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What’s the Matter With Prince Eddy, and What’s His Connection to Jack the Ripper?

In 1889 at the time of the London Cleveland Street scandal, there was a prevailing attitude that male homosexuality and pederasty was an aristocratic vice that corrupted lower-class youths. The scandal directed attention to the proclivities of Crown Prince Albert Victor (1864-1892), also know as “Prince Eddy,” the Duke of Clarence and the second in succession to the throne.

Prince Albert Victor, more familiarly known as ‘Prince Eddy’

Prince Eddy was born in 1864. Family members described him as sweet and docile, although dim and slow. He was infantilized and overly doted upon by his mother, Alexandra, and teased mercilessly by his father, the future Edward VII. He was a poor student at Cambridge and entered the military primarily to strut around in uniform. He was also described as a dandy and a swagger. He rarely participated in obligatory ceremonial appearances.

Queen Victoria referred to Albert Victor’s “dissipated life” in private letters to her eldest daughter. Many have assumed she was referring to loose living and bisexuality. He never married and was rejected by the noble ladies of Europe he tried to court. He was looked down upon by the royal family but was not disliked on a personal level. He had loyal friends and was not unpleasant to be around.

Letters dated 1885 and 1886 from Albert Victor to his doctor at Aldershot (known only as “Roche”) detail that he was taking medicine for “glete” (gleet), then a term for gonorrhea discharge. In mid-1890, Prince Eddy was attended by several doctors; but in correspondence, his illness is only referred to as a “fever.” Prince Eddy died of “pneumonia” at age 28 in 1892, suggesting he may have had a compromised immune system, including exposure to syphilis at age 16. His medical record looks strangely whitewashed and scrubbed. Almost all of Prince Eddy’s archival record has been destroyed.

Prince Eddy on his death bed.

In July 1889, the Metropolitan Police uncovered a male brothel operated by Charles Hammond of London’s Cleveland Street. Many of the prostitutes were under-age telegraph boys. Under police interrogation, male prostitutes and pimps revealed the names of their clients, who included Lord Arthur Somerset, an Equerry (personal attendant) to the Prince of Wales.

Then, it is alleged that Somerset’s solicitor, Arthur Newton, passed the initials “PAV” (Prince Albert Victor) to police to take the heat off his client. Indeed, the matter was then dropped. Accordingly, the government was accused of covering up the scandal to protect the names of aristocratic and other prominent patrons. In classic modus-operandi, documents relating to the case “have gone missing.”

The official biographer of King George V, Harold Nicolson, was told by Lord Goddard, that Prince Eddy “had been involved in the male and female brothel scene.”

It is apparent that the establishment media has been running interference on this for over a century. You can find a series of pro-Eddy pervert justice warrior stories online. But there is ample cause to believe Prince Eddy was a patron of the “depraved vices” as practiced on London’s East Side. This was true of his father as well.

Even so, the situation was serious enough to ship Eddy overseas on a “tour” in October 1889 to avoid the gossip that swept London society. Travelling via Athens, Port Said, Cairo and Aden, Albert Victor arrived in Bombay on Nov. 9, 1889.

Upon his return, Prince Eddy seemed to shift his proclivities to chorus girls. In late 1891, he was implicated as having been involved with a former Gaiety Theatre chorus girl, Lydia Miller (stage name “Lydia Manton”), who allegedly committed suicide by drinking carbolic acid. Rumors also surfaced after Albert Victor’s death of his association with another former Gaiety girl, Maude Richardson (aka “Louisa Lancey”), and that the royal family had attempted to pay her off. In 2002, letters purported to have been sent by Albert Victor to his solicitor referring to a payoff made to Richardson of £200 were sold at Bonhams auction house in London.

Was Prince Eddy Involved in the Jack the Ripper Murders?

