Migrant Crisis 2.0 Might Come From Africa

African migrants protest in Italy in July 2017. PHOTO: Getty

By Andrew Korybko | 28 April 2018

ORIENTAL REVIEW — A prominent UN official warned earlier this week that the next Migrant Crisis to crash into Europe might come from Africa and not the Mideast, and that its second iteration might be much more devastating than the first due to the sheer size of possible populations involved.

The Executive Director of the UN World Food Program made global headlines a few days ago when he warned that terrorists might weaponize food scarcity in Africa in order to trigger a new Migrant Crisis in Europe, one which they hope to exploit in order to infiltrate the continent. These were David Beasley’s exact words to the UK Guardian:

“You are going to face a similar pattern of what took place years ago, except you are going to have more ISIS [Daesh] and extremist groups infiltrating migration. What we are picking up is that they are partnering with the extremist groups like Boko Haram and al-Qaeda to divvy up territory and resources and to continue to infiltrate and destabilize in the hope of creating migration into Europe where they can infiltrate and cause chaos.

If you [the Europeans] think you had a problem resulting from a nation of 20 million people like Syria because of destabilization and conflict resulting in migration, wait until the greater Sahel region of 500 million people is further destabilized. And this is where the European community and international community have got to wake up.”

Liberal-Globalists might salivate at what he said because they see it as an historic opportunity to socio-culturally re-engineer the essence of European society and fulfill their ideological objectives, while EuroRealist patriots might shudder because this scenario represents the end of traditional Western Civilization as the world knows it. […]

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  1. The tragedy of the migration manipulations, encapsulated here in the photo of Alessandra Verni, Italian mother at the funeral of her young daughter Pamela, murdered and chopped into pieces by African migrants

    What is remarkable here, is that Ms Verni is holding flowers sent by Luca Traini, the man arrested for shooting and wounding 6 random African migrants when Traini became enraged at learning the story of Pamela’s murder

    The mother said in her grief, I am being asked to shake the hands of politicians who did nothing to prevent my daughter’s murder, so how can I not hold the flowers of the one man who tried to do something https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4b7e80524101abe5ff07b95caa82eed08a6638856c1db789c12269f3aa4dd4a8.jpg

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