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‘True Detective’ Season 3: Just Your Standard Jamming and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The third season of HBO’s “True Detective” offers conspiracy realists red-meat lures. The story line is contorted, but basically it’s about murdered and missing children, ominous characters, dicey locations, wicker dolls, etc., etc.

The show plays on a lot of symbolism. The main police character wears a Freemasonic ring that is very visible in many scenes. There’s an occultish show introduction with a Freemasonic lodge and about 10 subliminal eyes in pyramids.

Then the show leads down a Pedogate- and MKUltra-themed narrative. It actually alludes to historical and suppressed high-level pedophile rings, specifically the Franklin scandal and the Finders case. It even flashes almost subliminally the Besta pizza pedo triangle. Um, getting interesting, is this going to cultivate awareness of the true nature of our society?

For a non-Hollyweird version of reality, read “The Abduction of Johnny Gosch and the Franklin Scandal Coverup.”

The main pursuer of the truth, Det. Wayne Hays, is tracked through 35 years. Although a quasi-sympathetic fellow, he just seems a bit addled over this period. Ultimately, our hero, who sees the deep conspiracies, is gas-lighted. In the end, he has senior moments and is afflicted with some dementia, which makes him susceptible to “being fooled” and not processing anomalies correctly. The neuro-linguistic programming and jamming narrative would be laughable, if we didn’t already know about the games being played by the show’s creator and his employer.

A frequently mentioned sex-trafficking ring in the series appears, at the end of the season, to be nothing but a distraction.

Of course, in the end, they spun it like some big misunderstanding. A few minutes of the clip below will give you the idea. It turned out it was an elaborate scheme to let a mentally ill woman buy somebody else’s child as a replacement for her own dead child. You see, the mother went off her meds, specifically Lithium, and lost control of her life, etc. It’s right out of a pharma advertisement.

Yes, a bait and switch. No pedo or serial killer rings, no occult, no conspiracy, just a lady who didn’t take her meds. Yes, pajama people, there is always an inconspicuous answer to all of these unsolved cases. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

This parlays off of the twisted evil scam being spewed out by the usual suspects who claim “conspiracy theorists” frequently practice “recognizing patterns and irregularities” (aka trusting one’s eyes and senses), which equates to mental delusions.

Read “The Kakistocracy Declares, ‘We Are at War’ With Conspiracy Truthers”
and “Gregory Bateson: The Master of Double-Bind Black Propaganda”

Winter Watch Takeaway: Surprise, surprise, after three season of teases and wink winks, HBO (Warner Media) in the end is mocking us. Unless you are a deep student of how psychological operations work, skip this one.

3 Comments on ‘True Detective’ Season 3: Just Your Standard Jamming and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  1. Yes, at some point toward the beginning, they had a close up of the Washington Times front page article headline “Call Boys Took Late Night Tours of the White House.” Maybe it was in the title theme credits, but I think it was just a part of an early episode. Of course, the lead me to believe they might allow the plot to go where it needed to be going.

    But you’re right, they just steer the story right off a cliff really, with the idiotic case resolution. And the detective’s memory loss issue reminding me of afternoon soap opera’s love affair with amnesia for character development.

    The plot is probably more provided to discredit investigation of occult crimes, and have this one result in your usual Law and Order fare: “normal” motives and murder scene.

    The goal there seems to illustrate another case study resulting in a “normal explanation” which somnambulists think us conspiracy nuts conflate into ritual abuse or worse.

    In other words, the show is effective at urging sleepers considering awakening to go back to sleep again.

  2. The last episode was strange to say the least. I really look forward the Jay Dyer breaking the season down. His recaps of the esoteric symbolism of the first 2 seasons are the best you find anywhere. Jay Dyer is a next level researcher and funny as hell to boot.

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