Jewish Center Bomb Terrorist Kadar Convicted, Fake Jihadist Goldberg Sentenced

Jewish teenager Michael Kadar has been convicted for making hoax bomb threats against mainly Jewish institutions in the US . PHOTO: AFP/Getty

The story concerning the conviction this week in Israel of psyop-terrorist Michael Ron David Kadar had limited coverage in the western lugenpresse. It follows on the heals of the sentencing of another Jewish basement-dweller psyop, one Joshua “Dindu” Goldberg.

An Israeli court found dual U.S.-Israeli citizen Kadar guilty Thursday of making bomb threats targeting airports and Jewish community centers and schools in the United States from 2016 to 2017.

Kadar was accused of making active shooter and bomb threats to several Florida Jewish community centers, as well as the Israeli embassy and Anti-Defamation League in Washington, D.C. Additionally, he stands accused of cyber-stalking and conveying false information to Georgia police.

“As a result of these threats, planes were forced to land in different airports, schools were evacuated and emergency forces were alerted,” Israeli state prosecutor Yoni Hadad said. “He essentially created panic, terrorized many people and disrupted their lives.”

Several Jewish schools in the U.K. were targeted in February 2017, as well as the Jewish Museum in London, which was evacuated due to bomb threats attributed to Kadar. He also made threats towards British Airways flights between New York and London.

Kadar was convicted Thursday for his fake bomb threats for hire scheme. Targets were 2,000 Jewish communities and centers in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. PHOTO: Avshalom Sassoni

The 19-year-old, arrested in southern Israel last year, forced evacuations across the U.S. and contributed to accusations that President Donald Trump’s election win had sparked a wave of antisemitism. Consequently, because of this and other terroristic hoaxes, Jewish organizations raised record amounts of money to “fight antisemitism.” South Carolina passed a vague anti-antisemitism measure in the midst of the uproar, which mostly seemed directed at the Boycott Divest and Sanction Movement (BDS), which targets Israel for its human rights abuses.

Kadar was found guilty of acts he committed after he turned 18, which was in August 2016. The court said he had committed around 2,000 threats by phone and email using identity-masking technology since 2015.

Kadar’s parents, the Dindunuffinsteins, chimed in:

The fact that they determined that he was fit to stand trial was a lie and a conspiracy against a helpless person. We have been raising this child for 18 years,” his father said in a Thursday hearing. “He is incapable of telling good from bad. His discretion is horrible. There is a conspiracy here.

Yes, Kadar was brought up to represent the essence of his culture. He knows how to be a good psychopath and to always blame his victims for his criminality.

Others involved, but who? Payoff to Kadar was Quite Substantial

Federal authorities claim Kadar was paid by someone to make some of those threats, recently unsealed court documents reveal. The man advertised his bomb threat “services” through a major so-called “dark Web” marketplace recently shutdown by the Justice Department, according to court records.

Unsealed court records now claim that Kadar was running an online threat-for-hire service and show prosecutors may try to pursue criminal charges against one of his buyers.

“That ongoing investigation has identified a suspect believed to have ordered and paid for at least [sic] of the bomb threats made by Kadar,” federal prosecutors explained in one court filing. “The FBI and local authorities in California intend to pursue criminal charges against the suspect.”

New details on Kadar’s “possible co-conspirators” only came to light in July 2017 after a federal judge in Washington agreed to unseal the search warrant application describing how the FBI reviewed emails, call records and other images found on a thumb drive found among his belongings at home. Federal prosecutors explained in the court filing that authorities needed the warrant unsealed because they may now need it to pursue the California suspect.

The FBI warrant also provides a glimpse into how federal authorities believe Kadar marketed his services on AlphaBay — a massive underground marketplace shutdown in July 2017, which U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions called “likely one of the most important criminal investigations of the year.”

