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Wanna Go To War? No, Not Really.


I don’t often insert myself into online tit-for-tats, but I feel compelled to speak up about this Bourdain thing.

To quickly recap, New Nationalist (TNN) author Russ Winter on Sunday wrote a post questioning whether Bourdain may have been suicided by nefarious elements. In his post, described Bourdain’s world view as not being one dimensional. For example, he described how Bourdain was a big critic of Israeli occupation methods in Palestine.

Within hours of Russ publishing his post, Twitter white nationalists started a mocking and trolling campaign against TNN, claiming that Bourdain wants white genocide and that he banned white people from one of his shows.

When Russ disagreed with some of the claims, he was accused of shilling for Bourdain, all the while never addressing the argument of Russ’ post – which, as a reminder for those with short attention spans, was about Bourdain’s so-called suicide. The Twitter virtue-signaling shit storm against TNN continued long after Russ turned in for the night and into the next day. Here’s an example.

Questioning the circumstances of Bourdain’s death is considered “promoting” him? Really?? To this, only one thing comes to my mind.

All kidding aside, the claims against Bourdain illustrated an all-too-common and frustrating error in logic called “fallacy of origin,” which Russ wrote about on Monday. Basically, fallacy of origin in this instance means that we should ignore Bourdain’s possible murder by highly nefarious elements that we would all agree are despicable because Bourdain said a couple things that were perceived as anti-white and was half-Jewish.

For me, the claims also revealed a glaring ideological divide between TNN and others populating nationalist circles. In order to address the logic fallacy and philosophical divide, I have to examine the claims against Bourdain. This examination should not be confused with shilling or promoting Bourdain. 

Who’s Anthony Bourdain?

To preface, if you’ve never seen Bourdain’s show – admittedly, I haven’t seen it since CNN picked it up — he was a chef who traveled all over the planet, from remote parts of second- and third-world countries to modern metropolitan cities, sampling food and chatting with locals. In the world of food, it’s often the Michelin-rated restaurants and five-star chefs that get all the attention all the time. Not with Bourdain.

Bourdain usually shunned the elite scene and headed to less-traveled – sometimes dangerous – areas to meet undiscovered local chefs, visit hole-in-the-wall restaurants and mingle with the gente. Over a meal, he would discuss with locals their food, their culture and sometimes their economy and politics. It’s only natural that westerners who have any sense of empathy come away from second- and third-world countries feeling a pang of first-world guilt. I know I did after visiting Haiti at age 11. Some feel white guilt. I didn’t. I’m proud of my heritage and love my people.

TNN didn’t share Bourdain’s world view – but NONE OF US EVER SENSED ANYTHING MALICIOUS IN HIM – and don’t throw at me that ridiculously obvious Photoshop job of Bourdain holding a jar with a baby in it or smeared with blood.

So, on to the claims. Examples are also listed in a Renegade article published Monday in which TNN is again mentioned.

Claim No. 1: Bourdain Thinks White Genocide is the Only Solution

In a restaurant discussion about racial tension in Germany, a German(?) man, referring to migration and crime, said in 70 years there will be no more white people in Germany, everyone will be cappuccino-colored. Bourdain, an American, seemed to imply that racial mixing was the only solution to cultural conflict. To me, the implicit statement here is that foreigners need German blood in them because they need to assimilate with Germany — not that Germans need to be eradicated or assimilate with migrants.

The view of racial mixing as a solution to conflict is something that TNN is staunchly against. Bad foreign elements should be expelled, not embraced — and this is especially true for Europe. Bourdain used Singapore as a general mix model. Some may need to do their homework, as that city is ethnically mixed, but with a dominant Chinese culture and gene pool. It is not heavily racially mixed.

Purists believe racial mixing is “genocide.” I’ll let you decide on that one. Personally, I find it ignorant and arrogant the way some people claim that if you’re half white you’re not longer white. Similarly, if you’re born to one Jewish parent and one Christian, you’re a Jew. Not even the National Socialists during wartime went that far:

Wannsee Protocol on persons of mixed blood of the first degree: “Each individual case must be examined. The prerequisite for any exemption must always be the personal merit of the person of mixed blood.”