It should first be stated that there’s an enormous amount of rather suspicious, conflicting information, backstories and slides around the Jack the Ripper case. When one carefully reads the narrative, eyewitness statements and forensic accounts and hears about a forged diary, it almost seems deliberately designed to confound — so much so that, if the hand of a black-arts intelligence cover up is present and the purpose was to hide the direct or indirect role of Prince Eddy and/or his associates, this would make sense.

The superintendent of the Metro London police at the time was Sir Charles Warren. Warren, a leading British general, was a high ranking Freemason who did seminal research on Solomon’s Temple and became personally involved in excavating a section underneath the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. His performance in the Ripper cases is graded as poor. His job was to obfuscate.

Additionally, police officers involved were noted for their negativity about the case. For example, policeman Frederick Winslow, who later rose to Chief Constable of Scotland Yard, never publically offered any ideas, insights, or information.

There are other events that seem to point to Prince Eddy’s indirect involvement in the Whitechapel “Jack the Ripper” murders in the autumn of 1888. There were five “canonical murders,” but there were others of the same genre around the same but wider time frame. Stephen Knight in the book “Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution” suggests that Prince Eddy fathered a child with a woman in the Whitechapel district of London, and he or several high-ranking men committed the murders in an effort to cover up his indiscretion. In the ball park- but I have a different take.

That Prince Eddy personally did the deeds is highly unlikely. Although he was a game hunter, there’s little in his background that points to a sadistic or murderous side. In fact, he has solid alibis. On Sept. 30, 1888, when Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes were murdered in London, Albert Victor was over 500 miles (over 800 km) away at Balmoral, the royal retreat in Scotland, in the presence of Queen Victoria and other family members, visiting German royalty and a large number of staff. According to the official Court Circular, family journals and letters, newspaper reports and other sources, he could not have been near any of the murders.

Additionally, Prince Eddy handwriting comparisons don’t match up.

As one examines the situation, the Prince Eddy apologists do victory laps about the alibis and hurl the standard-marker snarkiness and gaslighting, but they ignore another pattern. Prince Eddy’s fundamental challenge and problem was being high-profile royalty and not being able to keep it in his pants as an underworld promiscuous bisexual. This was at a time when preventative sex was poorly practiced and there were no contraceptives. There were no treatments for venereal disease either. Thus, it would have been quite easy for Prince Eddy to have major lifestyle problems, health issues and leave pregnancies in his wake. He needed special handlers to deal with his fallout.

9780719554155: Prince Eddy and the Homosexual UnderworldAlso, there were others involved in these behaviors, and Prince Eddy associated with them. One of the groups that Prince Eddy may have had connections with were the Apostiles, which included a band of bisexual and homosexual deviants out of Cambridge University that embraced a doctrine they called “Higher Sodomy.”

Prince Eddy had a tutor and friend, one James Kenneth Stephen (1859-1892), who had belonged to this notorious deviants club. Stephen, as was typical of intellectuals of that era, was prone to produce poems about his musings: “I do not want to see that girl again – I do not like her – and I should not mind if she were done away with, killed or ploughed – She did not seem to serve a useful end – and certainly she was not beautiful”.

Stephens would have been dominant in the relationship and was also highly protective of Prince Eddy. He was five years older, and he showed Prince Eddy the underworld ropes. They would have been wing men, running buddies, visiting male and female brothels.

In 1887, before the Ripper outbreak, Stephen sustained a serious head injury that affected him even more negatively and erratically. He died in a mental asylum on Feb. 3, 1892, just three weeks after Prince Eddy. He was grieving and wasn’t eating because of Prince Eddy’s death. It is likely both men died of complications from neuro-syphilis, which was untreatable at that time. He was interviewed by police in the Mary Kelley murder and also provided another poem. Here, he strongly hints at his true motive: upholding society, namely his Prince and the royal house.

The Real Motives for the Ripper Murders

On our pages, we have well established the elites’ method of control. One of these is the brownstone operation, such as the D.C. Madame and Franklin scandals. See [The Abduction of Johnny Gosch and the Franklin Scandal Coverup]. They control officialdom, often choosing compromised individuals to hold office. In Victorian England, the brownstone control mechanism would be the male and female brothels that the pederasty and buggery elites frequented.

