Real Hedge-Fund Managers Have Some Thoughts on What Epstein Was Actually Doing


By Michelle Celarier | 11 July 2019

NEW YORK INTELLIGENCER — Long before Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to prostitution charges in Florida more than a decade ago, his fellow Palm Beach resident and hedge-fund manager Douglas Kass was intrigued by the local gossip about his neighbor.

“I’m hearing about the parties, hearing about a guy who’s throwing money around,” says Kass, president of Seabreeze Partners Management. While stories about young girls swarming Epstein’s waterfront mansion and the sex parties he hosted for the rich and powerful were the talk of the town, Kass was more focused on how this obscure person, rumored to be managing billions of dollars, had become so wealthy without much of a track record.

Kass was well-connected on Wall Street, where he’d worked for decades, so he began to ask around. “I went to my institutional brokers, to their trading desks and asked if they ever traded with him. I did it a few times until the date when he was arrested,” he recalls. “Not one institutional trading desk, primary or secondary, had ever traded with Epstein’s firm.”

When a reporter came to interview Kass about Bernie Madoff shortly before that firm blew up in the biggest Ponzi scheme ever, Kass told her, “There’s another guy who reminds me of Madoff that no one trades with.” That man was Jeffrey Epstein.

“How did he get the money?” Kass kept asking.

For decades, Epstein has been credulously described as a big-time hedge-fund manager and a billionaire, even though there’s not a lot of evidence that he is either. There appears little chance the public is going to get definitive answers anytime soon. In a July 11 letter to the New York federal judge overseeing Epstein’s sex-trafficking case, Epstein’s attorney offered to provide “sealed disclosures” about Epstein’s finances to determine the size of the bond he would need to post to secure his release from jail pending trial. His brother, Mark, and a friend even offered to chip in if necessary.

Naturally, this air of mystery has especially piqued the interest of real-life, non-pretend hedge-funders. If this guy wasn’t playing their game — and they seem pretty sure he was not — what game was he playing? Intelligencer spoke to several prominent hedge-fund managers to get a read on what their practiced eyes are detecting in all the new information that is coming to light about Epstein in the wake of his indictment by federal prosecutors in New York. Most saw signs of something unsavory at the heart of his business model.

To begin with, there is much skepticism among the hedgies Intelligencer spoke with that Epstein made the money he has — and he appears to have a lot, given a lavish portfolio of homes and private aircraft — as a traditional money manager. A fund manager who knows well how that kind of fortune is acquired notes, “It’s hard to make a billion dollars quietly.” Epstein never made a peep in the financial world. […]

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  1. Check out “Amazing Polly” videos on the Epstein saga. Polly has indeed done an amazing job researching info on this story and connecting dots….and it is some kind of story.

  2. The domed temple on Jeffrey Epstein’s island, seems to be modelled on the historic Hammam Yalbugha bath house in Aleppo Syria, dating back to 1491, and in that style of architecture that is seen today as both Islamic and Masonic

    The prosecution of Jewish Jeffrey Epstein is quite a Jewish affair

    The judge is Jewish Richard Berman

    The lead prosecutor is Jewish Geoffrey Berman – distant relative of the judge? – linked via Rudy Giuliani to Israel’s good friend Trump

    A junior prosecutor is Maurene Comey, linked via her father James Comey to Hillary Clinton, and by her Jewish husband and Tel Aviv professor father-in-law to Zionist Israel

    With some Epstein files being revealed due to victorious hostile court action by Epstein’s longtime personal lawyer, arch-Zionist Alan Dershowitz

    We now are forewarned that ‘many high-level people’ will be implicated by the ‘Epstein files’

    Will this be like the ‘Panama Papers’? … where the published historian of the Mossad, and other Israelis, helped ‘lead’ the investigators … embarrassing ‘selected’ leaders around the world

    Or ‘Wikileaks’ that Benjamin Netanyahu himself admitted in Israel, was intel and serving Israel and Mossad?

    The Jeffrey Epstein prosecution seems clearly fake, due to the number of dozens of people who would be enablers of Epstein crimes … who are not being charged or menaced with prosecution

    USA laws are more far-reaching and prosecutor-friendly than anywhere

    The USA 1970 RICO Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organisations Act, allows prosecutors to bring charges against anyone aiding and abetting a pattern of illegal activity, or supplying funds for it … Ghislaine Maxwell? Les Wexner? Scores of servants etc?

    USA prosecutors are normally eager to bring in the ‘small fry’ and threaten them, who then ‘flip’ to testify about the bigger people

    Yet in court it is *only* Epstein, who did little without assistance … getting his funds apparently from the Zionist billionaire ‘Mega Group’, that the late eccentric Jew Lyndon LaRouche (1922-2019) documented years ago

    Is Jeffrey Epstein *really* in jail, in a ‘solitary cell’ for his protection?

    Is it not easy for officials to fake someone’s imprisonment? If a prison guard spoke out about such fakery and lost his job, would anyone except ‘blogs’ print the story? Who would believe it?

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