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The Bizarre Life and Death of Issac Kappy

IMAGE: YouTube screen grab

Issac Kappy perplexed us from the get go. We still don’t know quite what to make of him, or his recent “suicide.” We suspected that he was involved in some type of black magik cointelpro. His alleged death 10 days ago just adds to the mystery. So we are passing along the narrative and ask you to decide for yourself.

For those of you unfamiliar with Kappy, he was a B-list Hollyweird actor who emerged on Youtube about year or so ago with videos in which he made pedophilia accusations against friends of his, as well as well known stars, moguls, and directors. Kappy would pontificate on camera, and often come off as a loose cannon and rumor-monger. In psyop terms, this is called a “slide.” Slides work because elements of truth are tainted by the messenger, who is positioned as crazy.

I wrote about Kappy and Alex Jones on Aug. 8, 2018, when this started going down.

“Kappy’s character caught the zeitgeist of people who want pedogate justice. You can go to any of a number of YouTube videos (yes, they’re still up) and find Kappy singing like a canary about Hollywood pedophiles. He accuses Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg of being pedos — yet, he offers no evidence, just hearsay. He drops other names willy-nilly. He accuses his friend Seth Green and Green’s wife of being pedos based on some sketchy things Green allegedly said. But he has not seen Green directly involved with children. Even if the accusations ultimately have elements of truth, his methods invite blowback.

Issac Kappy: An “insane conspiracy theorist” cutout caricature.

Look at Kappy’s online persona. Is he an actor playing a script? He just looks unhinged and out of control. The Crime Syndicate will test the boiling frogs by proclaiming to the public that innocent targets need to be protected from mentally deranged “conspiracy theorists” like the caricature Issac Kappy. Yes, it’s all so contrived.”

The game here per usual is gaslighting, chipping away at free speech rights and even locking up people for mental health issues. A secondary goal is to embarrass and shame decent citizen investigators,

TEXT: Winter Watch | ILLUSTRATION: Encore/Horsey/Los Angeles Times

That said, many put their faith in Kappy. And just about everybody following this finds that his alleged death doesn’t add up.

The theories are

1. He committed suicide, or was driven or forced into suicide by blackmail or threat.

2. He was suicided.

3. He’s sitting on a beach somewhere with cointelpro mission accomplished.

The rationale for a forced suicide, murder or a staged hoax are all the same:

1. Scare the curious, and especially investigators, off of the pedo rabbit-holes track.

2. Discredit those who look into rabbit holes.

3. Scare those who look into the rabbit holes with a “proceed at your own risk,” “dark place,” “bad for your mental health” spiel.

4. More Cartoon World black magik to stupefy the public.

What follows are details of the alleged death of Kappy, who is said to have jumped, fallen or was pushed off of a remote Belmont, Arizona, interstate highway overpass in the early morning hours of May 13, 2019.

Three days prior to his real or faked death (May 10), Kappy recorded a rambling confession of sorts in which he stated — without giving any particulars — that he had betrayed his followers. Called himself a Judas Iscariot six times throughout the video. He warned his listeners about going into the darkness and not coming out. As king of cryptic remarks he said, “I’m one of them now”. After his death and following a typical bizarre pattern, Kappy’s IMDb page went offline and then was put back up with the nickname “Judas Iscariot.”

The following video, posted on May 10, is Issac Kappy’s last. He also is alleged to have put up this instagram letter.

Kappy was on the road from Los Angeles to visit his mother in New Mexico. Details of the event can be gleaned from the third video below made by Phoenix Enigma.  Phoenix Enigma privately interviewed the driver of the truck who hit Kappy on the roadway and gives his account. Caveat: We don’t endorse or dismiss any of these video clips.

Near Belmont, Arizona, — in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night, and near a military facility — Kappy “has tire trouble.” Another You Tuber interviewed a Days Inn night clerk who stated Kappy checked in without a vehicle at 1:30 AM. At 2:25 the night clerk says last saw Kappy at 7:11 AM.

Many commentators speculate he was being tracked, and that a charge was placed on his tire or it could have been shot out. Starting at minute 00:11:05, Phoenix Enigma, who lives in the region, films the setting for perspective. My takeaway is that any person calculating suicide — as opposed to a serious, crippling injury — would not pick this method. One might end up paralyzed instead.

But the story has Kappy ending up out on the overpass shown and then “falls”😏 to the roadway. According to the truck driver who ran Kappy over a short but undetermined time later, there was a large posse of about 18 people standing on the overpass at 7:22 a.m. When the scene setting video is viewed, the off ramp is too far back to have warning of something under the overpass to get off – and there was an open lane to go by.

Kappy was covered by a piece of cardboard and just left in the roadway, and then a truck runs over him like so much road kill. Despite the presence of eyewitnesses, there are no known photos or video of any of this. No bystanders were near the body when it was run over. All were up on the overpass. There are no witness statements, no one thought to call 911 and, instead, someone walked to a nearby sheriff’s station to tell them (mentioned by Phoenix Enigma at 00:28:25 in a conversation with Lift the Veil’s Nathan Stolpman).

One commentor speculates: “People would go down the road and flag down drivers. They wouldn’t just cover Kappy with cardboard so no one could see him. Not a normal response, at all. My guess is he died of his head wound, was placed on the highway and covered so someone would run over him to confuse the evidence.”

My takeaway: If it was me there, I would get the man off the roadway and not automatically assume he was dead.

To top off the strangeness, there were tweets left by Tom Hanks in the months before Kappy’s death in which Hanks is dwelling on gloves and shoes left on highways and “road kill.” Start at minute 00:03:45. He even has a glove and reference to road kill on Route 66.

Source: Twitter screen grab

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