Authorities described uncovering on Kadar’s thumb drive an AlphaBay advertisement for a “School Email Bomb Threat Service,” posted by a vendor believed to be Kadar, offering to email a bomb threat to a school for $30 and adding another $15 to “frame someone for it,” according to the search warrant.

According to the conviction, the Kadar charged $40 to call a private home and threaten a massacre, $80 to threaten a school and $500 to bomb threat a plane.

He received the equivalent of 873,179 shekels ($240,000) in the electronic currency bitcoin for the threats, the court said.

At least one user posted the following feedback on the vendor’s profile: “Amazing on time and on target. We got evacuated and got the day cut short.” The date and time stamp of the user’s posting matched media reports about the evacuation of a school in March 2017, according to the warrant.

Joshua Goldberg

The Notorious Joshua Goldberg Sentenced This Week

The other Jewish fake terroristic operative, one Joshua Goldberg, showed even greater operational sophistication.

On Dec. 20, 2017, Goldberg pleaded guilty to attempted malicious damage and destruction by an explosive of a building in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. According to the plea agreement, Goldberg also claimed to have been planning a terrorist attack in Melbourne, Australia. Last week, Goldberg was sentenced to 10 years at the Federal Correctional Complex in Butner, North Carolina.

Just a few among Goldberg’s numerous exploits include getting a Canadian professor suspended for antisemitism. The fake image, using cartoonist Ben Garrison, was planted on professor Anthony Hall’s Facebook page. The Canadian B’nai Brither then falsely blamed Hall — who had no knowledge of the image — and used the scandal to push for Hall’s dismissal from the University of Lethbridge. Caving to the B’nai Brith’s pressure, university president Mike Mahon suspended Hall without pay.

Mainstream media outlets, including CBC and the Lethbridge Herald, readily accepted B’nai Brith’s false narrative that Professor Hall was responsible for the image Goldberg planted.

In the lead up to the Jewess Pamela Geller’s agitprop “Draw Mohammed” cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, Goldberg, using his “Australi Witness” online persona, tweeted the event’s address and urged Muslims to go there with weapons, bombs or knifes. Fortunately, the FBI arrested Goldberg before inciting a “jihadist” pressure-cooker bomb attack at a Kansas City 9/11 memorial event.

Using the alias “Australi Witness,” Goldberg posted a 50-page guide online on how to join the terror group ISIS and later posted a list of synagogues in Australia, ostensibly to encourage his supporters to attack them. He communicated that he was planning an attack in Melbourne to an FBI informant, who posed as a jihadist. A 17-year-old, who pleaded guilty to planning a Mother’s Day 2015 bombing in Melbourne using pressure cooker and pipe bombs, which was never carried out, was found to have been in contact with Goldberg.

Image result for "joshua goldberg"

Goldberg reportedly also set up a fake account in the name of Australian Muslim preacher Junaid Thorne. Additionally, he created a number of fake jihadist accounts, which interacted with the fake Thorne account, and he then sent screen grabs of the fabricated interactions to journalists, at least one of whom published the fake interaction in an article of The West Australian in April 2015.

CARTOON: Twitter

On Reddit, Goldberg made thousands of racist posts under the neo-Nazi persona “European88.” Under this persona, Goldberg created and moderated many controversial Reddit communities that were racist in nature, including being a moderator for the “r/CoonTown” subreddit. One well-known article by this persona regarding how to recruit people from Reddit (particularly the “r/conspiracy” and “r/Europe” subreddits), described as “fertile ground for recruitment” was commented on by the gullible neurotic Jew Sam Biddle in a Gawker article.

Goldberg has been identified as the person behind “Philosophy of Rape,” a subreddit that advocated corrective rape against “whores and feminazis” and offered tips on how to do it without getting caught.

Goldberg was also skilled enough at hoaxcraft to infiltrate and convince white nationalist website DailyStormer to run some of his articles.

