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Faux Feminist Gloria Steinem: A Portrait of CIA-Controlled Opposition for Internationalist Agendas

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Feminist icon Gloria Steinem

Throughout the post-WWII era, certain usual suspects have been given a pedestal and have been promoted. The dead give away is that these individuals just aren’t that compelling or even intelligent. They are hired hacks whose mission is to tear down traditional institutions and degrade society. One of those targets was the family and relationships between men and women.

The point of the spear of the attack on family and anti-male demonization was the manipulation of the “left” or “liberals” by the internationalists. This is sometimes referred to as the “Liberal or CIA-controlled opposition.” Today, there is plenty of vitriol against liberals. But is it really the liberals at all? Hidden history reveals that liberals were led around by the nose by foundation-sponsored CIA-controlled opposition. This is very similar to what we are now witnessing with the controlled-opposition Alt-Right.

One of the poster girls for the more radical feminist movement was (((Gloria Steinem))). She fessed up to being on the CIA’s payroll, openly describing them as “enlightened.” Today, through the wonders of the Internet, people who are awake can see her in the flesh talking about her CIA activities.

This is not the only time so-called counter-culture mucky mucks have praised the CIA. Tim Leary in his autobiography wrote, “You may not know that dissident organizations in academia are also controlled. The CIA creates the radical journals and student organizations and runs them with deep-cover agents.” [See “In Plain View: Jaw-Dropping Video of LSD Promoters Holding 1979 Meeting“]

“Alot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.” Allen Weinstein, founder National Endowment for Democracy, stated in 1991.

Steinem worked with the CIA’s Cord Meyer and his Independent Research Service and the National Student Association. The Redstockings Collective was an above-board, legitimate feminist organization. In its 1979 book “Feminist Revolution,” they devoted a whole chapter to Steinem’s CIA work. After Steinem threatened to sue them, they deleted the chapter.

A version of what The Redstocking Collective revealed can be gleaned from a 1975 article in the feminist magazine “Off Our Backs.” “The discovery of Steinem’s CIA employment raised a host of concerns about her sudden installation (mainly by corporate media) as the official leader of the U.S. women’s movement without any previous involvement in feminist groups or campaigns.”Redstocking also details the corporate funding that helped Steinem inaugurate Ms Magazine and promote the magazine’s pivotal role in transforming American feminism from a broad multi-class, multiracial movement to one devoted to divisive male bashing and advancing career opportunities for white upper-middle-class women.

In response to the Redstocking’s 1975 article, offers:

“[Clay] Felker was Steinem’s editor at Esquire, where her first free-lance pieces were published. Felker hired her as contributing editor to New York magazine in 1968 and booked publicity spots for her on radio and television talk shows. Felker put up the money for the Preview issue of Ms. in January, 1972, a large part of which appeared as a supplement to the 1971 year end issue of New York magazine. In effect, it was Felker who made Steinem famous by giving her a platform from which to establish her women’s liberation credentials…What has not been widely known up to this time are the earlier political roots of the Steinem/Felker collaboration.

“Felker was with Steinem at the Helsinki Youth Festival, editing the English language newspaper put out by the CIA-financed delegation…In the case of Ms. there are two major sources of financing that we know of in addition to the help which was provided by Clay Felker. The first wource was Katharine Graham, publisher-owner of the Washington Post and Newsweek, who bought $20,000 worth of stock before the first issue of Ms. was published…The other major source of funds was Warner Communications, Inc. which purchased $1 million worth of stock after the preview issue of Ms. appeared. They took only 25 percent of the stock, though putting up virtually all the money…”

Interestingly Ms Magazine‘s first publisher was Elizabeth Forsling Harris, a CIA-connected PR executive who planned John Kennedy’s Dallas motorcade route.

More on controlled opposition can be gleaned from an archived article on Steinem that appeared in Newsweek, on June 4, 1984.

“In previous incarnations, Steinem dated Mike Nichols, Rafer Johnson, and other notables. For the past nine years she has been romantically involved with Washington attorney (((Stanley Pottinger))), a Republican and former Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights.”

Pottinger was in the Nixon/Ford administration, from 1973 until 1977. They continually ran aggressive COINTELPRO programs. Why would a woman and hardcore feminist like Gloria Steinem be involved with Pottinger for nine years? And last — but certainly not least — it’s interesting to note that she dated Henry Kissinger. Steinem denies this. The people one associates with intimately and over a long period of time are one of the indicators of where one’s real sympathies reside — especially on intelligence operations.

