Charles Moscowitz Interviews Russ Winter on Assassination Conspiracies

Sen. Robert Kennedy shaking hands with kitchen help en route to podium in ballroom to deliver his victory speech at the Ambassador Hotel prior to his assassination, June 5, 1968. PHOTO: ABC News/LIFE

Boston podcaster Charles Moscowitz on Monday interviewed Winter Watch publisher Russ Winter on the topic of assassination conspiracies. Moscowitz is the author of the book “Assassinations in America: 31 Cases of Murders, Plots and Conspiracies,” which Russ said he rates as “a very solid read and source.” He said he also “enjoyed the give-and-take and tempo” of the interview.

Just below the video is a list of articles covering the topics Russ referenced during the interview.

“UK PM David Cameron’s Great Grandfathers Were Rothschild-Connected Bankers Who Financed Russo-Japanese War”

“George Cortelyou, President McKinley’s Assassination and the Panic of 1907”

“Looking Back at the All-Too-Convenient Death of White Hat Journalist Tim Russert”

“Usual Suspect Conspiracy Element in the Assassination of James Garfield”

William Joseph Bryan: Sirhan’s Handler and Set-Up Miastro Extraordinaire (Sirhan Sirhan) 


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  1. What’s with Jews and name changing??? It’s unbelievable. This guy seems to alternate his surname between “Morse” and “Moscowitz”. See the debate he did with E Michael Jones

    Benjamin Netanyahu was born Benjamin Mileikowsky, and EVERY Jew in Hollywood uses a fake name.

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