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Culture in De-Klein: Increasingly Disturbing Themes of Occultism, Satanism and Abuse in Fashion, Advertising and Music Videos

PHOTO: Calikartel/Steve Klein

Steve Klein is an American photographer, artist and videographer of considerable talent. Klein was born in New York City, but his age is a mystery. Various sources list various birth years ranging from 1959 to 1961 to 1965, and info on the guy seems somewhat limited or scrubbed, especially considering the circles in which he travels and works.

A snippet from an article in The Telegraph states that Klein grew up in Cranston, Rhode Island – a tough neighborhood.

“I was heading nowhere,” he said, citing drink, drugs and sex as things he experienced before age of 13.

Whatever his backstory may be, his work appears to be spiraling into increasingly satanic themes and influencing culture in a dark way.

The following photo shows Klein (left-dressed in black) with the standard coinkydink left black eye. For more on this topic, see “Fight Club: Is the Black-Eye Epidemic Among Politicians, Celebs Just Some Big Coinkydink?

Steven Klein and Maxi Pine at Klein’s Party at Cain at the Southampton Club on June 16, 2006, in Southampton, New York. PHOTO: Patrick McMullan/Getty
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Steve Klein PHOTO: NARS / Buro 24/7 Malasia

The 1879 Irish “Freeman’s Journal” states, “A black eye is said to be the devil’s mark.” A bruised left eye has also been referred to as the “Illuminati shiner.” On an untouchable celebrity or political figure, it reads like a ritual calling card. An alternative theory holds that a black eye is a control mechanism delivered by handlers to keep these individuals in line. To our eyes, Klein’s mark looks like a very professionally done cosmetic job or an injury done in such a manner as to not cause actual eye damage.

Professional Background on Klein

According to Revolvy, Klein, born in 1965, studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design before transitioning to the field of photography. Without explanation, he then somehow lands high-profile advertising gigs for Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen and Nike.

According to Vogue magazine, Klein, born in 1961 in New York, “began his career in Paris, where his photos graced the fashion pages of Vogue Paris. On his shoots, models never posed; they played. Captured with expressive faces and in ever so slightly suggestive stances, his photographic style has been described as provocative.”

In 2003, he began a 13-year collaboration with Madonna that included the X-STaTIC Pro=CeSS exhibition in New York, which featured both photographs and videos. He also does the video backdrops for her concerts and covers. And, as we know, Madonna is no occult/Kabbalah lightweight. In their shoots you will be hard pressed to find photos of Madonna without her legs spread in some manner. 

In 2007, he shot the first controversial “Dieux du Stade” calendar featuring nudes of the rugby players from Paris’ Stade Français team, Vogue notes.

In addition to Vogue spreads and covers, he also shoots for i-D, Numéro, W and Arena, Complex reports, adding that “his fashion photography, as a whole, has led him to work with other pop stars — Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Britney Spears — in both photo and film.”

What’s being sold in this ad for ‘W’ magazine?

Klein’s Work Today

One doesn’t have to look hard at Klein’s work to see strong themes of occult and black magic. It’s in your face. The photo at right, for example, takes something “good” and inverts a psychic instruction (good is bad) and a way of reducing the goodness or obscuring it from your space. The symbol of the inverted cross is fundamental symbolism used in satanism. I would suggest that the intent of this image is to mock the idea of the virginal bride. Again, take note of a favorite Klein pose: woman with legs spread.

Occult — but, more importantly, anti-Christian themes — are popular culture now, which begs the question: Are these dark themes reflections of his artistic interests, or is he just talented at delivering what his clients want? Probably both.

The New York Slimes called Klein “an admitted subversive” and said “he appears to love taunting self-appointed guardians of public decency.”

Related image
Yes, that’s Bruce Willis, bound and straddled in the kitchen. A little nod to Spirit Cooking perhaps?

In 2010, Klein collaborated with Lady Gaga to produce her 9-minute music video “Alejandro” in which she dons a red-painted phallus, simulates sex with her dancers and ingests a rosary. Pornography, cross-dressing, straps, darkness, nudity and gore are all part of his arsenal of subversion.

