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Government’s Hush Money Payout Master, Kenneth Feinberg, Managing Las Vegas Victims Fund

By Scott Creighton | 25 October 2017

AMERICAN EVERYMAN — They are hoping to collect a paltry $15 million dollars for the Las Vegas Victim’s fund to be dispersed to the families of the slain victims and to those injured in its aftermath. It’s a small number considering the number of people injured or killed (600+) as compared to previous victims’ fund totals of the past and the relatively few numbers of those applying for compensation. The Boston Bombing victims fund was something like $61 million dollars, while the Orlando nightclub shooting fund totaled about $28 million when it was all said and done.

Put in charge of doling out that cash to the victims, once again, is Kenneth Feinberg. That decision was made VERY EARLY ON in the process.

“Distribution of the millions of dollars donated for those injured or killed during the Oct. 1 mass shooting will be overseen by a nationally recognized victim compensation expert who spearheaded the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund.

Clark County announced Tuesday that attorney Kenneth Feinberg has agreed to lead the effort to distribute funds from the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund established by Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak and Sheriff Joe Lombardo” Las Vegas Sun

Kenneth Feinberg has a long history of serving as the paymaster when it comes to such events. Here is a partial list of some of the projects he’s worked on and currently works on. […]

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