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The Reich’s Russian Heroes

Latvian Waffen SS. PHOTO: The Ethnic-European

By Mike Walsh | 8 December 2017

THE ETHNIC EUROPEAN — One of the most enduring fictions of WWII is that Hitler’s Germany regarded Slavs as subhuman whilst the Allies held the Orthodox Christian peoples of Europe in the highest regard.

The victors’ claim is that Heinrich Himmler personified the concept of the inferior Slav. In fact, the Reichsführer was one of the most ardent advocates of ethnic Slavs being fundamentally of an Aryan race. In conversation with Artur Silgailis, Chief-of-Staff of Inspection General the Latvian Legion, the Latvian Waffen SS, he was adamant in making his point.

“The enlarged family of the White Race will then have the mission to include the Slavic nations into the family also because they too are of the White race it is only with reunification of the White Race that the Western culture can be saved from the Asiatic race. At the present time the Waffen SS is leading in this respect because its organisation is based on the principle of ethnic equality.

The Waffen SS comprises not only German, Roman and Slavic, but even Islamic units and at the same time has proven that every unit has maintained its national identity whilst fighting in close togetherness, I know quite well my Germans. […]

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