In the U.S., those who approach nationalism and whiteness as an exclusive club to which only the racially pure can belong are, in effect, committing defacto white genocide because racial purity now in the U.S. is at low levels, especially with the new born. Truth is, when you map the DNA of humans, you inevitably find there is no such thing as racial purity. There is, however, racial identity and a race industry.

So, in an effort to keep white European culture alive in the U.S., wouldn’t it be more constructive to identify mixed-race or ethnic mix people as white, illuminate their understanding about European culture, inspire them to identify as white, and motivate them to perpetuate and defend European heritage at home and abroad? Just sayin’.

Claim No. 2: Bordain Banned White People from a Show

This “no white people” claim is misconstrued. For one episode of his show, Bourdain decided to go to Houston to check out the ETHNIC food scene and dispel a stereotype that Texas is all gun totin’ good ol’ boys. As such and true to form, he didn’t want to spend air time exploring versions of ethnic foods served by the city’s upscale white chefs. So when it came to sourcing locations, his producers allegedly put the word out: “No white people.” Of course, this pissed off some of the influential white chefs in Houston.

The source of the “no whites” comment that’s being shared on social media is a brief article from Paper City that’s just a recap of a Vanity Fair profile, which — as a brief — excluded context. However, the original article Paper City published about Bourdain’s Houston episode was rather glowing and provided full context.

Is all this worth setting one’s hair on fire about and ignoring a possible murder by much worse elements? I don’t think so.

America is all about diverse cultures. There’s no escaping that unless you move. The key is to protect your family culture and don’t deny other people theirs. This is a U.S. view. Europe is an entirely different story. Each of those countries has its own monoculture that should be celebrated, preserved and defended.

Whether it’s the U.S. or Europe, countries have to defend their borders and the national interest of their people. Outsiders have to assimilate or go. That’s nationalism. The fact is we are seeing a large mixed race, and ethnic mix population on the ground. But they need to be on board. La Raza types are very problematic in our model.

Whites around the world are under attack, so looking for anti-white genocidal types is a good thing- yes, they live. We encourage that. That being said, please understand that TNN authors are white survivalists, not white supremacists.

Russ dissents here- prefers the term white preservationists.

Bottom Line

Did Bourdain deserve to be suicided by hanging for his kumbaya, brotherhood-of-man views and half-Jewish/half-Catholic heritage? You may think so. We don’t.

In Russ’ article Sunday, he wrote he related to Bourdain because of his age and world travels. What I think Russ subconsciously related to, on a deeper level, was Bourdain’s big heart and affection for all classes and cultures of good people. Both have/had a generous spirit and feel/felt a desire to champion those who are oppressed in a genuine way.

This isn’t to say that TNN is above criticism. But there’s a difference between critique and malice. Malice was expressed through hollow, virtue-signaling, purity-spiraling, fallacy-of-origins methods — the type of things one would expect to find with cultural Marxists on Reddit, not among one’s own circles.

Wrapping It Up

Trump on Monday met with “Little Rocket Man.” (Yep, Russ was right. Dennis Rodman was there somewhere off camera, too.) Trump accomplished what the past three presidents couldn’t – or wouldn’t. Will anything come of this? Who knows. What I do know is that left-wingers will diminish Trump’s accomplishment and right-wing Trumptards will over-hype it. The (((media))) likes war, not peace.

Personally, I’ve long sensed that North Korea’s nuclear threat is a hoax. Do they have a missile program? Obviously. Do they have nuclear ambitions? Certainly. But do they have nuclear weapons, or miniaturized nukes? No — but I think North Korea and the U.S. military industrial complex wants us to believe they do. And I think Un is breathing a sigh of relief today. He may finally be able to drop the facade.

Aside from all that, the meeting with Little Kim appears to be a positive first step in dialing down tension — at least for now. So, despite all that I despise about The Donald, I’m willing to give credit where it’s due. Well done, Mr. President. I’m sure our friends in Hawaii will sleep a little better tonight. My viking hat off to ya. Anybody got a problem with that?

Image result for viking hat gif

Carrot and stick.

A Note from Russ Winter

I speculated that Bourdain may have been a “closet nationalist,” which may not be particularly accurate; but other than that, I retract nothing.

On Bourdain’s half Jewishness: when a person has half or quarter Jewish roots it suggests he may come from a family (mother in this case) not as engrained with Jewish racial supremacist beliefs and tendencies. Bourdain by his actions, including being a friend to Palestinians, did not behave as a hive minded sayanim.

