Trumpian Border Policy: All Talk, No Action


It’s funny how facts and data work. It separates men from boys and reality from rhetoric.

Data, for example, enables us to discern what blowhard Donald “The Red Queen” Trump has really done about his campaign promises to build a border wall and stem illegal migration. Yes, Winter Watch remembers the wags back at the beginning of 2017 chastising us for our criticisms of Trump. The refrain then was that we should at least wait 90 days to see what happens. Well, we now have nearly a full year behind us from which to reflect.

The end, or reform, of DACA has gone nowhere. It’s status quo.

Mexico Will Pay Trumptards in the Flesh

But let’s get the fictitious border wall topic out-of-the-way. That one, too, is dead on arrival. We’ve learned that the wall — if ever funded —  will cost $18 billion to build. Rather than the snake-oil nonsense about Mexico paying for it, we learn medical research, infrastructure and community grants will be de-funded under the new budget.

The border wall in itself amounts to eight prototypes, no more than 30 feet long each, sitting in a desert outside of San Diego and solely used for photo ops. Congress hasn’t appropriated any funding for continuing the project next year, and there is no timeline for when the border wall might be constructed.

The Great Trumptard Wall- New Years Day, 2018

Meanwhile, in areas where The Red Queen has administrative control, comes the latest data from the Interior Ministry of Mexico. It reveals repatriations of Mexican citizens from the United States are down roughly 28% from February to November 2017 compared the same period the previous year under Obama. In aggregate, Obama deported 190,588 Mexican citizens during that time period compared to 137,994 under Trump.

Comedian Dave Chappelle sums up the situation quite well. He feels sorry for the white chumps who have fallen for The Red Queen’s deception, and so do we. Any bets on who he means by the “rich white folks” stoking the game?

TNN Verdict on Trump in 2017: Epic blowhard and fail, and getting worse by the day.

8 Comments on Trumpian Border Policy: All Talk, No Action

  1. You “NS”? keep falling for the same jew hoax. Putting the cart before the horse.
    Talking about it is futile. There is absolutely nothing we can do about the problems at this time.
    Blabbing about it without taking action will not resolve ANY problems. And the enemy know this. Hence, “the cart before the horse” hoax. And this is where the enemy wants you, “blabbing and inactive”.
    It’s time to get off the jew Ferris wheel.

  2. Best Trumpster item in the last few days, has to do with the ‘disappearance’ of George Soros, a regular Twitter-ite, who hasn’t posted a tweet since late November

    It’s said that Trump has Soros imprisoned … maybe in Guantánamo …

    The Q-Anon affair … ‘ultra-high-secret Q-clearance-level deep state insider’ shyt-posting on 4Chan … telling of Trump & Sessions bringing down the bad guys … Trump’s language appearing to echo QAnon at points … is quite something

  3. There will be no hero in politics. I feel this is just the sad truth of the matter. People need to stop looking up to idolizing these politicians as the ones who are going to bring about great change for the common people. They are puppets of other forces who have only their own interests in mind. A president and a white knight are mutually exclusive. The ones who could be both would never be allowed to get there.

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