The Victorians had a society prone to innuendo, real or imagined. As such, the hookers and boy toys talked about the elites and sometimes engaged in extortion. Some of this talk was truthful, some was false. Prince Eddy and his father (aka “Edward the Caresser”), were subjected to this continually. In fact, scandal threatened the throne as a whole. No doubt, extortionists and the worst gossipers were usually quietly dealt with. The aforementioned “suicide” of Lydia Miller is an example. But given the emergency conditions, something more impactful was called for. It’s common sense that this method of control is going on today in an enormous way.

The Jack the Ripper murders were an effective salutary terror campaign to put the underworld problems back in line and shut down extortionists, and gossips.  With all the hoopla in Whitechapel, other targets could be eliminated in a less noticeable way. Some were specifically targeted individuals, but some of the victims may have only been in the circles of some of the problems. No matter. The message got through.

Image result for prince eddy jack the ripper

James Kenneth Stephen, loyal friend and lover of Prince Eddy, who would have said, “Sure, I’ll send a message to those bitches for you.”

Here is the Freemason initiation. Use Ctrl+Shift+F and the search term “throat cut” and you will find five references to this ritual in relation to preserving Mason secrets. The Ripper used this left-to-right cut as a symbolic gesture. The additional butchering of the victims was mostly for terror or show.

James Kenneth Stephen would have been a good candidate to carry out the actual killings as he was super loyal and Prince Eddy’s lover. It didn’t hurt that he was an admitted mentally unbalanced killer who generally disliked women. He was also physically strong and well built. The black arts services today are FULL of such people. The idea that Prince Eddy was there is an easily debunked misdirection and was not the idea behind the Ripper operation.

Enter No-Nonsense Dr. William Gull (1816-1890)

Someone with a steady hand was needed to supervise the operation. Dr. Gull had treated the Prince of Wales Edward for typhus and was promoted to Baronet the following year and appointed the Prince’s regular physician. He later became physician to Queen Victoria. It was said that Gull was a man of firm and outspoken views and could be blunt to the point of rudeness. To one patient, he replied, when asked if there was any hope, “There is very little life left in you. In fact, you are heart dead now”.

Gull was one of the highest ranked Freemasons in the UK.

Real butchered Mary Kelly? It’s hard to make anything out. What is this? Exaggerated for terror effect?

Dr. Gull was reportedly seen on the streets of Whitechapel the night of several of the killings.

The debunkers dismiss the Gull theory because he was by many accounts a superior physician and showed compassion in treating the poor. There was no way he was a sex maniac. This is entirely true, and I have no disagreement with the linked article. However, the motive was not sexual or thrill-based. It was socio-political and an expression of loyalty — even for Stephens. The sex maniac aspect has been built up and repeated as an implant and neuro-linguistic programming. The victim photos also have a somewhat staged, fake quality to them.

Dr. Gull. You couldn’t cast this man any better!

Winter Watch Takeaway: The Ripper killings were primarily carried out by Royal Family ultra-loyalists Dr. William Gull and James Kenneth Stephen. They may have utilized a carriage driver. Both are typically on the list of Jack the Ripper suspects. As a special terror operation, they probably used other spotters (likely police) and had compromised police in Whitechapel precinct involved as well. The investigation was turned over to Scotland Yard, where many files and documents “were lost.” The operation, like most Cabal actions, was classically compartmentalized, by the book and involved only extreme loyalists.

Stephan was deviant and misogynist enough to carry out the deeds, but his primary motive was terror to protect the regime — the control method — and, in his mind, the country. Other operatives carried out a slide or distractions, such as the Ripper letters. These carry on to this day. The reason the killings came to an end was because the operation achieved its desired effect and was not particularly motivated as a sexual insanity crime. Just terror and intimidation..

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