The key point ipso facto is what will be the culture going forward?

In the real world I deal with non-European cultural mixing. My son is married to an Iranian. She is both a beauty and intelligent, so I get it. Racially she is white, and many Iranians and Germans and Poles share the same haplogroup (see analysis). I doubt if anybody reading this should have an issue with that, but if you do, I refer you to the Tony Montana clip above.

My son’s wife is more pro-American than I am. They are working on having children. I have a hunch she will be a good mother. These children will be brought up to be bilingual. Plus Iranians have strong family ties and relations. I can easily visualize striking looking grandchildren, as mixes can bring about exotic combinations. My goal, and of my son’s is to instill a good level of European culture (not Judeo-American) in them. His wife should not be an obstacle, but there will be a secular Iranian influence also.

Ladies and gentleman as we often say at TNN, welcome to the real, not cartoon world. It is not my first choice, but given the extremely low reproductive rates of European and American whites, this type of Eurasian or Euro-hispanic mix may be as good as it gets. The objective is to manage it, defeat the racial extremists like La Raza and many Judiacs, and work tirelessly against anti-white agitprop to keep the white franchise/culture above water- even if it gets mixed.


66 Comments on Wanna Go To War? No, Not Really.

    • You don’t think Harvey Weinstein and his Mossad associates can’t create this?. Argento was a horror movie actress. How many promo and movie clip photos are there of her? She looks 15 years younger in many of these images. You think Harvey might have access to them? Could Black Cube set up a bogus instagram account? They are smearing her character.

      • Harvey Weinstein was carrying a biography of controversial Hollywood director Elia Kazan as he turned himself in to police in New York City, could he be sending a message? What’s the purpose of the names for Comet Ping Pong and Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express???? Watch the movie “Lolita” on YouTube (Stanley Kubrick). Ping Pong is featured in the movie… Peter Sellers is also a movie producer in the movie, which is about a snuff film-pedophile-blackmail-extortion racket…

        For years the BBC repeatedly failed to stop “monstrous” abuse by DJ Jimmy Saville and broadcaster Stuart Hall because of a “culture of fear,” an inquiry had said… You can thank pro-EU Conservatives Theresa May, Amber Rudd, and David Cameron for the cover up of such scandals in England… Tommy Robinson is in prison just for talking about it.

        Did Obama’s visit to the Vatican provide NSA computer input wiping out secret accounts held by Clinton’s Latin America Working Group and the Jewish sex slavery ring owned by Clinton friend Jeffrey Epstein? Was Theresa May’s and Georgie Bush’s little outbursts against president Trump three months ago because the USA destroyed 180 million dollars worth of opium processing labs in Afghanistan? I retort, you deride…

        Jewish May was Home Secretary under Jewish Cameron for six years prior to her hand picked idiot Amber Rudd… they had time to pass anti-free speech laws about Jews and Muslims, but let them both run roughshod raping children all over Britain… kind of like America with Pizzagate (Comet Ping Pong) or Pedophile Island with Jews Epstein, Weiner, Weinstein, and Dershowitz, minus the Muslim hijab wearing dóuche bags.

    • TNN didn’t take a position on her, so what’s to retract? Looks like you are back to fallacious arguments again- in this case a straw man. TNN tried focusing on the sharks, not the minnow — meaning a cabal murder, not an abused, disturbed foreign actress trying to take down one of the most evil, most degenerate Jews in Hollywood.

      • Kyle Hunt the king of fallacious arguments is back. (We assume this is Kyle, although Torchy fears elements have hijacked your disqus account)

        Straw Man- A fallacy is an argument or belief based on erroneous reasoning. Straw man occurs when someone argues that a person holds a view that is actually not what the other person believes.

        Although we salute Argento for standing up to Weinstein , she was never the topic of our posts- the suicided Bourdain was. It is not even entirely clear what his relationship was with her. Was he a sympathetic ally and white knight against the force of evil? As such was he getting a little friendly nookie from his damsel as well. Maybe, but how does that combine to make Bourdain another Abramovich. Your logic is fallacious and extreme.

        Non Sequitur • “It does not follow” • Argument in which claims, reasons, or warrants fail to connect logically.. There are weird pictures floating online that may (or may not, we suspect usual suspects) be associated with Argento, who possibly had an undetermined relationship with Bourdain. Depending on the cred you attach to the dirty tricks on line it seems Argento may or may not be disturbed at some undetermined level.This therefore proves that Bourdain was a complete freak just like his friend? That sequence is fallacious logic.

