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Brazil Candidate Says He Will Only Accept Results if He Wins

PHOTO: Pioneer/Patrick Rodrigues/RBS Agency

By Mauricio Savarese | 28 September 2018

ABC NEWS (ASSOCIATED PRESS) — Brazil’s far-right presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro said Friday he would only accept the result of next month’s election if he wins, suggesting that any victory by a rival would be through fraud.

Bolsonaro, a retired army captain who leads polls ahead of the Oct. 7 vote, did not provide any evidence that there will be vote fraud, but he said he doesn’t trust Brazil‘s top electoral court.

“From what I see in the streets, I won’t accept any result that is not my election,” the candidate told TV Band.

Bolsonaro, who was hospitalized on Sept. 6 after being stabbed at a campaign event, has accused the rival Workers’ Party of having fraud as its plan B in the elections. […]

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