Who is Cord Meyer?

Cord Meyer was a minion of the Anglo-American Zionist-internationalist apparatus. Researchers like Timothy Kelly, Joe Atwill and Jan Irvin have devoted many hours to covering this network. It is suggested readers go there for deeper material on the who, what, where and when. Meyer came from a very wealthy family. At every turn, he shows up as a globalist/internationalist. Early on, he traded in warmongering agitprop against the America First movement for U.S. entry into WWII.

Cord Meyer Jr., president of United World Federalists, Inc., visiting physicist Albert Einstein in 1948 at his home to discuss Russia’s attitude toward world government. PHOTO: Alfred Eisenstaedt/Time & Life Pictures

However, after losing an eye in combat during WWII, he supposedly had a change of heart and became a pacifist. Next, Meyer set up the United World Federalists, a body aiming for one world government. He was also senior staff member of the American delegation to the San Francisco U.N. conference, and played a significant part in drafting the U.N. charter.

He married a heavyweight in the Progressive movement, Mary Pinchot, who was the daughter of another wealthy family of operators. Her father, Amos, was co-founder of the ACLU.

Mary Pinchot has a storied life of her own and is widely believed to have been a mistress of JFK as well as an intelligence operative. She was mysteriously murdered execution-style on Oct. 12, 1964. Myers on his deathbed was asked about her death. He hissed it was “the same sons of bitches that killed John F. Kennedy.”

Meyer just so happened to be the initial organizer of Operation Mockingbird, the secret campaign by the CIA to influence media. Begun in the 1950s, this was passed on to the Zionist CIA operative James Angleton. The media from that point forward was increasingly infested with internationalists and Zionists.

Cord Meyer was placed into the CIA as the head of labor, student and education operations. A couple of years later, the precise nature of this job was disclosed by Ramparts magazine. It found that Meyer had been distributing clandestine funds through a wide range of front organizations. These fronts were also funded by the Ford and Rockefeller foundations (and others). Others, like the Fairfield Foundation, were entirely CIA creations.

Cord Meyer

Their beneficiaries included the National Student Association and, wholly unknown to its staff, the cultural magazine Encounter. The public and congressional row sparked off by these disclosures were further compounded in 1972, when Meyer ran interference on Alfred McCoy’s impending book about south-east Asia’s heroin trade. Tacitly acknowledging the CIA’s probable involvement, Meyer demanded the book be officially vetted before publication. This unconstitutional attempt at prior censorship garnered huge headlines, and the book was issued unvetted.

Meyer further demonstrated his involvement with nefarious activities in 1972 during the Watergate scandal. Among those who burgled Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist in the hunt for evidence about the leaked Pentagon Papers was Eugenio Martinez, a Cuban activist retained by the CIA. When other staff questioned the agency’s illegal involvement in domestic affairs, Meyer said it was authorized and warded them off.

3 Comments on Faux Feminist Gloria Steinem: A Portrait of CIA-Controlled Opposition for Internationalist Agendas

  1. …how far would Gloria Steinem, (now deceased) Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan, et. al. would they get, if they were feminists, in a religion such as Islam?

  2. Re an item above, Daniel Ellsberg & the Pentagon Papers – for the longest time, I was not aware that both Ellsberg, and Watergate, were both CIA-run hoax events, in fact two early examples of the most successful CIA psy-op operations – the fake ‘leaker’ – fake ‘dissident’ – fake ‘brave investigative reporter’, every one of them being significantly a Jewish event as well. The Ellsberg burglary was likely to intimidate the shrink to keep his mouth shut.

    The particular danger of this class of CIA psy-ops, is that by creating trust in a series of CIA media outlets, they have led to identification, destruction and death for real whistle-blowers & leakers … we have several people known to be jailed and dead recently after they contacted & trusted the Assange – Snowden – Greenwald hoaxers (jailed: Reality Leigh Winner, Lauri Love; dead: Seth Rich, Peter W Smith) … we may never know how many were killed over the nearly half-century since the Ellsberg scam with the New York Times … A brief look at 6 events, all hoaxes and scams:

    1971 Daniel Ellsberg ‘stolen’ Pentagon Papers
    1973 Watergate ‘Deep Throat scandal’ impeachment
    1998 Bill Clinton – Monica Lewinsky ‘scandal’ impeachment’
    2010 Julian Assange ‘Wikileaks’
    2013 Edward Snowden ‘stolen’ NSA Papers
    2016 Panama Papers ‘leaks’