  1. Good discussion today on Bourdain, Nationalism, the ME and JQ. Was happy with level of engagement, the exchange of views and touched by the show of support from readers. Thanks, guys! It’s folks like you that make doing to what do feel worthwhile.

  2. Jewish communities are not homogeneous. The dominant faction can be quite ruthless with opponents (eg. Maccabees treatment of Hellenized Jews, Zionists with regard to German Jews, Jesus!). If Jews are the most compact and united group in history it’s because dissenters were expelled, shunned, killed or encouraged to marry gentiles. Tensions between diaspora Jews and Israel-centric and religious Jews are on the rise. Trump and the high Orthodox birth-rate virtually guarantee the Likudniks are going to prevail in the future. Jews who stand as obstacles in the way of Eretz Israel might be sacrificied.

    One disagreement: If your mother is Jewish, so are you. They’re a people, with a religious creed based on endogamy. The Jews are in a better position to judge on this than were the Nazis.

    • Quite true regarding the diversity of Jews, for example non-Zionist Jews who are in many hundreds of thousands if not millions

      Speaking with some non-Zionist Jews, I have asked why they don’t try to do more against the Zios. One reason is the Jewish religious rule against criticising other Jews in public (a rule that serves the Jewish mafias well). But beyond that, they don’t see much hope in the effort, given the Zionist faction’s media control.

      Re Jewish descent thru the mother, have seen Jews explain that it really goes thru the father as well traditionally. In desert societies, your wife adopts your religion out of obedience, even if a foreigner, and hence for Jewish husbands immediately became a ‘Jewish mother’ – tho now rabbis ask for conversion, as with Trump’s daughter who married Jared Kushner.

      The ‘Jewish mother’ rule apparently developed in response to Jews being captured and put into slavery; tho forced to convert, the children of Jewish women could re-claim Judaism if they or a later generation of maternal descent were set free.

  3. Appears there’s some buzz that Bourdain was found hanging from a bathroom door knob with the belt of a hotel bathrobe, and designer Kate Spade — who “committed suicide” a few days earlier — was found hanging from a door knob with a red scarf. Sounds like a Crime Syndicate calling card, if true.

  4. Why are we even letting this POS divide our people. Ridiculous.
    We need to stay FOCUSED!!!
    “If you don’t name the Jew, your message isn’t true”.
    “Wtc 7 is the smoking gun of 9-11.”

    Wolf Wall Street — “Don’t play the conspiracy shell game”.
    Expose the Jew!

    • Yes, Roy dear, we did. Your acting like we don’t when in fact, we do more than you. We mentioned Bourdain’s half Jewish and cited the Wannsee Protocol — the Nazis’ position on mixed folks [see above]. Did you even bother to read the article? Question is, why are you ignoring purely evil Jews, the full-blooded Jews, that may be behind the death of a non-practicing half Jew that supported Palestine? Your elevator isn’t going to top.

      • “Stay Focused” was meant for both sides.
        Bourdain was small potatoes in the big picture. Let’s not divide over his life.

  5. You’re defending a jew into Pizzagate-level occultism who wants to see a world with no more White people. What a great group of “nationalists” you all are.

    • Yes, yes we’ve reviewed your tweets, your article and have examined the case in depth here- not impressed with your arguments or approach.

    • One question, do the episodes of Bourdain’s show that include ethnic people doing traditional social practices and eating traditional food in their native countries, are those episodes anti-nationalist?

    • The ownness is upon you to convince me. So far, you’ve failed. But keep at it! Dig deeper. Let us know what you find. We’re curious, too. Clearly you don’t like us questioning your evidence, but you really need to get over that and stop the snarky attacks. It’s counter-productive.

