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Worldwide Wrestling Political Puppetry


Image result for puppet politicsAs the late great comedian Bill Hicks once said:

How far up your ass does the government need to be before you realize, “Hey, I’m getting fucked here.”

Also, “I like the puppet on the left.”

“I like the puppet on the right.”

“Wait, there’s one guy holding both puppets.”

“Shhh! Go back to bed America, your government is in control!”

Jesse Ventura sets the stage.

Politics at the higher levels is like Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment. WWE politics is Hollywood for ugly people. It’s global political theater as well. It’s a worldwide psychopath network using political theater so they can retain control over humanity.

– Neither side will audit the Federal Reserve

– Neither side will check corrupt plutocratic money in faux democracy politics

– Neither side will disband the NSA for illegal wiretapping and police-state surveillance

– Neither side will allow banks to fail in another crisis, or even blame the banks

– Neither side will end private for-profit prisons

– Neither side will regulate industrial-scale poisoning of food and water

– Neither side even gives lip service to the opioid epidemic

– Neither side will speak against three-letter agencies

– Neither side will investigate and bust pedogate

– Neither side will check Internet censorship

– Neither side will check faux media monopolies

– Neither side will give up federal powers or give more power to the states

– Neither side will stop wars for Israel in the Middle East

Tell me again how the left and right are different? No, this is a dark state defacto Crime Syndicate.

Joe Sixpack weighs in on WWE left-right dialectic two-party politics in the following video, “Its still real to me, Damnit!”

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  1. As apt as the analogy of the fake ‘Worldwide Wrestling’ is – which by the way, is shown Europe too, with European announcers calling the ‘action’ in local languages –

    There is yet a theme, which TNN sometimes shares, that there are ‘white hats’ out there doing some radical good despite the generality of fake opposition … here’s a factoid some opine is along these lines

    In the news a few days ago there was a story of a mysterious aircraft crash, ‘no one surviving’, 4 dead, ‘aeroplane & helicopter colliding’, right over the Rothschild family’s Waddesdon Manor castle estate near Upper Winchendon UK

    Some speculate this is a ‘signal’ to the Rothschilds from other powers combating the evil doings of the world’s wealthiest family

  2. People’s jaws drop when I expose to them that the EPA exists solely to collect money to ALLOW dirty corporations to pollute water, air and land. The general state and federal model for environmental permitting is, fill out X form, pay Y money and go out and pollute and dump in the river. Private land owner on the river? Company buried toxic waster on your land? Get stifled through the easily bought US Just-Us system and get no compensation for your loss. I’m in favor of hard core private property rights where companies don’t get the privilege of state protection and can be sued into oblivion or worse measures taken to protect the quality of your own land. Think about air pollution, mega corp gets a permit to pollute on your side of town. If we had true private property rights and not Uncle Sam Oligarch rights, all pollution would have to be self contained and captured (it is now and has been for many decades) where you are responsible for your own waste disposal. EPA will never be abolished because it protects corporations too much and those corporations get away with bribes to so and so wildlife foundation fund to grease the skids. Shameful. On top of that the US government is the largest polluting organization in the world. Do you think military trucks and equipment have the asinine CAFE standards we poor folk have to put up with? What about munitions waste? Rocket fuel waste left out in the Texas prairie? Nuclear waste?

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