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DARPA’s Cocktail Menu of Brave New World Human Control

Alaska's controversial HAARP facility closed down. Will it come back online? PHOTO: Anchorage Daily News

The “natural person” — as opposed to some contrived invention called a “trans-human” — has a right to be left unmolested by Crime Syndicate psychopaths who are determined to drive them like herds to market and cram an agenda of political domination disguised as scientific “advancements” down their throat.

What stops them now from warring, stealing, exploiting, murdering, harassing, enslaving and dominating most of the human race? From having peace? NOTHING. And now we have this horrific marriage of the kakistocracy and technocracy.

One has to believe this process is well underway, particularly in environments that are more institutionalized and where individuals are already more corralled. Winter Watch suggests the best candidates for this new hybrid social structure are younger and have grown up with brainwashing. An older person is more hard wired on their outlook and language. Hardwired folks can be monitored, culled as necessary and allowed to die off, except for more problematic types.

It should be safe to assume that these methods are both secret and more advanced than is generally recognized.

One of the current technologies works by directing radio signals on targeted individuals to stimulate specific areas of their brain. These low-density subtle energies have the affect of causing disruption to the body’s physiological integrity, resulting in mood changes such as high anxiety. The directed radio signals may also be used to alter decision making in order to manipulate a desired behavioral outcome.

And it’s not just specific individuals. The technology has been known to psycho-actively overwhelm and covertly control and manipulate entire civilian populations.

There is also the development of “anti-sleep” drugs to dampen emotional reactions to violence. At an unknown level of advancement are “neuro-weapons,” which are virus-transported molecules to addle the brain.

Research is being conducted by The Center for Strategic Communication at ASU and is entitled “Toward Narrative Disruptors and Inductors: Mapping the Narrative Comprehension Network and its Persuasive Effects.” A detailed overview of the project can be found in the document.

Highlights include:

  • In phase 3 of the research, the research group will “selectively alter aspects of narrative structure and brain functions via Transcranial Magnetic Simulation (TMS) to induce or disrupt selected features of narrative processing.”
  • Once it is determined that disruption of certain portions of the brain can enhance persuasive messaging, individuals can be persuaded to do things they normally would not do and believe things they normally would not believe. This could include something as simple as telling a closely guarded secret, to believing in government propaganda, or even committing a violent act. The group writes on page 26, “Once we have produced a narrative comprehension model [i.e. how individuals comprehend stories and persuasive messages], end users [aka the government] will understand how to activate known neural networks (e.g. working memory or attention) and positive behavioral outcome (e.g. nonviolent actions) nodes with strategic communication messages.

DARPA last year received $65 million from American taxpayers to develop a way to plug a human brain directly into a computer. According to an announcement by DARPA, the project will create a way to “enable rich two-way communication with the brain at a scale that will help deepen our understanding of that organ’s underlying biology, complexity and function.”

In other words, the Crime Syndicate (CS) is taking money from taxpayers and using it to build a way to manipulate their brains, altering their senses — “vision, hearing and speech” — in whatever way the CS deem beneficial. One of the first steps, DARPA reports, will be to create “an implantable package.” That is to say, a device that can be put directly into the brains of those selected for the sensory rewiring. One of the proposed interfaces will result in the development of “up to 100,000 untethered, submillimeter-sized ‘neurograin’ sensors implanted onto or into the cerebral cortex.”

Next up are micro-chipped pills. Not happy enough with monitoring our phone calls, computers and having a camera on us everywhere we go outside, the recently FDA-approved microchip in a pill will be the perfect excuse to place surveillance inside our bodies.

Could a remote-controlled digital-dosing and monitoring system have the affect of making its pill-taking citizens temperate and docile, if ever needed? Or could it be used to deliberately change our moods?

Former DARPA head Regina Dugan now leads special projects for the Google-owned Motorola Vitamin authentication. Dugan shows a pill that can be ingested and then battery powered with stomach acid to produce an 18-bit internal signal. After that, the swallower’s whole body becomes a password.

DARPA said in a press release that the new technology — called Restoring Active Memory, or RAM — will help design and “develop wireless, fully implantable neural-interface medical devices that can serve as ‘neuro-prosthetics.'” Such “memory restoration technologies” could be used to implant phony memories.

DARPA has begun a heavily funded project to “enhance human ability in war zones by altering the genetic code (recipe) of their soldiers.” The aim is to achieve battlefield supremacy by creating soldiers who lack empathy and are smarter, more focused and much stronger than their enemy counterparts. Variations can be used within the broader population, and probably already are.

Then we have the 5G rollout and EMF pollution.

The Schuman resonance frequency (7.83Hz) has been described as the Earth’s universal magnetic pulse. Experiments by Professor R. Wever showed that when subjects were kept underground and isolated from the Schuman resonance frequency, after a while, they developed a whole range of nervous system, hormonal and behavioral problems.

EMF’s and the related wireless technology interfere with the Schuman resonance and the body’s natural circadian rhythm. In humans, brain alpha waves are virtually identical to the Schuman resonance, needed for healthy function.

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