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Cancer Widespread Among 9/11 Responders

Those who experienced 9/11 up close and survived are being diagnosed with cancer at a rate notably higher than considered normal among the general population. The federal government reports 9/11-related cancers have affected 1,100 members of the New York Fire Department, 2,134 police and other Ground Zero responders, and 467 survivors, such as downtown workers and residents. Since 9/11, a total of 2,100 NYC firefighters have retired from duty due to lung disease and cancer.

Although the Twin Towers were full of asbestos, there’s not a single case of 9/11-related mesothelioma. The three most common cancers among ground zero workers are thyroid, prostate and myeloma, a blood cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, skin cancer, leukemia and thyroid cancer are the most common illnesses related to radiation exposure, not exposure to dust particles.

The weight of evidence, including all the cancer cases likely from radiation, points to the use of a small suitcase nuke in this false flag crime. This hole formation (at right) was visible in the sub-basement rock, and the theory is this was pointed upward. The upper floors were taken out by state-of-the-art nanothermite, primarily for a pyrotechnic show.

The photos of the WTC buildings being pulverized also suggests a mini nuke. EPA’s air sampling report for radiation? It was never made public.

I have a theory about President George W. Bush and 9/11. This man is a buffoon and a planted puppet. I don’t think he was involved in the Crime Syndicate’s planning or execution, nor did he have exact pre-knowledge. When it happened, he had the look of a man facing possible death.

Declassified CIA documents describe how the president “froze up” when he was told of the attacks. Well, that’s what people do when facing their imminent death. That’s why, until his babysitters took him away, he really didn’t want to leave the room full of children. Perhaps he thought he was safer in their company.

In the full video of the scene in the classroom, notice at 1:00 Bush gets the word. He sits there like a deer in the headlights, at various point scanning around the room. For some reason, the camera stayed back, but when it pans in Bush is breathing heavily. At 2:15 Bush is being worked over with a strange pounding noise, which again gets his attention. He looks traumatized and visibly experiencing discomfort, but at the end he sort of pulls himself together and speaks.

Later, Bush is given the option of being included as an active participant in the crime. He does relish his new phony cover-up and warmonger role. He is frequently seen exhibiting duping delight. But when asked about his role in 9/11 pre-knowledge, he gets strangely disturbed and agitated, as shown below. He does not want to be reminded. This reaction is called “the reveal,” and is commonly seen in psychopaths. He is feeling sorry for himself for being involved into this. Background on psychopathic behavior is thoroughly discussed in my article  “World is Being Run by a Psychopathic Control Grid.”

Here, George Bush is in fantasy mode. After seeing how the incredible audacity of this crime has easily fooled most Americans, he is confident enough to just to sloppily B.S. the situation. Bush claims he saw the first plane hit “on TV”; but, of course, nobody at all saw that on TV. But some sloppiness is almost the norm in these operations.

Over the duration of his presidency, Bush seems more and more addled. Being a traitor to his nation and a murderer of millions of Middle Easterners as an Zionist errand boy takes a toll even on psychopaths. For one of the best portrayals ever of a privileged psychopath self-destructing see “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of (((Robert Durst))).”

For background on who actually carried out this insidious and monstrous crime, I refer you to Christopher Bollyn. This interview on Buzzsaw with Sean Stone (son of Oliver Stone) is a good starting point.

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  1. I’m not sure about mini-nukes, but some very strange anomalies about the CA forest fires point to some novel technology. Yes, the 9/11 epidemiology was always going to be revealing.

    • Cars damaged in ways similar to those along FDR Drive, NYC in 9/11. (The Amelia-Shea-it-aint-so is worth pondering).

      • Note the unexplained phenomenon of steel-capped boots melting yet not harming the workmen wearing them. And the fire that smoulders for months, despite copious irrigating. Very strange.

    • Bob-

      I looked at many videos of the Santa Rosa fires- I’m convinced that these were arson fires, probably cause by an drone or spaced based laser.
      In some of the videos you can hear the laser firing. I know that light makes no noise, but an intensely hot laser hitting cooler air is going to make a sharp cracking sound similar to a gunshot, and this sound is clearly audible in many of the videos.

