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QAnon Revealed as NeoCon Psyops and Magical Mystery Tour

If you are a QAnon supporter, isn’t it long past time to reflect on the message? The latest is more warmongering that could have easily been written up by the Mossad and the neocohens. WikiLeaks points out the obvious completion of this psyops

Q is a crime syndicate operation. It is a psyop geared toward influencing and corrupting the patriotic conspiracy theory community into diehard supporters of POTUS Red Queen Trump. Q cultists are constantly being lead by a carrot on a stick with promises of something big always just around the corner. But that never happens.

Yes, remember when Huma and Podesta were supposed to be arrested? Or when Theresa May was supposed to step down. Then there is the long awaited “sealed indictment heat map”. Q rarely mentions Israel or Palestine.

Another objective of QAnon beyond the manipulation, is to make patriotic conspiracy theorists look crazy and unbalanced.

Psychopaths engage in “projection.” That’s what the psychological operation of the Red Queen is all about. Here is what he was saying about Obama and Iran in 2013. Notice the inversion as well as back-magik strangeness. This has been preplanned.

“I predict that President Obama will at some point attack Iran in order to save face!” 16 Sep 2013

“Remember what I previously said — Obama will someday attack Iran in order to show how tough he is” 25 Sep 2013

“Remember that I predicted a long time ago that President Obama will attack Iran because of his inability to negotiate properly-not skilled!” 10 Nov 2013

Remember when Trump said privately that a terror attack could save him and GOP from a 2018 election bloodbath?

QAnon is primarily directed at young Trump MAGA supporters to give them the impression and the hope that POTUS is playing supra-natural 4-D chess and is on the job. Naturally, such a contrived message is going to have greater emotional appeal than Winter Watch’s theory: a Trojan-horse takedown operation of the U.S. similar to that of the Soviet Union. Our painful message will get less clicks for sure.

Some who are a bit skeptical of QAnon claim “it gets people thinking.” But about what exactly? It’s framed in partisan Bagelian dialectic. Zionists and Jewish ops are mentioned only in passing. Some — but not all — neocons are called out. There’s attention given to false flags – but none to staged deceptions. That is a tell. The “Muslims” as major conspirators is a theme that is pushed.

And, on a side note, QAnon is not to be confused with Anonymous, which denounced it as an op.

Winter Takeaway

We are convinced QAnon is run by artificial intelligence. I just don’t think an individual or staff of individuals could sniff out the zeitgeist well enough. If so, they have swept through the collective consciousness of the entire conspiratorial-leaning America-First element and are spitting out the formula that works most effectively at controlling the message and dialogue. This is truly Brave New World brainwashing and manipulation of the highest order.

5 Comments on QAnon Revealed as NeoCon Psyops and Magical Mystery Tour

  1. Post was removed and we were banned at QAnon echo chamber on Reddit

    subreddit message via /r/greatawakening[M] sent 51 minutes ago

    You have been banned from participating in r/greatawakening. You can still view and subscribe to r/greatawakening, but you won’t be able to post or comment.

    Note from the moderators: You don’t fit here.

    • What a key theme emblematic of our era on the internet

      You don’t fit here

      Unfortunately all too common as many websites and forums go overboard in excluding those not in the choir … the same websites then sometimes complaining of Google censorship etc

      The dialogue function in humanity is breaking down … suggesting that the next stage is wider spreading violence

  2. I was interested in QAnon initially but the messages were way too cryptic in some cases for me and that’s a red flag in my book. If you have something to say, say it. The more complex the message, the less likely it is true. I also watched that interview of a fellow who claimed that Q or a Q derivative (Meganon?) were actually coming out of Texas and were an AI construct. So looks like you’re right Russ.
    Now that you’ve exposed Q, the echo chamber is no longer useful. Singularly biggest indicator that you’re on target.

    • As soon as Q was going off on Iran, I knew it was a psyop and that Trump is just another Fellow White Person.

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