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A Chat With Euro Folk Radios’ Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

On Nov. 8, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviewed Winter Watch’s own Russ Winter for an episode of the “Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show” titled “WinterWatch.Net” (835).

The topics they discussed include but are not limited to:

  • How Russ woke up to the truth in his 60s
  • How WinterWatch.Net is a truth, justice and revisionist website
  • How Church of Satan leader Anton LaVey revealed his agenda to his followers, as he never anticipated the Internet and the fact it would be exposed to all of us via that medium
  • How we need to circle our wagons and work together
  • John De Camp’s “The Franklin Cover-Up” and the Johnny Gosch case
  • How what we are facing is a banking elite of Sabbatean Cabalists
  • How the enemy is either trying to enslave or eliminate us
  • The Cathy O’Brien book “Trance Formation Of America”
  • The Q-Anon phenomenon
  • The coalition of elements that threatens humanity.

Click Here To Listen To The Show


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