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‘Voice of God’ Mind Control

The Boston Globe ran a story on the Boston Marathon Tsarnaev brothers patsies. It was mostly misdirection and a back story, but one aspect of the story is of interest: the older brother, Tamerlan, had heard voices. In fact, he used the term “majestic mind control” to describe it. This has been described separately as the “voice of God,” voice to skull or V2k. This is microwave audio technology that can project sound to the inner ear to give messages to a targeted individual (TI). In a mind-controlled individual, the voice can be used to triggered an alter persona, which is how Tsarnaev described himself.

There are numerous examples of people reporting “mind control experiences” (MCEs) on self-published Web pages and videos. These claims have generally been dismissed or gas lighted by the usual suspects as delusional disorders. The tinfoil-hat smear has also been created to run gas-lighting interference. Unfortunately tinfoil offers no protection. These are used on the nothing-to-see-here, move-along crowd as a distraction away from the actual practice.

But as technology advanced, experimentation — and more — has been used on people, or TIs. The nothing-to-see-here crowd may need to explain why the Defense Department has patents on the technology. And if A&E can use whisper-in-ear technology to promote a television series [see “Hear Voices, It May be an Ad”], isn’t it fair to assume that Crime Syndicate system has much more advanced, state-of-the-art V2k technology.

One of Jessie Ventura’s last shows in his “Conspiracy Theory” series involved people experiencing microwave technology, including voice to skull. Ventura was really going down the rabbit hole on this and other topics before the show was cancelled. He has been persona non grata on MSM ever since.

When this targeting weapon is combined with drugs, such as scopolamine or a whole cocktail of administered mind-control drugs, some individuals come under total control. This may go back a half century to the 1968 assassination of Robert Kennedy.

In his 2016 parole hearing, Sirhan repeatedly claimed to have no memory of the shooting of Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel. In his testimony before the parole board, Sirhan recalled events before the shooting in some detail, such as going to a shooting range the day before (June 4, 1968), visiting the hotel on June 5 in search of a party and returning to the lobby after realizing he had drunk too many Tom Collins cocktails to drive.

He next claimed to have drunk coffee in a backstage area near the hotel pantry with a woman to whom he was attracted and who may have been involved with the conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy. He stated that the unknown woman then took him into the pantry, which Sirhan described in his prison memory sessions as a dark room at the hotel, and that while in the pantry the woman gave Sirhan a post-hypnotic cue to fire a gun in the direction of Robert Kennedy minutes later. Sirhan was immediately subdued by several men in the pantry as Kennedy fell to the pantry floor fatally wounded.

Sirhan has claimed that after having coffee with the woman, the next thing his conscious memory can recall is being choked and unable to breathe moments after the Kennedy shooting. He said, “It’s all vague now. I’m sure you all have it in your records. I can’t deny it or confirm it. I just wish this whole thing had never taken place.”

Excerpts from the taping of Sirhan’s memory session interview can be heard below. The second video is background on the girl in the polka-dot dress seen with Sirhan.

Read; Louis Jolyon West: Johnny on the Spot Mind Controller

Fast forward to Aurora and the Batman-inspired alleged perp, James Holmes, and the subject of mind control is all over that case. In sum, Holmes sounds a lot like Sirhan Sirhan reflecting on the shooting of Bobby Kennedy. They’re confused, think they’re under surveillance and have a sketchy memory of what happened. They describe a dark place. Holmes ended up in an empty theater, and then was later found drooling out in his car. I spent several hours a year ago listening to Holmes’ extraordinary psychiatric interview. This one lends new meaning to the term rabbit hole. My notes are here.

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  1. What a nice coincidence. We have a shooter situation in D.C. involving a congress critter with some stranger who just managed to walk up with a ‘assault rifle’ and no one notice.

  2. Some interesting facts about the Sirhan Sirhan case-

    The Iver Johnson 22 revolver in Sirhan’s possession came from Albert Hertz- Hertz was Jewish.

    Sirhan’s first court appointed lawyer, A. L. Wirin, was Jewish. Wirin immediately told the FBI that Sirhan had confessed to killing RFK. Sirhan has never confessed, to anyone. He says he doesn’t remember.

    Sirhan’s second court appointed lawyer, Grant Cooper, was also Jewish. It fact, every member of the defense team was Jewish- Bernard Diamond, Robert Kaiser, Eric Marcus, all of them, despite Sirhan’s vehement protests that he didn’t trust Jews and didn’t want them on his defense team.

    The LAPD did the entire ‘investigation’. LAPD head Tom Reddin was Jewish. LA County reviewed the ‘investigation’- the reviewer, Thomas F. Kranz was Jewish.

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