    1971 Daniel Ellsberg NY Times Pentagon Papers ‘stolen documents leak’ … Ellsberg promoted JFK assassination ‘lone gunman, not CIA’ hoax … Distracted from US Vietnam war crimes outside of ‘limited hang-out’ My Lai, focusing on Jewish ‘leaker hero’, not on brutalised Vietnamese … Set up meme of ‘brave, trusted’ yet CIA media, the very Jewish New York Times, which perhaps helped murder many real ‘leakers’ afterwards

    1973 Watergate ‘Deep Throat’ fictional leaker … The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward was a US Navy intelligence agent under Admiral Maurer … When Maurer became head of the US Joint Chiefs & entire US military, Woodward was planted at the CIA’s Washington Post to be, along with Jewish Carl Bernstein, one of the fake ‘brave investigative reporters’ for the coup d’état of ‘Watergate’, entirely a US Joint Chiefs – CIA operation … Here the CIA’s Washington Post was the ‘brave trusted’ media ‘protecting US democracy’, forcing the resignation of US President Nixon in a ‘Silent Coup’, in revenge for Nixon having strayed from the CIA – mil complex agenda.

    1998 Bill Clinton ‘impeachment’ farce, the Jewish ‘Monica Lewinsky’ nonsense against him, fired up by suddenly-famous, also Jewish fake ‘investigative journalist’ Matt Drudge, when Bill balked in nausea at the thought of ordering the war-crime bombing of Serbia that would kill thousands … When Clinton consented to approve the war as his way to stay alive, he was ‘acquitted’ – the bombings of Serbia began shortly afterwards.

    (With the 2 ‘impeachments’, and counting the shooting of JFK in 1963, and the shooting of Ronald Reagan in 1981 by a guy whose father was working for George Bush’s brother (!), there is a 40% removal-programme hit rate on the previous 10 US Presidents.)

    2010 Julian Assange Wikileaks … Leaks ‘selected’ & shielding Israel, Assange as strongly pro-Israeli as he is anti-9-11-truth, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu & US-CIA Zbigniew Brzezinski both publicly admitting Assange is an intel hoax … ‘Rat trap’ for dissidents who could be killed after trusting ‘Wikileaks’ … Assange apparently not ‘living in London Ecuardor Embassy’ at all, only there for photos, meetings … Rothschild lawyers helping him … Assange refuses to ‘Wikileak’ US Virginia federal judge corruption files, even tho those are the same judges who would ‘put Assange on trial’ … A CIA ‘rat trap’ with his media, Assange involved in multiple people being jailed or dead

    2013 Edward Snowden and his ‘leaked stolen documents’ … Allegedly ‘leaked’ to first Dick Cheney friend, Jewish Baron Gellman at CIA WashPost, then to Rothschild employee, Jewish ex-gay-pornograopher Glenn Greenwald … Anti-9-11-truth like Assange … Nothing really new beyond more than 5+ previous NSA whistleblowers … Has CIA lawyers, worked with Brzezinski son, promoted by Brzezinski daughter, clear fake CV history … Snowden known as fake by all major gov intel agencies … Like his friend Assange, a CIA ‘rat trap’ with his media, involved in multiple people being jailed or dead … Also like Assange, Snowden & Greenwald refuse to say a word on their US Virginia federal judge corruption files, even tho those are the same judges who would ‘put Snowden on trial’

    2016 Panama Papers ‘leaks’ … Leaked’ to Mossad-&-oligarch tied well-funded ‘ICIJ International Consortium of Investigative journalists’, co-led by Israeli Mossad historian Yossi Melman & Israeli military & political journo Uri Blau … Shielding prominent Israeli & US & Nato political figures, focusing on targets of hostility for US & related oligarchy … ICIJ another CIA-Mossad ‘rat trip’ to identify & then harass, even silence & kill, real whistle-blowers & dissidents … Quickly recognised as a political psy-op, another CIA ‘leaker – dissident’ fraud

    • Brabantian, wow, this is fascinating detail you provide. I always had certain feelings about both Snowden & Assange. How could anybody NOT? I got so sick of seeing Assange’s face all over prior to 2016 election, always with ALL of the hype but never any real information being given – hype!
      This is the first I’ve heard of the ‘rat trap’ aspect and not only does it make perfect sense, but it’s also very sobering to know this is how devious, evil, calculating & despicable they are – to use a tactic such as this one, to do a preventative ‘damage control’ such as this in order to smoke out whistle blowers when they are but mere ‘potential’ whistle blowers. Scary, scary stuff!

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