Then, showing tremendous instinct for inciting Jewish paranoia, Goldberg even went so far as to steal the identity of a Israeli blogger to spread racist venom under the blogger’s name and try to pin it on white nationalists. The blogger, in turn, was given a pulpit in the U.K. Guardian in which to kvetch about his “experience” at the hands of said “white supremacists.”

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  1. An interesting item being confirmed by Israel’s own scholars including archaeologists, is the the 1883 thesis of German scholar Julius Wellhausen, argued today by Dr Ashraf Ezzat, that the ‘Old Testament’ Judaic bible is essentially a fraudulent, invented story, with no great ‘ancient kingdom of Israel’, and ancient ‘Jews’ probably being small scale but clever Yemeni Arab tribals … who ‘upgraded’ their roots to deceive the world, by fabricating the Greek Septuagint ‘Old Testament’ around 250 BCE, allegedly a ‘translation of now-lost earlier Hebrew’ but almost certainly a hoax, magnifying the Jews by fraudulently making them great opponents of Egypt:

    Jewish Israeli historian Professor Shlomo Sand affirms that contemporary “Jewish people” have no connection at all to ancient Israelites, and their history is just invented myth: “Jews have no origin in Palestine whatsoever and therefore their act of so-called ‘return’ to their ‘Promised land’ must be realised as invasion executed by a tribal-ideological clan.”

    After 70 years of continuous archaeological excavations looking for the alleged Solomon’s Temple, not a shred of evidence was found … Israeli archaeologists spent many years digging … disappointed due to lack of evidence for any Jewish roots in Palestine

    Jewish Israeli archaeologist Ze’ev Herzog argued that the Exodus from Egypt probably never happened, the Ten Commandments were not given on Mount Sinai, and Joshua never conquered Palestine … “The many Egyptian documents known to us do not make any reference to the sojourn of the Children of Israel in Egypt or the events of Exodus … not one site was identified that could correspond to the biblical picture”

    Judaism is actually an ancient Arabic religion which sprang in south-west Yemeni Arabia … Zionism, a colonialist ideology, has hijacked Judaism, as well as Christianity in the form of ‘Judeo-Christianity’

    • What’s the book title on that Wellhausen thesis? (I’m familiar with Sand’s work)

    • Once people understand that the events of the Old Testament took place in Yemen, then everything in that text that is otherwise inexplicable starts to make sense.
      For instance- Moses marring an Ethiopian woman. This would be very unlikely if the events of the Bible took place in Palestine, since the technology to journey from Ethiopia to Palestine did not exist at that time. Ethiopians are mentioned about 3 dozen times in the Old Testament, yet no Ethiopians were ever in ancient Palestine. Ethiopia is, however just a short boat ride – 10 miles- across the Bab el Mandeb straits from Yemen.
      Then there is Solomon being visited by the queen of Sheba. Ancient Sheba was just east of Yemen, an easy journey of a day or two. To go from Sheba to Palestine was, however, nearly impossible, as neither ships nor domesticated camels existed at that time.

  2. Goldberg did more than write a few articles @ Stormer. How bout an article a day for 3 months? By the way, Weev helped him advertize his psyop on the Jew.
    Also, of all the ppl fooled, it was only Angliin that scrubbed the 90 sum odd articles from his site before he went public with how he got fooled.
    Note, Anglin back in those days used to write articles telling ppl to be honest about your ID. Hard to believe he would blindly accept someone he knew from adam without some sort of check

  3. I am surprised that anyone here takes seriously the view that Michael Kadar was the master-mind and the perpetrator of the multiple threat calls against America’s jewish school children. Here is a highly abbreviated explanation of what really went down..

    In early March, 2017, following a two-month-long high-tech investigation, the FBI notified Israeli police of a computer in Ashkelon that was the origin of about 200 threat calls to Jewish Community Centers (1). On March 23, following repeated pushing by the FBI, the Israeli police arrested Michael Ron David Kadar. According to Times of Israel, Michael was an 18-year-old, unschooled irresponsible, mentally aberrant youth living with his parents who were unaware of his criminal activity (2).