    • The degree of focus on the ‘JQ’ Jewish Question by Renegade Bot and others, in fact serves to mask a bigger matter … the ‘OQ’, the Oligarch Question

      Usually missing in the huuge discussion of the ‘JQ’ question of Jewish mafia power in our societies, is the appreciation that ‘Jewish power’ only has its strength because the upper layer above top Jews – billionaire oligarchs who are mostly non-Jewish gentiles – give Jews the power which Jews deploy

      If they wished, the 60% of USA non-Jewish billionaires could use their larger power to crush or restrict Jewish power … but they do not do so … It is essentially a group of utterly corrupt European-heritage whites who give mafia Jews their high positions, and we should never forget that

      The reason is that the highest billionaire class, has come to see Jewish mafias as their core tool to achieve all their other objectives, e.g., control of the media and legal systems

      If Jewish mafias were knocked off their perch, the oligarchs would simply use another mafia, such as an ancient one they are recently re-developing, the gay mafia … It is a mistake to think that knocking down the Jewish servants of oligarchs, will change the basic game

      For thousands of years, a gay mafia served rulers under the veneer of ‘religious celibacy’ and ‘being monks’

      The core of these ‘religious priests and monks’ are increasingly understood to have been gay, from ancient times to the present, as gay historians themselves are celebrating … but neglecting to admit that it has been a gay gang covertly serving rulers and imposing authority ‘in the name of God’, gay guys pretending to be ‘celibate’ and ‘holy’

      That religious ideology also duped a large crew of heteros, with claims that celibacy is the ‘highest calling’, the ‘noblest vocation’ etc … leading some of the best and brightest to become priests and monks, to not have families, to not reproduce, and live under their gay overlords

      The priest-monk game, was a complementary strategy to having a bunch of wars which killed the bravest and best men, often before they could have children … win-win for rulers seeking to exterminate dissidents, even before they are born, stopping dissident family formation either by killing the fathers or routing them into a no-hetero-sex ‘religious life’ under gays

      Possibly the oligarchs may even do a take-down of Israel and leading Jews, as one of the fake ‘popular victories’ they stage every now and then … Weinstein-gate an early salvo of this?

      But the modern gay-tranny poz mafia is being groomed to pick up the slack if Jews are cast down from being oligarch prime servants … the whole Jewish mafia arrangement has been built, so that the oligarchs can in fact jettison their Jewish servants when that seems useful to do

      • billionaire oligarchs who are mostly non-Jewish gentiles
        You are so full of shit. Never much liked your comments. Now I know you are a true fool.

        • What is false about that statement you say is ‘full of shite’? – In the USA which has the highest percentage of Jewish billionaires outside of Israel, persistent estimates of Jewish billionaires are around 40% of the total (versus, e.g., about 25% in Russia)

          Majority of US billionaires are Europeans in heritage, often Protestant WASPs, outnumbering the Jewish billionaires 3 to 2 … Do you claim otherwise?

          How can a minority of Jewish billionaires ‘control’ an even bigger group of non-Jewish billionaires, without their support?

          • Name them then!
            It’s the Jew you ignoramus. If we were able to take all power away from the Jew, we wouldn’t be in this mess and you know it.

  6. I also second the closet nationalist sentiment. Though he didn’t speak out against cultural marxism, he did actively promote on his show ethnic people doing… gasp… ethnic things with their families, ethnic white europeans to boot. I think the only reason CNN had him on their channel was for money as the things he was promoting didn’t exactly fit the NWO narrative. I’d say the same for lesser known Rick Steves. It’s summer time here in Texas and that means its Central/Eastern European National Heritage Festival time, Czech Fests for short. On a side note I recently dug into my patriarchal heritage deep enough back to the 1600’s and found we are of potential English Jewish heritage. It is unknown if the man who bore my name back then was practicing jew or ethnic jew by name alone but he left West England in a hurry in the 1640’s and laid seed in Virginia. Somewhere after his arrival his successors stopped identifying as jewish or never did as there are family bibles associating with other denominations and are buried in baptist cemeteries and they didn’t hold occupations that had their ancestors expelled from England in the early 1600’s. The aquiline nose is prominent in several of my aunts and father as well, I didn’t inherit it.

    • You’re probably 0.01% Jewish?! OMG, Judas Goat, Judas Goat! Seriously though, I imagine the vast number of America’s pioneering families would be shocked to discover a fraction of a percent of “potential Jewish heritage” when mapping their DNA. A lot of secular Jews left Europe during the 1600s and left their Torah behind. We won’t hold it against you. 😉

      • Assuming this guy was 8th/9th generation removed, it would be 0.09% or 0.04% respectively. (1/1024th…)

  7. Quite agree with Torchy writing above:

    Personally, I’ve long sensed that North Korea’s nuclear threat is a hoax.

