platform.” Not so. The reason we were given for our ban: “spamming.” In other words, we post our work there. We are banned permanently from Reddit’s entire site. We are throttled back at Facebook and Twitter. (Torchy’s Twitter was shadow banned after five relatively benign tweets.) I’m curious how long these new podcasts with Charles will last on YouTube.

Read “More than Merely Dubious: How I Was Permanently Banned at Reddit”

Bottom line: We need people to help out more in order to overcome these censorship obstacles. Post our work in comment sections of your favorite sites. Use the Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Voat and other social media share functions below.

11 Comments on Will Identity Politics, Race Industry Trigger a Civil War on the Left Coast? Moscowitz and Winter Discuss

      • I would like to view Ken Burn’s doc. on the war for Southern independence, but I’m quite sure he ends glorifying Lincoln, like all the rest, the savior of the Union etc.

        Truth is the war was the ultimate battle between two incompatible visions of American governance, Jeffersonian America and Lincolnian America. As we are well aware, the Lincolnian’s won and gifted us with government we are endowed with today.

  1. Looking forward to listening to it. Not sure if you cover it in the interview, but another thing your audience should be on alert for is the inverse: the dead-end identitarianism on the right. While their cause is more justified, the avenues that are typically presented for people of that persuasion are certainly dead-end: trolling and throwing racial slurs around online, “protests” that are more than likely just traps and ways of getting people to out themselves for surveillance and doxxing purposes, piddly little street battles with the other powerless losers on the left that get them hamstrung in court and ruin their lives, etc. People make this assumption that because their heart is in the right place and that their beliefs are true, whatever they do as a result will be effective and will advance their cause. I would argue that a lot of these things are purposely designed to get them nowhere and sideline them before they gain any real influence. The stakes are high and people need to be smart about how they react, not losing their cool and allowing themselves to be goaded into doing something impulsive that will either achieve nothing or worse set them even further back.

    • Very valid points.The easiest actions I am calling for are boycotts of leftist agenda corporations and promoting the voices one favors in overcoming censorship. And you are right about blowing off steam racial slurs. Why not link to and discuss one of Winter Watch’s 1000 articles that we have spent thousands of hours on instead.

      • Exactly. On board 100% with the boycotts. In the old days, the Catholics in America were able to rein in Hollywood for a period by boycotting the theaters. Eventually they faltered but nonetheless it showed that boycotting works. And what I like about this site is I can share it with people without them having a knee jerk reaction because they see inflammatory language and rhetoric. Not trying to police people’s speech, but the reality is we have to tap into human psychology and go with what works.

  2. Battle Of Coburg is on Bitchute if anybody is interested. I had never heard of it before, but it was only ten minutes long and a fascinating bit of history.

  3. Russ, have you considered trying to get your articles published on Unz.com? I’m not sure what his criteria are, but there is some fit, imho, eg see Unz’s latest article on the Chicago supermob in California. He pulls a pretty diverse crowd — relatively speaking.

    Re: Proctor & Gamble, I’ve been gratified that I’ve been able to switch out toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap and switched over to off-brands which have been cheaper and better. My shopping is pretty reflexive so it took the Gillette ad to force a switch.

    • Being conspiracy querists we have a different style. Thus many of those readers have a mind block. Barbartian and Johnny Walker Read share posts of ours in Unz comments on occasion. Once in a awhile I get a comment through and we see traffic. In general though the response to WW there is tepid. At this stage I would be surprised if Unz didn’t know of us.

      Our best supporter online is Henry Makow.

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