In 2014, he produced this demonic and annoying music video for Brooke Candy’s “Opulence” single.

In 2016, Klein collaborated with Kanye West on his video “Wolves“; and most recently, on Nicki Manaj’s “Chin Li.” I wouldn’t call either of these “music” videos because there’s really no music involved. They’re stream-of-conscious verbal diarrhea, akin to talking in tongues.

Klein stays true to form for advertisers. On his own website, he displays two commercials, both of which are bizarre and satanic. The first is for Macallan whiskey (2017) and the second for Mac cosmetics (2016). Is this really how these brands want to represent? Are ad firms convincing company execs that this is how they must market their product to appeal to younger and more affluent consumers? Or is this a an organized cultural endeavor to make satanism and sadism cool?

Elle Fanning and the other stars of the degenerate movie “Neon Demon” were featured in a Steven Klein photo shoot for V Magazine. It’s all about making death and abuse fashionable. In this picture at right, the magazine mentions that Elle is wearing a dress by Maison Close and her eyelashes are by Dior. She’s also holding a huge knife under her chin as though threatening to kill herself. Oh, what a renegade, what a razor you are, Steve, selling dresses and cosmetics.

Next, Elle is marketing a bra and panties by Vex. She’s also the victim of a murder, laying on the street with her feet bound, next to cigarette butts and garbage. Who’s being mocked in this one?

But wait, there are more dead-whore-in-the-gutter scenes to enjoy. And Holmes, what is that handbag brand?


What’s this next living dead girl advertising? A brand of fake fingernails perhaps?

Next up is a common Klein theme: MK Ultra. The handler holds the symbolic keys. Photo two is trauma-based torture to split the personality, right out of the Ewen Cameron and George Estabrook textbook. In the last photo, the handler leads the multiple personality back to her isolation cell. These photos are just a few in a disturbing series called “Institution” for the March edition of Interview Magazine.


These last two show homo-erotic sadism scenes with tones of Smiley Face Killers. Is this how the elites are having fun these days? Are these the lifestyles to which we should aspire? Who commissions this wicked shit? Is this what sells? And WTF is this about?

Winter Watch Takeaway: Klein is a player in a very visceral world that dwells in darker realms of sexuality with a heavy theme of domination (enslavement) and sadism. They have disgusting habits and no understanding of social awareness, unless it furthers their agenda. Pseudo-sensitivity and pseudo-emotions create the illusion of a normal, caring person. Such people are great manipulators and liars and skilled at mind games and mind-control techniques. They love to destroy innocence and the spiritual nature of all individuals they encounter.

8 Comments on Culture in De-Klein: Increasingly Disturbing Themes of Occultism, Satanism and Abuse in Fashion, Advertising and Music Videos

  1. Take a bit of Mapplethorpe, sprinkle in some Pasolini and Polanski, throw in a little Kubrick and David Lynch, coat the whole thing with Aleister Crowley and Marina Abramovic, and you get a Steve Klein – this beast has been in evolution for a couple hundred years. With the true Church beaten into oblivion, Satan is in his element – Enjoy!

    • Don’t forget, he’s following in the footsteps of Paul Outerbridge, commercial color photographer of the 1930’s with a similar taste in fetish.

  2. This post went up at reddit.socialengineeering where it was quickly attacked by a swarm of snarky pervert justice warriors (PJW). This is a prime example of what goes on there when these issues are broached. It may also be a payback of sorts for our Jessica Ashooh post. It looks quite organized and to some extent like artificial intelligence as the comments have poor context.

  3. The Vigilent Citizen has been documenting the descent into the now blatantly overt satanism in fashion/music/pop culture for a while now and it is gross. On the bright side, I feel it must have an awakening effect on a lot of people. The symbolism is simply too much to ignore. Never heard of Brooke Candy before this post. 100% a Monarch slave. Poor girl.

  4. I must admit that Klein is very talented in his dark arts- dangerously so. Brooke Candy is especially hideous, but the Lady Gaga music video effectively draws one in- but to a clearly Satanic theme.

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