    .My dovetailing sense is that the North Korea ‘deal’ of Singapore was entirely scripted, fake, & staged, and that this was born out by the voice and body language of both Kim & Trump, who both seemed to be ‘under orders’ trying to pretend the situation was more real. Kim seemed to me to be under orders from China, and Trump from YKW You Know Who.

    It does seem absurd that a decades-postponed ‘deal’ somehow resulted from a few hours yakking. This seems a Nobel-prize-tier ‘gift’ to Trump, rewarding him for his other submissions to the Deep State war machine.

    To top it off, as Torchy’s also-female colleague in truthing Aangirfan notes on her site, the big Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz is ballyhooing that the North Korea deal helps perfectly set up a larger war with Iran … it seems that ‘reasonable’ Asians will be contrasted with ‘obstinate, aggressive’ mid-East Muslims

    Couple this with the stories that there will shortly be a major US-&-Israel-backed Saudi-UAE attack on Yemen, with the Yemenites already massively starving and suffering and getting blown to bits, whilst Russia, China, Iran and all other major so-called ‘opposition’ to the West have little objection

    It seems the sad truth may be that everything in big-power relations is fake fake fake, and Russia China etc are just joining in the game of setting up the NWO

    • I agree. I think the wagons are being gathered for action in the ME. Part of the N. Korea effort is to further isolate isolate Iran. …. Gawd, poor Yemeni people. How horrible.

  8. Was that staged? Renegade calling you out in that tweet? Controversy sells. The only thing worth arguing about is “Is it the Jew or not” Everything else works for the Jew

      • This guy is basically the male version of Marina Abramovich, just even more anti-White, but you still need him to be your hero.

        • Maybe to a vegan, he’s like Abramovich. But I don’t see Ambramovich taking any stands against degeneracy. Rather, she perpetuates it. She doesn’t highlight problems in Gaza or speak out against Weinstein or explore diverse cultures. Rather, she mingles among degenerate elites and cultists, panders to them and perpetuates degeneracy. But I guess you don’t see a difference. We do. So bit it.

            • I think Renegade did some excellent work at one time. But I don’t like the schoolyard bullying I see of late. Not productive, and nobody likes it. Those that do, well, I’d question their motivation.

        • I wouldn’t want to be judged by every guy I ever dated — but questionable chick/imagery, indeed. From what I was reading, she was in some horror flicks, which is where one of the photos of her covered in blood is from. I know nothing of her other than that and can understand why you’d cry foul. Given the very psyopy campaign on Bourdain and her claims against Weinstein — and knowing that fiction is Weinstein’s biz — I have to take some of it with a grain of salt.

        • Ok, Bourdain made bad choices in women. Wasn’t he married four times? Put the handcuffs on. My position has never been that he was angelic-nobody in high profile positions is.

            • There is a smear campaign being conducted against this #Metoo woman (and Bourdain) by Weinstein goons. How much of this is even true. Weinstein hired Black Cube to run herd on these women- you think he is not involved now? Don’t be a Weinstein useful idiot and spew his fiction Kyle..

            • It is apparent you have done little homework on this event because of admitted indifference and bias about the fate of Bourdain. To quote you in your article:

              “Was he whacked for calling out Weinstein, Trump and Israel’s Black Cube agency? Was it his apparent support for Palestinians? Was it his comments about wanting to poison Trump if he ever cooked for him? Maybe he died from auto-erotic asphyxiation? I don’t know or care.”

              Are you really in a position to make much in the way of comments here? It would behoove you to cool your jets and sit back and learn something. There is alot going on under the surface that you are ignorant to..

    • Interesting. Maybe he did go to a dark place and hung himself over it. Or maybe he was just taking jabs at PETA and vegans with whom he had a long-running “beef.” I don’t know, and it’s not really important to me personally. The point of my article was a philosophical one about phony wars — whether it’s infighting or Little Rocket Man — as a way of perpetuating ulterior interests — and that it really needs to stop. Also took an opportunity to point out TNN’s position on nationalism, since it seemed to be called into question.

        • Basically, yeah. PETA went after him pretty hard, tried to get him axed from CNN, and he pushed back hard. Sometimes disagreements can lead to some pretty juvenile behavior from people with generally good intentions and differing views.

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