      One common theme in most of the videos is the total lack of firefighters. Over 100 fire companies were idle in the Bay Area, just a short distance away, while thousands of homes were burned to ashes.

      • Thanks. I didn’t listen to any real-time recordings, so missed that point. The debris alone was enough to suggest something not natural.

    • The towers were nuked and Woods knows it. USGS dust sample analysis proves this beyond any doubt. This also fingers Harrit, Jones, et al as disinfo agents since they’re scientists peddling the thermite fairy tale.

      Just loved the NYT piece explaining that molten bedrock as an ice age artifact, the only one of it’s kind. Lol.

      Fetzer and others have written a book on the nuclear demolition of the WTC, that took some balls.

      • Did you read the book? Dr. Wood lists nine reasons based on the evidence that does not support a nuclear detonation. I encourage everyone to read the book and look at the evidence.

  2. Fascinating that Trump is offering premium White House press credentials to Alex Jones / Infowars … despite all his mis-direction re Israel, Jones is probably the leading voice who woke up USA people to how the gov 9-11 story is a lie … whilst Trump himself has dropped a few 9-11 truth hints

    The 40% USA coup d’état rate points to Trump getting taken down … Trump looks to fall like Morsi in Egypt, both populists who betrayed their base to Israel & neo-cons, not realising they also undercut their own ability to stay in power

    4 of the previous 10 USA Presidents were hit with coup d’état – forced removal actions, 2 shot, 2 impeached, and of those 4, two were removed, Kennedy & Nixon, whilst Reagan who took a bullet & Clinton who took a Lewinsky changed policies

    Media are already trial-ballooning Trump’s removal from office via USA Constitution Amendment 25, which allows instant coup d’état by VP Mike Pence, he & half the Cabinet declare Trump mentally unfit, Congress votes, Trump is gone & Pence is President … Trump is acting like on rich-guy drugs ‘Everyone at CIA loves me!’ that may be the pretext

    Like Trump, Morsi & the Muslim Brotherhood promised reformist change as desired by much of his nation’s people … Like Trump, Morsi appeared hated by his country’s Deep State from the very beginning.

    Morsi refused to do the 1 thing that would have saved him & made him hero, ending the Egypt-side Gaza blockade of suffering Palestinians, plus Morsi agreed to join the Saudi-Israeli war on Syria … then, with his base soured on him, Israeli asset General al-Sisi (who has a Moroccan Jewish mother) deposed Morsi July 2013 after barely a year in office

    Trump already acts for neo-cons, escalating Obama’s drone plane murders of mid-east Muslims to help Saudi & Israel, & Trump openly plans raw aggression against Syria’s government with its Russian support … Trump already dispiriting his base who often see Putin as a hero, & Syria’s Assad as someone who stood tall against terrorism & stupid USA war-mongers … With a 40% USA coup rate already, Trump may be toast

    • A coup d’etat of some sort would not be in the least bit surprising, probably after a market crash is my guess. Meanwhile the shock doctrine boyz have been put into place.

      Now Mick Mulvaney, the nominee for budget director, told senators Tuesday that he’d recommend significant changes to entitlement programs including Social Security.

      • Even with Trump being fairly thoroughly cabal & deep state & kosher nostra himself, as TNN as documented, I think the take-down of Trump is quite possible for several reasons

        – The cabal is paranoid about any US President who seems to have some spunk, given that they even had to bring impeachment against thoroughly corrupt Billy Clinton in order to get him to mass-murder bomb thousands to death in Serbia, which was the price of his ‘impeachment acquittal’ & Bill Clinton staying alive till the 2010s

        – The cabal is edgy about the huuge amount of promises Trump made to US working classes, & it simplifies matters if Trump is gone – his removal easier after Trump starts to disappoint bigly, economic crash etc

        – The cabal would enjoy & greatly like to bring US citizenry to near-total despair re politics, as was done successfully in Greece after the Syriza fraud, the Greeks have no more stomach at all for any politicians, & the Syriza debacle also stalled the rise of Podemos & political hope in Spain by its example

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