    The implausibility of such a fellow secretly creating and operating a complex, “untraceable” spoofing system (3) motivated a search for other explanations. This search led to a 27-year-old Michael R. Kadar of 240 E. Circle Dr., New Lenox, Illinois, who was released from an Illinois prison on or about March 18, 2017, following a 47-day incarceration that began on January 30 (4). Michael’s court records in Will County and the reliable reports of Michael’s court appearances in Israel, supplemented by Facebook entries, implied that, promptly upon his release from prison, Michael was rushed to Israel where he was arrested on March 23 and portrayed as the irresponsible Ashkelon youth.

    Michael returned to Illinois in mid-July, 2017, in time to fulfill his probation obligations. His subsequent failure to do so resulted in his re-arrest and incarceration in Illinois on May 3, 2018 (­­9). He was released, on probation, on June 1 (9), in time to appear in Israel on June 28 for his hearing in closed court, which resulted in conviction for crimes committed since August 2016 (10). He has yet to be sentenced (as of 11-06-18). Although he is allegedly in jail in Israel, Illinois court records (4) indicate that he is­ back in Illinois, free on probation, with cover provided by apparently fake-news articles in Times of Israel (11)(11’)(11’’).

    Further study identified the parents in the apartment at the time of his arrest (2). Michael’s mother is Tamar Kadar, a much-published histologist working on chemical warfare agents at the Mossad-operated Israeli Institute of Biological Research. Photos and a speech defect implicate Tamar as the person effecting the threat calls. Michael’s father is Robert A. Kadar of 240 E. Circle Dr., New Lenox, Illinois, identified by his traffic violation record (4) and by photos. Facebook chatter of family and relatives indicates that he traveled to Israel with Michael on about March 20, 2017, to complete the cast for the cover-up.

    Of the several possible motives for the storm of threat calls, a financial one may have been dominant. PM Netanyahu had a clear financial motive for increasing the level of anti-Semitic threats early in Donald Trump’s presidency. During the campaign, Trump proposed reductions in foreign aid, including Israel’s (12).

    The implicit message of the phone threats appears simple: were Trump foolish enough to cut aid to Israel, he could expect to feel the wrath of American Zionists, who could cite him as “Antisemite in-Chief”, personally responsible for the (apparent) rise in American antisemitism. In the event, on March 9, 2017, the threatening phone calls stopped; on March 16, Trump’s State Department announced a Foreign Aid budget that cut all foreign aid but Israel’s (13), and on March 23, Michael, freshly out on probation from a prison in Illinois, was arrested in Ashkelon.

    With respect to the likely involvement of the FBI in the coverup, interactions with an FBI agent invited the belief that Michael did, indeed, fly from Chicago to Israel on or about March 20, 2017. The interaction also invited the belief that the suspect Tampa Bay office (8) of the FBI is in charge of investigating the crimes of Michael Ron David Kadar.

    Circulation of early drafts of this report were followed by massive erasures of relevant information from the world-wide-web. All but one of the many photos of Tamar were removed. The Facebook pages of Michael (5) and that of his lady friend (Amber Leef) (6) have been heavily redacted, as has that of his apparent step-mother (Jean Kadar) (7), who now appears to be abandoning 240 E. Circle Dr. Israeli news media reports opened the possibility that either the operation or the cover-up was supported by funds stolen from the Israeli police. These reports disappeared within a week.
















  4. Re-evaluation of the evidence regarding Michael Kadar’s whereabouts, makes it unlikely that he attended the closed-court session in Tel Aviv that resulted in his conviction. Similarly, on November 22, 2018, he appears to have been sentenced in his absence to ten years plus one year of probation. He is currently in Illinois, anticipating a successful completion, in January 2019, of his two-year probation for drug possession.

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